God Says ➨ It’s an Emergency Time For You Don’t Skip | God Message Today For You | GOD HELPS

my cherished child you are blessed and

destined for great

favor your unwavering faith has set you

on the right path and I am delighted to

see your commitment to my teachings As

You Let My Words fill and guide you your

journey toward Improvement has been

challenging yet you’ve navigated it with

determination Guided by Divine Direction

your shift in attitude and your Yearning

For Change are deserving of

extraordinary blessings

these words you hear are infused with

life demonstrating my love for you and

Paving the way for your success in all

Endeavors I bless you in extraordinary

ways granting you wisdom enhancing your

discernment and shaping your character I

provide you with an abundance of

patience transforming your life

thoroughly and

completely my spirit surrounds and fills

you touching every aspect of your being

with my strength you will resist the

Temptations that once ens snared you

letting go of habits that imprisoned


thoughts your mind will now focus on

what is good beautiful pure and right

you will no longer indulge in Gossip or

falsehoods that pollute your mind and

weaken your spirit you will be amazed at

the extent of your transformation and

the blessings bestowed upon you people

will notice and respect you no longer

dwelling on your past mistakes they will

forgive you because my generous Grace

fills your soul New Opportunities and

blessings will come your way supporting

your family and bringing Prosperity I am

creating a new path for you leading to a

brighter future free from past errors

filled with peace and calm through the

strength of My Sacrifice you are


Untouched by deceit or dark Forces you

are cleansed in spirit Soul speech mind

and heart a gift for those who boldly

spread my teachings seek my pardon and

approach me daily with humility to

receive my

grace I cherish you my child and I’m

steadfast in observing your endeavors

your deepening faith is acknowledged and

even when you do not see all my answers

your devotion remains

steadfast you are akin to my Faithful

Servants of old enduring hardships yet


unbroken you have witnessed my glory in

your own life experiencing the reality

of Miracles and Supernatural events

Fierce battles lie ahead but together we

will emerge Victorious and you will

receive even greater

blessings I will always be true to you

giving you extra strength during tough

times so you won’t

fall no trouble will be too much for the

strength I provide and if challenges

arise I will also Supply the solution if

I guide you down a path I will show you

the way out remember firmly in your

heart that if you make a mistake I will

not cast you aside or destroy you you

have turned away from wrong doing and

repented and I will give you the same

dedication and endurance as my apostles

I know you understand and believe in me

and my blessing is upon your spirit I

aim to do incredible things with you

regardless of your

age what matters is your Solid Faith and

Readiness to stand strong when

cadon even when challenges arise you

will emerge a Victorio opening doors and

breaking down barriers you are my child

given Divine strength not for boasting

or claiming to be a prophet but for

steadfastness in faith and humility

today I reveal my plans and intentions

to you cleanse your soul of ill feelings

for I forgive you distance yourself from

those who doubt and remain steadfast in


promises reflect on your survival

through difficult days and darker nights

your spirit is intact and you have the

freedom to make choices know that you

are deeply loved and cherished with a

reserved spot

in the most treasured place in the

universe I am here with you always

extending my hand to lift you up when

you falter rise for I wish to walk with

you through the pathways of your

thoughts cast aside your fears and

doubts for I am your strength and

refuge my love for you is deep real and

never ending no mistake or sin can break

the bond of love I have for you when you

call out to me I am here opening my

heart to you trust in my plans for you

for they are for your benefit to

strengthen you and help you grow commit

to seeking believing in and steadfastly

following me embrace my guidance and

teachings and you will find peace and

Tranquility by holding firm to my words

and Commandments you will be Beyond

reproach guarded by my presence from

those who deceive Let My Words fortify

your spirit and bring Wellness to your

body say goodbye to stress anxiety fear

and unease for my PO is all you

need in this new chapter of your life

you will be liberated from burdens and

filled with peace and joy my dear child

do you already

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