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Revelations my dear child I come to you

today your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

with a message of Hope and

encouragement I know that the past month

has been exceedingly difficult filled

with challenges and hardships that have

tested your faith and tried your soul

but I implore you do not lose hope do

not let the trials of this world shake

your trust in our Heavenly Father for I

understand the burdens you have been

carrying the anxieties that have weighed

heavily upon your heart the world around

you may seem to be in a constant state

of turmoil with uncertainty and upheaval

the order of the day you may look at the

news and feel overwhelmed by the

seemingly endless stream of bad Tidings

the wars the natural dister Masters the

social unrest the economic

instability it can be easy in the face

of such Relentless adversity to feel

like your faith is being pushed to its

limits but I say to you my child do not

give into despair though the darkness

may seem all-encompassing the light of

God’s love and mercy shines Eternal even

in the Valley of the shadow of death he

is there walking alongside you carrying

you you when your strength falters for

have I not promised that I will never

leave you nor forsake you that I am with

you always Until the End of the Age I

know that it is not easy to hold fast to

your faith when the world around you

seems to be

crumbling the challenges you face can


insurmountable the burdens you carry

overwhelming you may look at the chaos

and suffering and wonder where is God in

all of this why does he allow such

terrible things to happen these are not

easy questions to answer and I do not

claim to have a simple solution to the

problem of evil and suffering in this

world but I can tell you this God’s ways

are not our ways and his thoughts are

not our thoughts

we as finite and flawed human beings

cannot always comprehend the fullness of

his divine plan there are Mysteries to

the workings of the universe that are

beyond our understanding yet we can

trust that in the midst of this Darkness

if you believe in God then like the

video and leave a heartfelt Amen in the

comments God is still at work weaving

together a tapestry of redemption and

restoration that will one day be

revealed in all its Glory remember my

child that you are not alone in your

struggles throughout history why my

followers have faced

persecution hardship and seemingly

insurmountable odds and yet time and

time again they have emerged stronger in

their faith their love for God deepened

and their resolve

fortified for it is in The Crucible of

adversity that our faith is tested and

refined that we are pressed and molded

into the image of Christ so I implore

you do not give up do not let the weight

of the world’s woes crush the Light Of

Hope within you cling to the promise

that I have overcome the world that I

have conquered sin and death and that

nothing can separate you from the love

of God for even in the midst of the

darkest night the dawn will come and

with it the promise of a new day filled

with the boundless grace and mercy of

our heavenly father I know the road

ahead may seem long and arduous but take

heart for I have walked it before you I

have experienced the full range of human

suffering from the agony of betrayal to

the torment of the Cross and yet through

it all I never lost faith in my father’s

plan I knew that even in the depths of

my anguish his love and purpose would

Prevail so two must you hold fast to

your faith even when the world seems to

be crumbling around you lift your eyes

to the heavens and remember that your

true home is not in this fleeting and

broken world but in the Eternal kingdom


God fix your gaze upon the hope that is

to come the promise of a world made new

where there will be no more

tears no more

pain no more

death I know it is not easy to maintain


perspective especially when the

challenges you face seem so

overwhelming the temptation to give into

Despair and lose hope can be strong but

I implore

you my child do not succumb to it for

your faith is the anchor that will keep

you steady in the midst of the storm the

Wellspring of strength that will sustain

you when all else seems to fail if you

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the words I spoke to my disciples before


Ascension peace I leave with you my

peace I give you I do not give to you as

the world gives do not let your hearts

be troubled and do not be afraid this is

the same peace I offer to you my dear


a peace that transcends all

understanding a peace that can only come

from the steadfast love and presence of

our heavenly father so when the burdens

of this life seem too heavy to Bear when

the darkness threatens to overwhelm you

turn your heart and mind to God seek

refuge in the shadow of his wings take

comfort in the knowledge that you are


alone pour out your sorrows and your

fears to him for he hears your cries and

knows the depth of of your

pain and trust that in his time he will

lift you up provide you with the

strength and courage to face another day

I know that it can be difficult to

maintain this posture of faith and trust

when the world around you seems to be

falling apart the temptation to give in

Despair and bitterness can be strong but

I urge you do not succumb to it for in

doing so you risk losing sight of the

Eternal truths that have the power to

sustain you instead look to the examples

of the great Saints and heroes of our

faith think of the apostles who faced


imprisonment and even martyrdom for the

sake of the gospel and yet never wavered

in their Devotion to

me consider the prophets and Patriarchs

of old who endured unimaginable

hardships and yet remained steadfast in

their trust in God’s plan and remember

my child that you are not alone in your

struggles there are countless others who

walk this same path who wrestle with the

same doubts and fears that you do reach

out to your brothers and sisters in

Christ lean on the support and

encouragement of the community of

Believers for in doing so you will find

strength and comfort in the knowledge

that you are part of a larger body

United in our common faith and our

Shared Hope in the Redemptive power of


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I know that the path ahead may seem

daunting that the obstacles you face may


insurmountable but I assure you my child

that With God all things are

possible he is the rock upon which you

can stand the Fortress that will not be

shaken he is the source of your strength

the Wellspring of your

hope so I urge you do not lose heart do

not let the trials and tribulations of

this world rob you of your faith

instead cling to the promises of God

hold fast to the truth that he is

forever faithful forever loving forever

in control trust that even in the midst

of the darkest night the dawn will

come and with it the promise of a new

day filled with the boundless grace and

mercy of our heavenly


remember my child

that your life is not defined by the

circumstances you

face but by the unwavering faith and

trust you place in me and in my father

for it is in times of great adversity

that your faith shines the brightest

that your witness to the transformative

power of God’s love becomes a Beacon of

Hope to a world in desperate need of

it so stand firm my child be a Living

testament to the unshakable hope that is

found in me let let your light so shine

before others that they may see your

good works and give glory to your father

in Heaven for even in the face of the


challenges your faith your

perseverance and your unwavering trust

in God can be the spark that ignites a

flame of Revival in the hearts of those

around you I know the road ahead may be

long and difficult but take heart for I

have already walked it and I will walk

it with you I will never leave you nor

forsake you for you you are precious in

my sight a child of the most high God so

cling to me my child and I will guide

you through the darkest valleys leading

you ever closer to the promised land of

eternal life I hope you have found

answers to all your questions if not you

will definitely get them in the next

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