God Says ➨ My Child Don’t Hurt Me By Skipping | God Message Today For You | God Tells You

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my precious child in this

world shrouded in

darkness I call upon you to be a radiant

Beacon of Faith Illuminating the path

for those who stumble in

uncertainty let your unwavering belief

in Me Be The Guiding Light that dispels

the shadows of doubt and fear as you

navigate the intricate tapestry of life

challenges May beset you and

tribulations May test your spirit yet

know that you are not

alone I am your constant companion your

unwavering support and your Eternal

source of

strength trust in my divine plan for it

is through adversity that your faith is

refined and your spirit

strengthened in this darkened World your

radiant faith has the power to transform

lives be a Living testament to my love

and grace

let your actions embody compassion

kindness and

forgiveness extend a helping hand to

those in need offer words of

encouragement to the disheartened and be

a source of Hope for the

despairing when the storms of life rage

around you do not

falter remember that your faith is an

anchor that will keep you steadfast and

secure cling to my promises for they are

true and unwavering

I am your refuge and your Fortress your

everpresent Shield against the

onslaughts of Darkness type Amen in the

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message with up to three people so that

God can help you my child you are a


vessel called to illuminate the world

with the radiance of your faith let your

light shine brightly dispelling the

darkness and bringing warmth and hope to

all those who behold it be a beacon of

righteousness integrity

and unwavering

devotion in this world of fleeting

pleasures and fading glories let your

faith be the guiding star that leads you

to eternal life seek me with all your

heart for I am the source of true Joy

Everlasting peace and Abundant

Blessings when the world tempts you with

its allurements stand firm in your faith

let not the desires of the flesh or the

pursuit of worldly possessions sway you

from the path of righteousness

remember you are a child of the most

high God destined for greatness if you

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generosity uplifts our mission God bless

you in times of doubt and

uncertainty turn to me in prayer I am

always listening always ready to answer

your cries for guidance and support pour

out your heart to me and I will fill you

with my peace wisdom and

strength my child you are a shining star

in a darkened World let your radiant

Faith illuminate the path for others

leading them to the light of everlasting

life be a faithful Steward of my love

and grace and together we shall

transform the world one heart at a time

remember I am with you always even until

the end of the

age trust in me and you shall never walk


darkness amen if you believe that God

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