God Says ➨ I Will Be Happy If You Watch !! | God Message Today For You | God Tells You

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my beloved child today declare

with faith health and prosperity over

your life your children and your

descendants May every Endeavor you

undertake be fruitful and may you

achieve all your objectives and plans

just trust in me and I will make your

life shine like the morning

sun growing brighter until the day is at


best in

me you will not be afflicted by need or

scarcity for I will make your

aspirations and desires

achievable I will enhance your financial

situation and nurture the growth of your


relationships please have faith in my

words today for I am not one to offer

joy and then fail to provide it I am

your father loving you since the dawn of

of time I wish for you to welcome my

love into your heart and accept the

grace and favor I lay before you type

Amen in the comments and don’t forget to

share this message with up to three

people so that God can help you now is

the moment to place your trust in me

completely with your mind heart and soul

release emotions that cause harm and

lead to mistakes and cease clinging to

Earthly worries that hinder your life

and inner peace

though you have given much and received

pain in return with me you will endure

no more

suffering I love you even if it seems

difficult to comprehend just believe and

accept it for my profound love for you

stems from the fact that you are my most

cherished treasure my child fashioned in

my own image you are worth my most


sacrifice realize that my aim is to

guide you to the destiny I’ve planned

for you

a journey filled with favor and

blessings where all is well securing a

thriving present and future also

understand that following my will brings

Grace and joy to your life extending to

each family member be assured that you

can wait on me with confidence for I

will respond to your

prayers the gates to my heavenly realm

are always open to you you are free to

come forth boldly securely and with

Assurance for I never let down those who

put their trust in me when the adversary

attempts to Rob your faith and Assurance

stand firm against it ignore his voice

and his false charges do not be afraid


dismayed remain strong and courageous

and I will enrich you with blessings and

mercies remember my grace and might will

always support you I will be there


you transforming your problems into

blessings your sadness into to Joy and

you’re crying into happiness if you want

God’s grace always upon you then please

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message took us a lot of efforts child I

love you and will always take care of

you my

daughter my son do not forget that I am

thinking of you even at this moment

trust in me and leave everything in my

hands I will make sure that in me you

find a path path of well-being

prosperity and much

happiness receive and believe it you

have reached out to me in prayer and I

have listened this is why I am coming to

your home today to transform your

fate I understand your suffering and

your need for my

assistance prepare yourself for I am

about to visit you as your almighty God

the performer of

Wonders today I bring you the bravery

and strength necessary to conquer the

challenges you face do not fear I am

aware of your feelings but now is the

time to acknowledge your need for me I

see that you and your family are

enduring a vast desert where Solitude


hope and the harshness of this desert

scorches causing tears of

Anguish I know it’s challenging to

continue and believe that even in the

midst of this pain my hand is supporting

you however you must realize that faith

is the key that unlocks the door to

Miracles your current trials are merely

a part of a process like gold that only

glows when refined by fire you too will

emerge shining and purified from the

negative aspects still within you if you

believe that God will help you please

subscribe to the channel now is the

moment to let go of anger Pride fear

doubt and lack of faith do not dwell on

the past as nothing from there can bring

you closer to the joy and blessings I

have in store for you my dear one do not

be overwhelmed by your current struggles

or grow impatient for throughout this

process You are not

alone I am with you safeguarding you

from adversaries who seek to harm you do

not worry about losing material

possessions or grieve over them focus on

what truly matters and pursue me

wholeheartedly remember I am your God

and provider ready with numerous

miracles for you my power remains

unceasing for you I desire to Grant you

exactly what you need let me fill you

with genuine blessings and open doors of

opportunity allow me to abundantly

bestow blessings upon you I have the

power to turn negative circumstances in

your favor so do not lose hope behind

every Challenge and frustration behind

each barrier I am ready with blessings

and prosperity just be prepared to

receive and and wisely Steward them

child seek me wholeheartedly cherish my

words and never cease praying for the

Miracles I have for you are far from

over concentrate on what’s essential be

strong and Valiant on this journey of

faith for if you do I will enrich you

and shower you with Supernatural

blessings and Miracles more precious

than gold I will be with you in every

step guiding your path toward a future

filled with hope and promise

if you believe that God will help you

please subscribe to the channel if you

do not believe feel free to leave in me

you will find the resilience to face any

adversity turning your struggles into

stepping stones for growth and success

remember that in your weakest moments my

strength is made perfect your journey

may seem long and arduous but I am your

steadfast companion turning each

obstacle into an opportunity for Triumph


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