God Says ➨ Now It’s Time to Says GoodBye | God Message Today For You | God Tells You

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions beloved child have faith in my

teachings for they will lead you to a

life filled with blessings trust in my

promises and I will fulfill your dreams

and desires transforming your home and

bringing about remarkable and beautiful

changes within you today I urge you to

act upon what you’ve learned from my

teachings it is vital to transform your

thoughts so that your words align with

positivity rejecting any negativity or

disbelief that may hinder the blessings

I have planned for you banish negativity

from your thoughts and shut out

disbelief from your heart avoid thoughts

that diminish your faith and block The

Riches of Heaven from your life and your

families ignore distractions from the

enemy and distance yourself from those

whose words harm and Destroy refrain

from from unproductive behaviors that

could obstruct your dreams and desires

type Amen in the comments and don’t

forget to share this message with up to

three people so that God can help you

let my teachings refresh your mind and

continually strengthen your faith speak

and declare my words daily and you will

harvest the fruits of your speech a life

of abundance and blessing remember if

you have faith in me your requests will

materialize your life your family and

your future will Thrive for those who

trust in me will never face

disappointment when you abide by my word

your life is under my care and you need

not worry for I am with you safeguarding

your life in perfect peace through faith

you have the power to overcome any

obstacle on your journey towards success


prosperity dear child always remember my

deepest desire is to reshape your life

through my teachings guiding you to new

experiences where you can bask in my

peace joy and

happiness it is my hope that you

accomplish your Ambitions and fulfill

your plans just keep your faith

robust immerse yourself in the knowledge

of my teachings and Proclaim and declare

them you will discover the necessary

strength to surmount every Challenge and

hardship I will ensure you have all you

need for a life filled with blessings

enabling you to cherish harmonious and

United moments with your family believe

in me if you want God’s grace always

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because this message took us a lot of

efforts my child for I am perpetually

with you even in moments when my

presence seems

elusive I am beside you in each

Sunbeam in every gentle

breeze and in every smile from your

loved ones remember my love for you and

that you are my most Splendid creation

crafted with a wonderful purpose

brimming with potential and Grace do not

let negative assertions hinder you and

do not allow difficulties to erode your

confidence in me I have endowed you with

the strength capability and bravery

needed to tackle any situation or

problem regardless of its

magnitude if anything in your mind or

heart hinders your growth and progress

in faith cast it de side now reject

Notions that do not align with my

teachings and limit your

potential I have designed you for

greatness and destined you for a life of

blessings that will surpass any current

challenges beloved child place your

trust in me I will not let you down I

will fulfill all that I have promised

today while you may not perceive or feel


immediately I am actively working for

your benefit when the right time arrives

when you are fully prepared I will

unlock the doors necessary for achieving

your goals dreams and

plans but for now I ask for your faith

and trust in me refresh your mind with

my teachings immerse yourself in them

and Proclaim and declare them over your

life your life will be transformed as

you alter your thinking your living will

change so do not lose heart continue to

press forward for I will always be by

your side to support you you are my

beloved Son my beloved

daughter and it is my utmost wish for

you to find joy and prosper in all

aspects if you believe that God will

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please my child never forget that faith

is nurtured by listening and listening

comes from my

teachings through faith you can

accomplish all your aims move forward do

not cease in declaring my teachings but

rise with resolve and bravery speak

blessings not curses for your words hold

the power and authority to overcome

every hindrance and negativity blocking

your blessings uh amen if you believe

that God will help you please subscribe

to the channel if you do not believe

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