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my beloved don’t ignore God’s message

because God has something special for

you that he wants to convey if you wish

to receive it please listen to this

message carefully and type amen at the

end my beloved child let the Resonance

of my words reverberate through the

sacred chambers of your hearts Awakening

A Renewed sense of passion

purpose and holy ambition within you for

I have an eternal truth to impart unto

you a found Revelation that holds the

power to utterly transform your

perspective on life and reignite the

inextinguishable Flames of consecrated

hope and divine possibility burning

eternally within you my most precious

Sons and Daughters you are never at any

phase or season of your Earthly

existence to age to establish another

objective or to birth forth a new Dream

from the hallowed recesses of your

spirit the sum of the years you have

walked this Earth is a mere metric a

fleeting number that wields no true

influence over the boundless reserves of

potential I have lovingly knit into the

very fabric of your being for I am the

Eternal one the author of days The Giver

of every good and perfect gift the

architect who expertly crafted the

winding Celestial blueprint of your

destiny before the foundation of the

world and just as I am Timeless and ever

creating continually upholding All

Things by the word of my power so too is

it my fervent desire for each of you my

beloved children to perpetually stretch

forth in consecrated determination reach

outward and upward ever ascending to new

spiritual Heights embracing the fresh

Vineyards of opportunity for growth

enrichment and the Fulfillment of your

Sanctified callings that I continually

unveil before you let not the perceived

weight of accumulating years discourage

or dishearten you permit no Insidious

Whisper of Doubt to Slither its way into

the sacred Vineyard of your heart

polluting your mind with lies intended

to dissuade you from wholeheartedly

pursuing those dreams that set your

spirit a flame with holy Zeal for I have

fearfully and wonderfully knit together

the tapestry of your unique talents

passion threads and Heavenly aspirations

as intricately as the Glorious Cosmic

web of stars that adorns the illustrious

night sky and just as the inky Celestial

canvas underg goes an infinitely awe

inspiring metamorphosis each night with

my luminous handiwork ever revealing new

wonders previously concealed in the

glittering Mysteries of the fathomless

cosmos so too are the dreams and

Sanctified Ambitions I have tenderly

planted within the fertile soil of your

spirit ever evolving ever expanding

waiting to burst forth with vibrant new

expressions of my glorious purposes for

your life remember this eternal Verity

my beloved children I am the god of new

beginnings the Lord of Fresh Starts The

benevolent Wellspring that continually

pours forth opportunities for Second

Chances type Amen in the comments and

don’t forget to share this message with

up to three people so that God can help

you it was I who breathed the triumphant

reality of existence into the pristine

void of Darkness sparking the first

flicker of creation and orchestrating

the unfolding of that magnificent

tapestry of Splendor and Cosmic Grandeur

that presently stretches forth across

the unfathomable expanse and it is I who

can reignite the hallowed flames of holy


driving hope and spirit breathed purpose

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