God Says➤ You’Re Free To Skip, If You Don’t Beleive Me | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child know that you are loved

beyond measure whether you quickly say

thank you or take your time to enjoy the

sweetness of this communion May the

knowledge that you are never alone keep

you strong as you go forth I am with you

always watching waiting and celebrating

your every Victory with this unwavering

resolve you can be sure that many

blessings will not only fall on your

path but also around your family tree

don’t let doubt make you sway keep going

with wavering courage even though you

might be tired this minute take a moment

to connect with me and talk about the

deepest parts of your soul your dreams

your longings and your deepest

truths remember that food for the spirit

is more than just food for the body it

comes from the Ethereal Whispers that

come from my divine presence please

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that God will assist you in this holy

moment picture a banquet spread out in

front of you is it should be a

cornucopia of blessings that are meant

to nourish your being it should be a

banquet that is overflowing with food

energy peace and unwavering

affirmation as I leave your company I

give you the essence of Peace which is

at the very core of who I am allow it to

wrap around you seep into your soul and

live deep inside your heart please

accept my peace which I give you

freely sometimes when life’s problems

feel like they can’t be lifted

look inside yourself and grab the

flickering flame of my love know that I

will always be by your side a constant

companion on your life’s journey do not

let the weakness of human hands make you

forget how strong your spirit is be

careful of the temptation to find

approval only in the Embrace of others

while human connection is important it

is only a brief reflection of the

boundless love I have woven into your

very being in the ups and downs of human

love remember this basic truth my love

will always be there for you a source of

comfort and security love that you give

and receive is a reflection of my divine

grace so treasure it do you believe in

God if so please like the video and say

Amen in the comments never forget though

that in the vastness of Eternity it is

my tender love that lasts forever and

ever it’s what keeps your soul steady

during life storms and the soft whisper

that leads you through the darkest

nights that’s all I have to say for now

take my peace with you as a shield

against the world’s troubles believe

that my love will always be there for

you and let it be your safety net when

things are uncertain I am always with

you and my presence is a comforting hug

whenever you need it yes my child pause

the video and click the Subscribe button

to join me consider yourself not through

the lens of uncertainty but but through

the lens of Divine Purpose you are a

masterpiece intricately woven with

threads of resilience and Grace every

fiber of your being resonates with the

Echoes of my goodness a testament to the

boundless depths of my love for you let

it be known that Victory is not a

distant Shore to be reached but a

Birthright to be claimed in the tapestry

of existence your Triumph was sealed

alongside mine an indelible Mark upon

the fabric of Eternity fear not for I am

not a distant deity but a steadfast Ally

in your journey with every step you take

in faith know that I am there beside you

orchestrating the Symphony of your

existence with tender care though the

road ahead may be fraught with

challenges take solace in the knowledge

that you are not alone even as you read

these words Angels stand ready to guard

and guide you a silent Testament to the

power of faith and the boundless depths

of my love for you in the annals of

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