God Says ➨ I am Begging, Please Give me 2 Minutes | God Message Today For You | God Tells

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my beloved child allow me to

remove the burdens you carry on your

shoulders dedicate a moment of your

precious time to me and I will lift you

from the Myriad worries that burden you

my deepest wish is to transform your

challenges into blessings and replace

your tears with joy I am Overjoyed by

your daily search for me and your

Praises reflect on and acknowledge how

much I have helped you without my

presence at your side you might have

faced defeat open your eyes to see the

trials I have placed before you as

expressions of my love you may have

walked through deserts but I was there

with you recognize this truth just as I

have rescued you from past afflictions I

will do so again I will not let anyone

take away the blessings meant for you in

the the midst of your struggles find

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you when you called out to me in prayer

I battled your Giants and won my spirit

has protected your heart and given you

strength when you felt

powerless courage when you felt

incapable of

standing during your

sufferings I provided the grace needed


persevere you understand the depth of

love for you are deeply loved Chosen and

valued my commitment to showing you love

day by day is

unwavering therefore

today I ask you to open your heart fully

to me letting my presence fill your life

Embrace this change a life of

Supernatural wonders awaits you barriers

will fall chains will break and amazing

things will happen when you decide

decide to let me guide you every day I

promise to lead you safely to a wealth

of blessings a bright and beautiful

future lies ahead I am breathing new

life into your heart in Lush

pastures no one can defeat you for I

will be your shepher neither enemies nor

misfortunes will come near for I will

provide for your every need my love for

you is constant and evident in many ways

you will see signs of my enduring love I

speak to you to uplift your spirit as I

do not want to see you despair or be

defeated by

trials listen to my words do not let the

doubts of others limit your potential or

Spirit remember the greatness of your

dreams for I have placed Noble

aspirations within you while Others May

judge by appearances and be swayed by

gossip or Envy I look at your heart your


intentions and your resolve to improve

your eagerness to change your life and

pursue your dreams is clear if you want

God’s grace always upon you then please

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message took us a lot of efforts act now

trust in the voice of your omnipotent

God rise and commence your journey do it

for your family for the ones you Cherish

You Must Believe in my word be Valiant


diligent persevering until you attain


Destiny when you

arrive you will witness your heart

brimming with even more

joy realizing that believing in my word

and striving for a better life was


worthwhile I have always told you and I

affirm it once

more that numerous blessings await you

if you decide to trust in your heavenly

father with this great love and

affection I speak to you today but

Safeguard your soul now I implore you

not to believe those who seek to steal

the dreams of those who love me do not

befriend those who aim to deceive you

with falsehoods if you believe that God

will help you please subscribe to the

channel do not follow in their footsteps

do not open your soul to them and pay no

heed to their false words seek me and

pray focus on doing my will open your

eyes for I shall soon bring forth a

wonderful blessing a Divine

opportunity remember I love you changes

are forthcoming in your life do not fear

I have a plan for you I am elevating you

to a place and a level where I desire to

bless you abundantly with hands full it

is natural for doubts to surface when

You Face new challenges it is wise to

seek my presence and consult with me

when doubts arise seek the assistance

you need to confront these

incomprehensible circumstances in my

word I shall be with you and with each


I shall bestow upon you peace Serenity

and joy if you believe in God then like

the video and leave a heartfelt Amen in


comments I shall open your eyes to find

the answers you seek in every difficult

situation I shall guide you to the way

out so that you do not remain stagnant

keep moving



working and believing with all your

heart for my prom promises to come to

fruition I have forgiven your sins you

are clean and righteous in my presence

do not doubt this do not belittle the

value of my blood shed on that cross and

my mighty

Resurrection this is why you are alive

it is the power of my blood that brings

you into my presence without fear

therefore today you have a relationship

with me if I gave my life for you if I

rose from the dead so that you may live

then I can and will fulfill all the

promises I have made to you I have made

you more than a conqueror through my

power and love amen if you believe that

God will help you please subscribe to

the channel if you do not believe feel

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