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God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my beloved child

today I want you to know that I

understand the pain and turmoil that

Family Matters can bring into your life

it’s natural to feel distressed and hurt

when faced with challenges within your

family in those moments it’s important

to take time for yourself to rest to

pray and to seek solace in the presence

of my Holy Spirit I see your struggles

and I want you to know that you were not

created to live in a Perpetual state of

sadness or

failure though you may experience

moments of suffering and tears my love

for you remains constant and

unwavering even when you feel like you

can’t carry on I am here to lift you up

and give you the strength to

persevere you are my beloved

child and your heart is a reflection of

my love

I have great plans for you plans to

prosper you and not to harm you plans to

give you hope and a future so do not let

discouragement or fear hold you back

step into the light and let your joy

shine forth for you are a Beacon of Hope

to those around you I will continue to

work miracles in your life so that you

may fully understand the depth of my

love for you you are not alone my child

I Am With You Always guiding you

protecting you and leading you on the

path to Blessings beyond measure if you

believe in God then like the video and

leave a heartfelt Amen in the comments

do not be disheartened if others fail to

see your worth or if you encounter

obstacles along the way remember that I

have equipped you with everything you

need to

succeed you are a warrior a sharp

spearhead cutting through the darkness

and Paving the way for future

Generations do not squander the gifts

and blessings I have bestowed upon you

cherish them nurture them and use them

to fulfill your purpose in this world

for everything I have given you has a

purpose and I will continue to guide you

every step of the way belief and love

are the cornerstones of our

relationship without them the connection

between us would falter and your ability

to experience the Miracles I offer would

be hindered your attitude towards me

your faith

and your trust in my word play pivotal

roles in your journey toward spiritual

elevation when you feel weak or burdened

by the challenges of life turn to me

Feast on my word for it is nourishment

for your soul kneel down in humility and

surrender your worries fears and doubts

to me know that I am with you always

both in the heavens above and in the

depths of your heart my blessings are

not distant but ever presentent present

waiting for you to accept them with open

arms but do you truly believe do you

love me with all your heart your

response to these questions will

determine the extent of the Miracles I

can perform in your life to calm your

soul and banish

anxiety I offer you three simple yet

profound tasks to undertake today

firstly give me your heart completely


sincerely trust in my intentions for you

which are always rooted in love and


surrender yourself to me without

reservation knowing that I desire

nothing but your Eternal happiness and

fulfillment secondly nourish your spirit

with my word Let It Be Your Guiding

Light in times of Darkness your source

of strength in moments of

weakness anchor your faith firmly in my

promises and you will find the courage

to overcome any obstacle that stands in

your way thirdly trust me

wholeheartedly cast aside your doubts

and fears and embrace the certainty of

my presence in your life type Amen in

the comments and don’t forget to share

this message with up to three people so

that God can help you build your life

upon the solid foundation of faith

knowing that I am always by your side

ready to lead you towards a brighter

tomorrow by following these three simple

steps you will find peace joy and

fulfillment in your journey with me

trust in my love for you and together

will overcome every obstacle and Achieve

greatness beyond your wildest dreams I

urge you to consider the path you are

currently on I do not wish for you to

continue down a road that may lead to

emptiness and despair instead I implore

you to give me your heart to trust in me

completely and to Pledge Your unwavering

loyalty and Faith this decision is not

one to be taken lightly but it is one

that promises Eternal fulfillment and

Joy by surrendering your life to me

you will not lose anything but rather

gain everything each passing day will

not diminish Your Existence but will

instead add to it as you will be forever

by my side experiencing the wonders of

the universe and all their Glory if you

believe that God will help you please

subscribe to the channel everything you

could ever imagine will pale in

comparison to the beauty and

magnificence that awaits you furthermore

you will receive countless blessings

beyond measure your your life will be

filled with love joy and peace and you

will enjoy a harmonious family and face

all challenges together strengthened by


bond my blessings will surround you

protecting you from harm and guiding you

on the path to

Victory but in order to receive these

blessings you must first give me your

heart your faith and your loyalty this

is not a one-time commitment but a daily

surrender a continuous choice to trust

in me and follow my guidance I urge you

to make this decision today take a

moment to reflect on all the blessings

you have received in your life both big


small Express gratitude for each one

recognizing the role they have played in

shaping your journey thus far even in

the face of adversity find reasons to be

thankful knowing that every challenge is

an opportunity for growth and every

setback is a step toward Victory find

finally express your gratitude to me

acknowledging the gift of life and the

countless blessings that have been

bestowed upon you let your words be

sincere and heartfelt for it is through

gratitude that you will find healing and

Clarity and it is through gratitude that

you will open your heart to receive the

abundance that awaits you amen if you

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