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listen carefully my child pause for a

moment and heed my call this message is

not by chance but a Divine encounter

designed specifically for your heart and

soul in this world full of noise and

Chaos I extend my hand to you do not

pass by hastily for I have a message

crafted just for you I invite you to

linger to listen intently for within

these words lies the key to unlocking

the mysteries of your journey do not let

distractions steal this moment from you

for what I offer is a treasure beyond

measure trust in me as I guide you

through the shadows of uncertainty and

into the light of

Truth allow my presence to envelop you

for in this Sacred Space Miracles unfold

and hearts are

transformed so my beloved I implore you

do not turn away embrace the gift that

awaits you and let it illuminate your

path with Clarity and

purpose for in the last moments of this

encounter I promise to answer your

deepest questions and provide Solace for

your weary

Soul But first you must join me in this

journey of Revelation are you ready my

child the time has come to embark on a

Divine adventure together my beloved

child I hear your cries I know the

burdens you have been carrying the

trials and tribulations that weigh heavy

on your heart but take comfort for I am

here and my help is on the way I know

the journey has not been easy the path

has been marked by darkness by

uncertainty by moments where you have

felt utterly

alone but I want you to know that you

have never been alone I have been with

you every step of the way walking beside

you guiding you lifting you up when you

have fallen your prayers have reached my

ears and I have heard your please for

help for strength for

deliverance and I say to you now my

child help is coming the reinforcements

are on their way and victory is within


grasp I know that at times it may have

felt as if I had turned my face away

that I had abandoned you in your hour of

greatest need but that is furthest from

the truth I have been working tirelessly

on your behalf orchestrating events

moving mountains and positioning my

forces to come to your Aid the enemy may

seem strong their grip un yielding but I

am stronger the darkness May Loom

threatening to overwhelm you but I am

the light that will dispel the Gloom the

challenges may appear

insurmountable but I am the god of the

impossible and I will make a way where

there seems to be no way so take heart

my child lift up your head and let your

spirit soar for the victory that is to

come is not just any Victory it is a

victory that will shake the very

foundations of the earth a victory that

will leave no doubt as to who is the one

true God a victory that will forever

cement your place as one of my beloved


children this is no ordinary battle my

dear one this is a battle for the ages a

clash of cosmic proportions that will

determine the fate of Nations the

destiny of

Souls and I have chosen you to be a key

player in this epic

struggle I have entrusted you with a

sacred Mission a Divine Purpose that

will Echo Through the Ages and Inspire

generations to come do not shrink back

in fear nor let doubt creep into your

heart for I am with you and my power

flows through you the same spirit that

raised Christ from the dead now dwells

within you filling you with an

Unstoppable Force an unquenchable fire

that will consume everything in its path

you are a warrior anointed and empowered

by the

almighty your weapons are not of this

world but they are Mighty capable of

demolishing strongholds Breaking Chains

and setting the captives

free wield them with confidence with

boldness with the unwavering assurance

that victory is yours the enemy May hurl

their mightiest attacks against you but

they will not Prevail for I have

equipped you with a shield of faith that

will quench every fiery Dart a sword of

the spirit that will cut through the

darkness like a hot knife through butter

you are



unshakable so rise up my

child shake off the shackles of

Fear cast aside the mantle of Despair

and step into the destiny that I have

prepared for you the battle lines have

been drawn and the outcome has already


determined All That Remains is for you

to claim the victory that is rightfully

yours if you believe in God then like

the video and leave a heartfelt Amen in

the comments I know the road ahead may

seem daunting the challenge is seemingly

insurmountable but I want you to

remember this I have not brought you

this far to abandon you I have not

invested so much in you poured out my

love and grace so lavishly just to let

you fall short of the Finish Line no my

child I have Great and Mighty plans for

you plans to prosper you to give you a

future and a hope plans that will not

just change the trajectory of your life

but will reverberate throughout history

impacting Generations yet to come you

are a key player in the unfolding of my

grand design a vital piece in the

tapestry that I am weaving so do not be

afraid do not let the weight of the

world Crush you nor the Roar of the

enemy terrify you for I am your Shield

your strong tower your everpresent help

in times of trouble I will never leave

you nor forsake you and I will fight for

you with a fury that will shake the

heavens and the Earth the battle may be

fierce the opposition seemingly

insurmountable but I have equipped you

for such a time is this I have poured

out my spirit upon you anointed you with

power from on high

and filled you with a holy boldness that

will cause the enemy to tremble you are

a force to be reckoned with a warrior

who strikes fear Into the Heart of the

darkness so stand firm my child plant

your feet lift your head and let your

voice be heard for the sound of your

praise the Cry of your worship the

Declaration of your faith these are the

weapons that will turn the tide of this

war as you lift your eyes to me as you

fix your gaze upon the author and

perfector of your faith the mountains

will tremble the strongholds will

crumble and the captives will be set

free I am the Lord the mighty one the

king of kings and Lord of lords and I

have heard your cry I have seen your

tears I have felt your pain and I am

moved with compassion for you my

beloved this is not not the

end but the beginning of a new chapter a

season of breakthrough of restoration of

Victory feel free to share this video

with up to three people if you feel the

need for God’s presence the help that is

coming is not just any help it is the

help of the almighty the intervention of

the all powerful all- knowing god of the

universe it is a display of my

sovereignty my Majesty my unwavering

commitment to you

the enemy May plot and scheme but their

plans will be utterly demolished for I

am the god who turns the wisdom of the

wise into

foolishness and the strength of the

strong into

weakness so be

encouraged my child be strengthened in

your inner being for the battle is mine

and the victory is

yours I’m about to do a new thing to

pour out my spirit in a way that will

Astound you to move in power and

Authority that will leave no doubt as to

my Supreme

Reign the darkness will not Prevail the

forces of evil will not stand for I am

the light of the world the hope of the

Nations the anchor of your soul lift up

your eyes my

beloved The Horizon is Ablaze with the

glory of the Lord the dawning of a new

day the unveiling of my

kingdom the wait is almost over the

victory is Within Reach

preach so hold fast to your faith cling

to my promises and prepare to witness

the greatest display of my power my love

and my faithfulness that you have ever

seen I am the Lord the Almighty the

Alpha and the

Omega and I say to you my child that

your help is coming the reinforcements

are on their way and they are

unstoppable the enemy May

rage but they will not

Prevail for I am the god of the

Breakthrough the god of the

impossible and I will fight for you

until the battle is won so be strong be

courageous be

unshakable for the victory is yours and

the glory is mine let the Earth tremble

let the heavens Rejoice for the day of

the Lord is at hand my child pause the

video and click the Subscribe button to

join me and my children will rise up in

power and authority to claim the prize

that I have set before

them I am with you my child I will never

leave you nor forsake you I will guide

you protect you and Empower you to

fulfill the destiny that I have ordained

for you so lift up your head dry your

tears and let your heart be filled with

an unshakable hope for the help that is

coming will change the the course of

your life and the lives of all who

witness the mighty move of God the

battle may be fierce but the victory is

certain so take courage my beloved and

March forward with

confidence knowing that the god of the

universe fights for you and that nothing

can stand against the power of my

love the help is coming and the world

will tremble at the sound of your

triumphant praise amen my child click on

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