God Says ➨ ?STOP !! You’re Taking Big Risk | God Message Today For You | God Tells You

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my beloved child

today the uncertainty you feel in this

season of transition is understandable

but take heart for I remain steady and

unshakable an anchor for your soul

amidst swirling

storms though times of upheaval can feel

chaotic they hold great potential for

reordering priorities and purifying

motives instead of anxiously attempting

to forecast exactly what lies ahead come

to me and find

renewal the doors I presently open

before you showcase exciting new Realms

of purpose unlike Seasons past

relinquishing ties to The Familiar may


uncomfortable but temporary discomfort

pales in comparison to the thrill of

realizing you’ve been selected to

Pioneer groundbreaking expressions of my

love and power your emergence as a

breaker anointed to demon demolish

obstacles blocking manifestations of

Revival is

imminent strongholds preventing

Awakening will disintegrate forcefully

as you open your mouth to decree my word

demonstrations of my goodness will

silence scoffers as astounding fruit

pours forth from our

bond yes much shifting lies ahead as I

transition you into greater Spiritual

Authority reserved for trusted friends

who have paid the price to know my heart

and ways but fear nothing for I go

before you to direct your steps type

Amen in the comments and don’t forget to

share this message with up to three

people so that God can help you you need

only respond to my Whispers with radical

obedience and extravagant trust so Come

Away With Me my child into that secret

place of Revelation and empowerment

known only to my trusted ones in our

quiet Sanctuary set apart from the

world’s frantic Rat Race I will speak

face to face and heart tohe heart

Clarity and enduring courage will will

permeate you fortifying your soul for


ahead this journey into the depths of

the spirit promises more than what

you’ve ever dreamt of it’s about

embracing the tough paths the moments of

hardship and

challenge because these are integral to

a life of deep commitment especially in

times that often feel indifferent to

deeper truths As you move forward you

will see your true purpose and potential

revealed with strength shining through

your weakness

your prayers will impact those around

you and miracles will spring from our

closeness your selfless dedication will

bring to life a vibrant existence that

was waiting for this moment a moment

when Heaven’s call breaks through the

noise of the world calling you to a

greater purpose in this exciting season

the rewards for those who stay true who

find refuge in love will make past

hardship seem distant so step out from

your hiding place

look into my eyes and let’s connect I

will reveal to you the incredible plans

I have for you plans woven into the

fabric of your being since before the

foundation of the

world there is Joy bright and beautiful

waiting at the dawn of this long night

of waiting and seeking and as you

dedicate yourself to the callings you

once couldn’t see you will come to

understand that the deepest meaning and

fulfillment come from living a life

surrendered to me even amidst Injustice

and rejection

The Joy found in me will outweigh any

worldly recognition or temporary

Fame my beloved I understand the

uncertainty you feel but I am with you

always guiding you empowering you and

leading you into the fullness of all I

have prepared for you so fear not for I

am with you now and forever more if you

believe that God will help you please

subscribe to the channel my child as you

continue on this journey of radical

obedience and extravagant trust know

that I’m constantly refining you shaping

you into the vessel I have destined you

to be the discomfort and uncertainty you

may feel are simply the birth pangs of

the new thing I am bringing forth in

your life do not be discouraged by the

challenges you face or the doubts that


arise instead lean into my presence for

in me you will find

strength courage and peace that

surpasses all

understanding trust in my plan for your

life for it is a plan to prosper you and

not to harm you a plan to give you hope

and a future if you believe in God then

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generosity uplifts our mission God bless

you remember that that you are not alone

on this journey I am with you every step

of the way guiding you encouraging you

and empowering you to overcome every

obstacle that stands in your

path together we will press on toward

the prize that awaits knowing that the

trials of this present moment are but a

small price to pay for the glory that

will be revealed in us so do not grow

weary or lose heart my beloved keep your

eyes fixed on me and the author and

perfector of your faith and trust that I

am working all things together for your

good though the road may be long and the

way may be difficult know that I am

leading you to a place of abundance

fulfillment and joy beyond measure

continue to walk in

obedience continue to trust in my

goodness and continue to believe that

the best is yet to come for I am the god

who makes all things new and I am

faithful to complete the good work that

I have started in you so hold fast to

your faith and know that I am with you

always even to the End of the

Age amen if you believe in God then like

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