dear child of God if you don’t want to go to heaven simply skip this video but

if you have a sincere desire to go to heaven I urge you to watch this video

until the very end know that I am the one who heals you brings you prosperity

and saves you from Deep troubles I surround you with love and kindness

opening the door to miraculous experiences I want you to receive the

Miracles you pray for and take good care of them keep praying stay loyal be

grateful praise and keep your faith strong listen to my messages that

strengthen you share them with your loved ones and think of them when you close your eyes to pray when you do this

I will bless you in a remarkable way right now you are receiving my blessing

accept it with heartfelt gratitude like this video If you believe God begin

each day by filling your faith with my teachings and laying your worries before

me remember that with my help nothing is impossible and I will support you in

everything my words are true and my promises are solid and

unchanging all the wonderful things I have promised you will happen because I

am truthful and there is no deceit in me I will always guide you on the path that

I have set for you no matter what challenges you face my love will fill

you completely giving you a feeling of wholeness peace and strength I am

reaching out to you today opening up the heavens and promising blessings upon you

doors will open and New Opportunities will appear like never before your faith

will grow strong and you will be like a tree by the water fruitful and Evergreen

type Amen to affirm my dear child listen carefully

for I speak to you with a heart full of love and understanding in your life’s

journey you might trip and fall but remember this I am always with you ready

to pick you up I have watched over many lives from youth to old age and I assure

you those who live rightly are never forgotten my blessings and mercy are

endless providing for you and your loved ones I encourage you to leave behind

wrong actions and choose what is good by doing so you will find a place in my

lasting Grace for I value what is right and fair and I never turn away from

those who are devoted to me they are safeguarded forever while those who

choose evil see their legacy fade moreover know that following my will

brings only joy and blessings to your life and to every member of your family

be assured that you can wait for me for I will answer your prayers the gates of

my heavenly kingdom are always open to you you can approach me freely safely

and with trust for I never let down those who rely on me when the enemy

tries to take your faith and confidence don’t let him ignore his words and

accusations do not be scared or discouraged be strong and brave and I

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