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God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my beloved child I invite you

to step forward boldly into the place of

testing casting aside doubts and fears

so that together we may labor towards a

breakthrough just as Jacob discovered in

the desert night the intense wrestling

with me precedes the Glorious Dawn

riches await you scattered across the

landscape I am leading you into but they

are visible only through the lens of

Faith which transforms the mundane into


miraculous I recognize the desolate a

hollow and daunting nature of these

seasons of struggle yet

remember you wield the same creative

power that I did when I spoke the words

let there be light into the void

manifestation follows declaration type

Amen in the comments and don’t forget to

share this message with up to three

people so that God can help you keep

speaking life painting visions of

possibility from the deep Wellspring of

hope within you though rest may have

evaded you anticipate Joy greeting you

as the first Ray of dawn tenderly

touches your expectant face even as we

converse I am orchestrating its

fulfillment the adversary conspires to

fix your senses on scarcity amplifying

areas of poverty or loss

yet my spirit envelops and surrounds you

a shield of protection and

connection through this night I hold you

securely as Dawn breaks Glory descends

and desolation flees take courage

lifting your gaze from the tumultuous

Abyss to the vibrant pulse of Life

surrounding you even amidst Darkness

stars shine most brightly Untouched by


illumination the gifts I Stow upon you

are purposeful meticulously chosen to

mold your character into likeness with

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because this message took us a lot of

efforts do not disdain the wrapping


unadorned and unassuming for within it

lies everything essential for your


sustenance wisdom identity


purpose my mightiest Champions emerged

from shadowy Caverns fueled by faith

that granted them sight to perceive what

I envisioned a hungering heart for what

I offered and hands to Steward holy

entrustment humility acted as their

ladder to ascend to the

heavens embrace me with open arms

unencumbered by distractions vying for

your affection I do not judge your

stumbling in darkness grasping for

fleeting light my Mercy leads you to

repentance I understand the souls

yearning for Solace and address it with

compassion together we will unravel

every Tangled burden and fractured

shackle until you stand liberated once

more seek refuge in my strength today

though storm clouds Loom on the horizon

I stand as your protector and

shield lay claim to Joy Dancing With

Praise despite Sorrows

encroachment for deliverance draws near

listen for my voice amidst the clamor

urging you onward despite the tempting

call of retreat many May convince

themselves that compromise offers safe

Passage through conflict but forging New

Paths demands audacity toppling towering

obstacles challenging cultural

norms refusing to yield when I bid you

to advance if you believe that God will

help you please subscribe to the channel

you were not fashioned merely To Tread

in Endless

circles walk walk alongside me where

Lions Roam and tempests rage far beyond

the confines of

comfort Destiny beckons amidst the

Uncharted my cherished one though the

struggles leave you with a limp I remain

steadfastly by your side guiding

upholding and championing your

cause you comprehended that the seed

sewn amid the agonizing battles would

blossom into verdant Landscapes teeming

with vibrant life I specialize in

crafting Beauty from life’s shattered

remnants binding them with resilient

mortar to ensure that success endures

through prayer your site transcends

surface realities chaos Devastation

Division and deferred hope into the

realm where I am tirelessly at

work shaping the tapestry of History

toward its

culmination I am irresistibly drawn to

Wayward Souls battered and betrayed by

counterfeit affections

my ardor compels me to unfold them in my

boundless love no matter how far they

stray my Fury Burns against every

oppressor until the blinded captives

regain sight I spare no effort to

resuscitate identities marred by

generational trauma and spiritual

warfare life defiantly emerges From the

Ashes a testament to the enduring pulse

of resurrection power though the full

extent of my promises has yet to unfold

can you not rejoice in the victories

already won

reflect with me on the improbable nature

of some initially conceived as mere

blueprints for the future if you believe

in God then like the video and leave a

heartfelt Amen in the

comments yet here you stand overwhelmed

with awe at my ability to pluck you from

the clutches of death’s taunting

mockery in the face of daunting

setbacks boldly declare that the spirit

within you surpasses any external

intimidation greater is the force at

work behind the scenes seen and unseen

manifestations take courage my beloved

and raise your head high despite the

encircling Fury the dawn stands poised

to break soon you will bask in the full

Radiance of light your countenance AOW

with laughter emanating from the depths

of your soul as we draw near the

fortresses of opposition tremble for no

power can withstand the Transcendent

might of the matchless name lifted In

Praise amen my child click on the join

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