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my beloved don’t ignore God’s message

because God has something special for

you that he wants to convey if you wish

to receive it please listen to this

message carefully and type amen at the

end my precious child as you embark on

this journey with me know that my love

for you is boundless and

eternal I have created you with a

purpose and every step you take is known

to me you are never alone for I am

always with youa guiding and protecting

you my love is your foundation your

source of

strength and your greatest

Assurance remember that in every moment

my love surrounds you uplifting you in

times of joy and comforting you in times

of Sorrow open your heart to my love and

let it be the light that leads you

through life life my dear child is a

series of precious moments each one a

gift from me often you may find yourself

caught up in the busyness of making

plans and striving for future

goals while it is good to have dreams

and Ambitions do not let them overshadow

the beauty of the present moment each

day offers countless opportunities to

experience my grace and blessings take

time to pause reflect and appreciate the

here and now it is in these moments that

you will find true joy and contentment

for they are filled with my presence and

love life itself is a miraculous gift

bestowed upon you with infinite love and

care Every Breath You Take Every Beat of

your heart is a testament to my grace I

have given you this life so that you may

experience the wonders of my creation

and fulfill the unique purpose I have

set for you Embrace Life with gratitude

and wonder recognizing it as a precious

gift celebrate the simple Joys the

laughter and the love that fill your

days in doing so you honor the gift of

life and glorify me The Giver of all

good things my child I have a plan for

you one that is filled with hope in a

future though you may not always

understand my ways trust that I am

working all things together for your

good sometimes my plan may lead you

through unexpected paths or challenging

times but know that every step is part

of a greater

purpose seek my guidance through prayer

and listen to my voice in your heart as

you align your life with my will you

will find a sense of peace and Direction

knowing that you are walking the path I

have laid out for you in the hustle and

bustle of daily life it is easy to

overlook the beauty that surrounds you

yet it is in these everyday moments that

my glory is often revealed the warmth of

the Sun the fragrance of a flower the

smile of a loved one these are all

Reflections of My Love and

creativity take time to notice and

appreciate these simple blessings type

Amen in the comments and don’t forget to

share this message with up to three

people so that God can help you they are

reminders of my presence and a source of

joy that can uplift your spirit by

cherishing the beauty of everyday

moments you cultivate a heart of

gratitude and a deeper connection with

me my beloved child timing is everything

I know the perfect moment for everything

in your life to

unfold trust in my

timing even when it seems that things

are not happening as quickly as you

desire patience is a virtue that allows

you to wait with Hope and Faith

confident that my plans are for your


good when you surrender your timeline to

me you free yourself from anxiety and

embrace a sense of Peace remember my

timing is perfect and I will never delay

or withhold anything that is good for

you true Joy is found not in Grand

achievements or material possessions but

in the simple everyday blessings that

fill your life a kind word a moment of

laughter the beauty of nature these are

all gifts from me that bring joy to your

heart learn to find Delight in these

small moments for they are a reflection

of My Love For You by focusing on the

simple things you cultivate a spirit of

contentment and gratitude which leads to

a deeper more abiding Joy rejoice in the

little things and you will discover a

richness of life that is beyond measure

gratitude is a powerful attitude that

transforms your perspective and opens

your heart to my blessings when you

choose to be grateful you shift your

focus from what you lack to the

abundance that surrounds you gratitude

brings you closer to me as it

acknowledges my goodness and

faithfulness make it a habit to express

thanks daily for both the big and small

blessings in your

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