God Says ➨ Don’t Close Heaven’s Door by Ignoring Me | God Message Today For You


my dear child it is I your heavenly

father gently holding your hand in mine

feel my presence surrounding you my

voice a soothing whisper in the depths

of your soul do not succumb to fear for

I am Forever by your side your

unwavering support your Guiding Light

your impenetrable shield when life

storms rage know that In My Embrace you

will always find Sanctuary a place of

Tranquility Solace and unshakable peace

every trial you face no matter its

daunting nature I am there offering my

hand to guide you through the darkness

you are never alone on this journey for

my infinite love surrounds you in

infusing your spirit with resilience and

strength in a world of constant change

and unknowns I remain your constant your

Solid Rock your Haven of Serenity I am

intimately attuned to every Whisper of

your heart every unspoken longing and

every dream stirring Within You Feel My

Love In The Gentle caress of the Morning

Light in each Breath You Take and in

every tear that falls you are a treasure

beyond measure to me and my deepest

desire is to see you thrive and flourish

in all aspects of your life when Shadows

of Doubt creep in or despair tries to

take hold lift your eyes to me I am here

always with open arms ready to embrace

you to reignite the flame of hope within

your heart and to reawaken your passion

for life in the vast expanse of the

universe amidst its infinite wonders you

have been chosen and cherished with a

love that knows no no bounds even when

the path ahead seems shrouded in

uncertainty and your mind is filled with

questions and fears remember that my

love for you is unshakable and eternal

no force in existence has the power to

sever that Bond it is only unshakeable

love and presence it’s natural to feel

overwhelmed during times of adversity to

seek answers and Clarity when you bring

your struggles to me trust that I listen

with compassion and understanding never

with judgment or condemnation do not

allow the noise of the world or the

opinions of others to sway your heart

you are a Priceless treasure in my eyes

with a Divine Purpose that only you can

fulfill guard the sacred thoughts and

desires within you sharing them not

carelessly lest they scatter like leaves

in the wind I know the very essence of

your being and long to free you from the

chains of worry that threaten to consume

you I am acutely aware of the challenges

you face and in moments of isolation I

have equipped you with strength and

wisdom to

overcome let not the shadows of

negativity or the weight of

circumstances dim the light that shines

within you you are destined for a unique

path a journey that is yours alone to

Embark upon in times of Doubt turn to me

seek my guidance and find comfort in the

assurance that I am always by your side

I see the sacrifices you make in caring

for and protecting your loved ones Your

Role is the foundation of your family

and the love you pour into them does not


unnoticed each new day I grant you is an

invitation to draw closer to me to find

in my presence the renewal and Direction

you need my desire is not only to bless

you with material Provisions but also to

fill you with wisdom peace and

unconditional love as you entrust your

worries to me and lean on my promises I

assure you that you will not only have

what you need to plant seeds of Faith

but also the patience and understanding

to await the Harvest so in the midst of

your daily responsibilities make it a

priority to seek my face for in me you

will find the Refuge and nourishment

your soul craves Together We Will

Conquer every obstacle and you will

witness my grace overflowing into every

aspect of Your Life release your

concerns about the future for each day

has enough enough challenges of its own

recall the innocence and Delight of your

childhood approach me with a heart full

of trust and openness just as a child

comes to a loving parent there is no

need to fear judgment or hide your flaws

from me I see every part of you and love


unconditionally my deepest wish is for

you to experience the depth of my

eternal love to feel secure In My

Embrace and to know the unparalleled

peace that I offer I long for you to

prosper in every area of your life even

when your efforts seem fruitless trust

in the perfect plan I have designed for

you handin hand we will create a future

abundant in blessings and joy as you

navigate the path ahead remember that

you are under my constant care and

protection I am your everpresent

companion walking beside you through

every step of your journey I am your

Shepherd and with me you shall lack

nothing I will lead you to rest in love

Green Meadows and guide you beside

Tranquil Waters my goodness and mercy

will be your constant Companions and you

will forever dwell in the safety of my

presence I am here to bring healing and

wholeness to your life it is my heart’s

desire to enrich your days and fill them


purpose I am here to bring healing and

wholeness to your life it is my heart’s

desire to enrich your days and fill them

with purpose I am committed to uplifting

you supporting you you and delivering

you from all that weighs you down

embrace my words believe in them and

stand firm upon them in the coming days

I am poised to unfold extraordinary

Miracles and wonders in your life and

the lives of your loved ones time and

again I have given you my word promising

you a future filled with hope Abundant

Blessings and unimaginable

possibilities my word is my unbreakable

Bond etched with the Seal of my faith

fulness I will bring it to pass I will

make it a reality as you place your

trust in me let peace and joy flood your

being cling to my promises and release

the burdens of Tomorrow refuse to

entertain thoughts that breed negativity

for they only serve to steal your joy

Cloud your vision drain your energy and

obscure your spiritual discernment

instead choose to walk by faith allowing

me to lead you along the path of

unwavering peace I am fully aware of the

daily battles you face the enemy seeks

to discourage you mocking your faith and

attempting to convince you that your

efforts are in vain but I urge you to

rise up armed with my promises and

confront every obstacle and negative

circumstance headon declare my word with

boldness and move forward with

unwavering determination even in moments

of weariness trust that I will be your

strength walking alongside you every

step of the

way let me reassure you once more the

adversary who boasts of his power is no

match for you his lies and accusations

are nothing more than empty threats will

you believe the deceitful words of the

enemy or will you put your faith in me

The God Who breathed life into your very

being even the mightiest storms bow in

obedience to my command for my power

Knows No Limits though many may try to

bring you down I alone am your true

advocate in this fight F if you stumble

a thousand times my grace and love will

be there to restore you each and every

time should the enemy attempt to

overpower you know that I will fortify

you a thousand times over and if you

find yourself falling I will be right

there to catch you and lift you up again

my desire is for your heart to


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