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my beloved don’t ignore God’s message

because God has something special for

you that he wants to convey if you wish

to receive it please listen to this

message carefully and type amen at the

end my beloved child can you feel it

stirring in the depths of your soul a

profound longing an insatiable hunger

for something Transcendent something

that will finally satisfy the aching

emptiness that Still Remains despite all

your Earthly strivings and achievements

that intense yearning you feel is the

voice of my spirit resonating within the

core of your being beckoning you into a

reality far greater than what you have

yet tasted you see my precious one you

were designed for so much more than a

life confined to the temporal Physical

Realm from before the foundation of the

world I crafted you with intricate

detail and wo into the very fabric of

your spirit an unquenchable need for

intimacy with your

creator I instilled within you a holy

discontent that cannot be fulfilled

through any human pursuit or

possession but only through basking in

the warmth of my manifest presence like

a delicate Rose newly blossomed

stretching its vibrant petals towards

the radiance of the

sun your soul was designed to unfurl in

the light of my Transcendent Glory every

Nuance of your spirit every longing and

capacity you possess was lovingly formed

as an echo beckoning you into

face-to-face communion with the one

whose image image you bear I am the sun

in which you were meant to perpetually

Bloom drawing your sustenance your

beauty your fragrance from the

inexhaustible Wellspring of my infinite

life and

love that is why no matter how much you

may strive for satisfaction through

selfish ambition wealth achievement or

indulging fleshly

appetites you find yourself still

feeling profoundly empty and

disillusioned in the

end like eating the verbial ashes that

turn to dust in your mouth those

fleeting Pleasures only serve to

intensify the ravenous hunger your soul

feels to Su on the Eternal banquet I

have prepared for you at my

table type Amen in the comments and

don’t forget to share this message with

up to three people so that God can help

you the gnawing emptiness and despair

you experience when separated from my

presence is not merely an existential

crisis but the Cry of a spirit drowning

gasping for the atmosphere it was

designed to breathe

for just as a fish cannot survive in the

airless void of Desert Sands so your

soul cannot truly live when exiled from

the Manifest presence of your heavenly

father oh how my heart aches to gather

you up close and make you understand

your struggles your longings the

emptiness that haunts your days is all

because you were made for more my

beloved more than a life of drifting

aimlessly settling to survive as a mere

Earthly creature detached from your

spiritual inheritance no you were

fashioned to soar in the Limitless

expanse of my Heavens as a son or

daughter of the most high God can you

not see it my precious child all your

dissatisfaction and weariness in living

life disconnected from me is your spirit

groaning for its home its true home in

the radiant atmosphere of your father’s


presence that longing for wholeness and

fulfillment is the Homing signal of your

soul still seeking to return to the

Garden Embrace from which it was

born so do not despair at The Emptiness

and incompleteness you feel do not curse

the ache or recoil from the

disillusionment that follows your feudal

attempts to find lasting satisfaction in

the world’s shallow waters for that void

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