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my beloved child I come to you today

with a message of utmost importance one

that I hope will inspire and embolden

your faith in the one true God for too

long my children have wandered lost and

Afraid seeking guidance in the fleeting

pleasures of this world you’ve looked to

material wealth Earthly power and the

agulation of other people to fill the

void in your

hearts and yet no matter how much you

accuse accumulate or how highly you are

exalted by others that nagging emptiness

remains why is that it is because your

souls were created to commune with the

Divine to walk in Intimate fellowship

with the heavenly father who lovingly

knit you together in your mother’s womb

he crafted you with a purpose imbuing

you with unique gifts and talents to

glorify his name but so often you’ve

chosen to ignore that sacred calling

favoring the shallow diversion of the

flesh over the nourishment of the spirit

my dear

children I implore you turn your eyes

upon the Lord seek his face for in his

presence is fullness of joy it is only

through a deep abiding relationship with

your heavenly father that you will find

the peace purpose and profound joy that

your hearts so desperately crave feel

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God’s presence I know the world has told

you that true happiness comes from

wealth status and the approval of others

but I say to you those are fleeting

things hear one moment and gone the next

The Riches of this world will Rust in

Decay and the Praises of men are as

fickle as the wind but the love of God

is eternal unchanging a solid rock upon

which you can build your

lives when you place your trust in the

Lord you open eles up to a Wellspring of

blessings Beyond Your Wildest

imaginings he will guide your steps

provide for your needs and protect you

from the snares of the enemy more than

that he will fill the god-shaped void in

your hearts satisfying your deepest

longings with his perfect love my

children if you could only catch a

glimpse of the majesty and Splendor of

your heavenly father your hearts would

be utterly captivated he is the king of

Kings the Lord of lords the creator of

the universe who holds all things in the

palm of his hand and yet in his infinite

Mercy he has chosen to draw near to you

to Lavish his love upon you and to make

you coars with Christ in his eternal

Kingdom just imagine the God who spoke

the cosmos into existence who Parts the

Seas and moves mountains with a word

desires an intimate relationship with

you he longs to to hear your voice to

walk alongside you to comfort you in

your times of sorrow and rejoice with

you in your moments of Triumph what an

incredible humbling

truth and yet so many of my children

remain distant from the father content

to go through the motions of faith

without truly surrendering their lives

to him they nod their heads in agreement

when they hear sermons about the

importance of prayer and obedience but

their hearts remain hardened unwilling

to make the sacrifices necessary to draw

near to

God my dear ones this must not be so the

Lord is not some distant impersonal

deity to be approached with cold

formality no he is a loving ABA a tender

father who yearns for you to come to him

with Open Hearts and childlike Faith he

desires to Lavish you with his grace to

speak life-giving words over you and to

empower you to live out your divine

calling so I ask you when was the last

time you truly poured out your heart to

the Lord in prayer when did you last sit

at his feet drinking deeply from The

Well of his wisdom and allowing his

Spirit to fill and transform you if it

has been too long I urge you do not

delay any longer make the decision right

now to earnestly seek the face of God

for in his presence you will find the

answers the strength and the unwavering

hope that your Souls so desperately need

you see my children the key to unlocking

the Abundant Life that I promised is

found in your willingness to surrender

your all to the Lord when you relinquish

your grip on the things of this world

and place your trust completely in God

he is able to work mightily in and

through you if you believe in God then

like the video and leave a heartfelt

Amen in the comments he will Empower you

to overcome temptation to resist the

schemes of the enemy and to boldly

proclaim the good news of Salvation to a

lost and dying world but make no mistake

this is no easy path following Jesus

demands sacrifice humility and an

unwavering commitment to doing God’s

will no matter the

cost the world will mock you the devil

will assault you and even those closest

to you may turn against you but take

heart my beloved children for I have

overcome the world and if you cling to


you too will be

victorious remember the words I spoke to


disciples in this world you will have

trouble but take heart I have overcome

the world the trials and tribulations

you face are not meant to crush you but

to refine you to strengthen your faith

and to draw you ever closer to the heart

of the father so do not shrink back in

fear or

despair instead stand firm in the

knowledge that your God is for you not

against you trust that he is working all

things together for your good and for

his ultimate Glory cling to his promises

for they are as sure and steadfast as

the Throne of Heaven itself when the

storms of life rage all around you

remember that your heavenly father is

the anchor for your soul he will never

leave you nor forsake you he will guide

you through the darkest valleys and lead

you beside the Still Waters of his peace

all he asks is that you surrender your

will to his

that you make the radical decision to

follow him no matter the cost oh my

precious children if you could only

comprehend the boundless love that God

has for you your hearts would be Ablaze

with a holy passion that cannot be

quenched you would throw off the

shackles of sin and shame rising up to

claim the Glorious inheritance that is

rightfully yours as Sons and Daughters

of the king for you are not merely

Servants of the most high God you are

his beloved cherished children he

Delights in you celebrates over you with

singing and longs to shower you with the

riches of his grace when you draw near

to Him He will draw near to you when you

seek his face he will make his presence

known to you and powerful and life

transforming ways so I implore you my

dear ones do not remain content with a

lukewarm half-hearted Faith dive

headlong into the boundless ocean of

God’s love immerse yourselves in his

word word allowing it to wash over your

hearts and Minds renewing and

revitalizing your spirits cultivate an

unwavering trust in his perfect plans

for your lives knowing that he is

working all things together for your

good and as you grow in your

relationship with the heavenly father

allow that love to overflow into every

facet of your lives let it compel you to

live with greater

intentionality to treat others with

compassion and kindness and To Boldly

proclaim the good news of salvation to a

world that so desperately needs to hear

it for you my beloved children are the

salt of the earth and the light of the

world dear child if you wish to help our

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Jesus kindly consider supporting us by

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pinned comment you have been anointed

and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be

agents of transformation ambassadors of

the kingdom of God so do not shrink back

in fear or

insecurity step out in faith knowing

that the same power that raised me from

the dead is at work within you trust

that as you surrender your lives to

God’s purposes he will open doors that

no man can shut he will equip you with

Supernatural wisdom courage and

authority to overcome every obstacle

that stands in your

way and in those moments when the

darkness seems overwhelming remember

that the Light of Christ shines

brightest in the the deepest

Shadows oh my children I yearn to see

you walking in the fullness of your

Divine calling radiant

fearless and Ablaze with the consuming

fire of the Holy Spirit I long to

witness you stepping out in bold Faith

proclaiming the good news of Salvation

with passion and conviction for when my

people rise up in the power of the

spirit the Gates of Hell cannot Prevail

against them so hear my heart my beloved


Turn Your Eyes Upon the Lord cling to

him with every fiber of your being for

he alone is the source of true and

Lasting Joy immerse yourselves in his

word allow it to transform your minds

and renew your

spirits and then go forth as living

testimonies of his

grace shining the Light of Christ into

the darkest corners of this

world the Harvest is plentiful but the

workers are few I am calling you to be

those workers to be my hands and feet my

mouthpieces and my ambassadors to a lost

and Dying World the fields are ripe my

children and the time to act is now so

rise up be

bold and watch and wonder as the Lord

accomplishes immeasurably more than all

you could ask or imagine I Am With You

Always until the very end of the age

trust in me follow me and I will lead

you into the the Abundant Life that I

have promised my child pause the video

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me your heavenly father Delights in you

may that truth take root in your hearts

and Empower you to live courageously for

his glory I love you my precious ones

now go forth and Make Disciples of all

Nations baptizing them in the name of

the father and of the son and of the

Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey

everything I have commanded you for the

kingdom of God is at hand and I’m coming

soon to make all things


amen my child click on the join button

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