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God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

beloved child peace be upon you I come

to you today with a message that cuts

through the noise and turmoil of this

world offering you a profound truth that

will be your anchor in the midst of Life

storms listen closely for I speak not

merely as a teacher or a prophet but as

your savior your lord and your dearest

friend I have never lost a battle let me

fight for you these words are more than

a statement of fact they are a promise

that Echoes Through the Ages a promise

that has sustained countless souls in

their Darkest Hours for you my child

these words are a Lifeline a Beacon of

Hope that will guide you through every

trial and every adversity from the

moment I took on human form and entered

into this world I was engaged in a

cosmic battle a battle against the

forces of

Darkness against the powers of sin and

death that sought to enslave and Destroy

Humanity yet even as a babe in the

manger I was Victorious for my very

presence shattered the hold of evil and

ushered in the light of redemption As I

Grew and walked among you I faced

Temptation and opposition at every turn

turn the enemy threw his fiercest darts

seeking to derail my mission and

undermine my resolve but I stood firm

unwavering in my obedience to the father

and every attack was deflected by the

impenetrable armor of my

righteousness in the wilderness I fasted

and prayed and when the adversary came

with his lies and deceptions I wielded

the sword of truth and he could not

Prevail against me when faced with the

weak and Frailty of human nature I

demonstrated my authority over sickness

and infirmity healing the blind the lame

and the demon possessed with a mere word

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condemnation I remained steadfast for I

knew that my path led to the cross the

instrument of suffering that would

become the means of your salvation

as I endured the agony of crucifixion

the weight of the world sins upon my

shoulders the forces of Darkness

gathered believing they had won but in

that moment of seeming defeat I was

accomplishing the greatest victory of

all the defeat of death itself through

my resurrection I broke the power of the

grave and shattered the chains that

bound Humanity to sin and despair death

could not hold me for I am the Lord of

life and my triumph over the the grave

is the ultimate declaration that I have

never lost a battle my child this same

power that conquered sin and death is

available to you I have given you the

precious gift of my spirit the very

essence of my being to dwell within you

you are not alone in your battles for I

am fighting alongside you and I have

already won the war when doubt and fear

assail you remember my unwavering faith

in the face of

Temptation when sickness or Affliction

seek to overwhelm you recall my

authority over every

infirmity when the enemy Whispers lies

and discouragement cling to the truth of

my word which endures forever in your

battles against sin against the world’s

allures and against the schemes of the

evil one I am your shield and your

strength my grace is sufficient for you

and my power is made perfect in your

weakness surrender your struggles to me

and allow me to fight for you you do not

be dismayed by the trials and

tribulations that come your way for they

are but temporary I have overcome the

world and in

me you too are an

overcomer my child pause the video and

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the battles you face today are but

Stepping Stones to the Eternal victory

that awaits you in my heavenly Kingdom

take heart my beloved child for I have

never lost a battle and with me at your

side you cannot be defeated fix your

eyes on me the author and perfector of

your faith trust in my unfailing love

and my unending strength for my promises

are true and my faithfulness endures

forever I will lead you through the

darkest valleys and the fiercest storms

and I will bring you safely home let me

fight for you and you will emerge

Victorious bearing the scars of battle

as Badges of Honor testifying to my

faithfulness and my

power in this world there you will have

trouble but take courage I have overcome

the world let my peace reign in your

heart and know that I am with you always

even until the end of the age your

battles are not fought in vain for I am

your everpresent help your mighty

warrior and your steadfast

Defender so take up the full armor of

God and stand firm in the strength of my

might wield the sword of my spirit which

is the word of God and let your feet be

shod with the gospel of peace above all

put on the breastplate of righteousness

and the helmet of

salvation for I have clothed you in my

own righteousness and secured your


salvation when the enemy comes in like a

flood I will raise up a standard against

him when the fiery darts of doubt and

despair are hurled your way I will be

your shield and your Refuge no weapon

formed against you shall prosper for I

am your Defender and I have never lost a

battle go forth in

confidence my child for I am with you

always I will never leave you nor

forsake you my strength is made perfect

in your weakness and my power is

displayed in your

vulnerability let me fight for you and

you will be more than a conqueror

through me who loves you in the face of

of persecution and opposition remember

that I endured the cross scorning its

shame for the joy set Before Me In Your

Darkest Hours cling to the promise that

I have overcome the world and in me you

share in that Victory when the enemy

seeks to seow seeds of doubt and despair

remind yourself that I have never lost a

battle and I will not lose the battle

for your

soul trust in my promises and hold fast

to my word word for I am the Lord your

God the almighty the king of kings and

Lord of

lords I have triumphed over sin and

death and I have won the ultimate

Victory and in me you too are a Victor

an overcomer and a champion of the faith

so stand firm my beloved child and let

me fight for you for I have never lost a

battle and with me by your side you will

never taste defeat The Battle Belongs to

Me and the victory is yours in my name

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I am the

way the

truth and the

life no one comes to the father except

through me in me you have Redemption

forgiveness and eternal life in me you

have strength for today and bright hope


tomorrow in me you have a love that

never fails and a peace that surpasses

all understanding so come to me all you

who are weary and burdened and I will

give you rest take my yoke upon you and

learn from me for I am gentle and humble

in heart and you will find rest for your

souls my yoke is easy and my burden is

light for I have already borne the

weight of your sins and Sorrows upon the

cross let me fight for you and you will

find refuge in the shadow of my wings

let me fight for you and you will

experience the fullness of my joy and

the depths of my love let me fight for

you and you will never be shaken for

your life is hidden with me in God I am

the Alpha and the

Omega the beginning and the end

I am the bright and Morning Star the one

who ushers in the dawn of a new day a

new era of Hope and restoration feel

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God’s presence and in that day you will

see the fruition of my promises the

realization of my victory and the

culmination of all that I have fought

for on your behalf so take heart my

beloved child for I have never lost a

battle and with me by your side you are

destined for

Triumph let me fight for you and you

will share in The Spoils of my Conquest

a life abundant a future

radiant and an eternity spent in the

Embrace of my everlasting love

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