God Says➤ Your Final Farewell on 12th May | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child I see how tired you are

and how much you’re carrying I want you

to rest in me today put all of your

worries fears and stresses at my feet

because I am the god who loves you

forever don’t get too busy take a moment

to be still and know that I am God don’t

try to control everything trust that I

will do what’s best at the right time

the storms inside you can be calmed by

me and I can give you peace that goes

beyond understanding look at me when you

feel lost or unsure I’m the truth the

way and the life my light will shine on

your path and point you in the direction

of a happy full life let go of the

doubts and fears that are stopping you

and know that I am with you as you move

forward remember that my strength is

made perfect in your weakness when you

feel weak that which makes you strong

comes from me and my right hand will

hold you up if you ever feel like you

can’t go on just call on my name and I

will give you new energy and strength to

keep going prayer is very powerful so

don’t forget that you can pour out your

heart to me because I am a loving father

who hears and responds ask me for advice

and I’ll give you Clarity and insight

even when you can’t see the big picture

trust that I am making everything work

out for your good let love be your guide

as you deal with the problems and

chances that come your way today love me

with all your heart mind soul and

strength and love your neighbor as much

as you love yourself as you try to live

like my son Jesus Christ let compassion

kindness and forgiveness flow from your

life know that you are never alone my

spirit lives inside you and I am with

you all the way get close to me and I’ll

get close to you take comfort in my

presence and let my love heal your

wounds bring you Joy and Spark your

passion for life take advantage of the

full life I offer you today

allow me to love Grace and forgive you

if you follow what I say you will have a

deep and meaningful relationship with me

my dear friend I have big plans for you

that will make you rich give you hope

and keep you going believe in me my dear

child because I am the Alpha and the

Omega the start and the end today

tomorrow and the past are all in my

hands find safety identity and a reason

for living in me feel good about every

day because you know I Am with You

leading you and working in and through

you for my glory know that I love you a

lot and will always be with you may my

peace which is greater than all

understanding keep your mind and heart

safe in Christ Jesus fear not for I love

you and my spirit has power over you my

beloved too many of my children continue

to live in lack and defeat because they

have not fully grasped the power that is

theirs they have not realized the

authority I have bestowed upon them as

my sons and daughters they hesitate they

doubt they cower in the face of the

enemy’s attacks but I say to you no more

the time has come for you to rise up and

take your rightful place the time has

come for you to command the blessings of

Heaven to manifest in your life I

encourage you my child to meditate on

these words let them sink deep into your

heart and spirit declare them out loud

with boldness and unwavering Faith

decree them over your life your family

your finances your health and every area

that concerns you as you do you will

begin to see the windows of Heaven open

you will witness my power and provision

Break Forth in astounding ways doors

will open that no man can shut and the

resources you need will supernaturally

appear breakthrough will come captives

will be set free and the enemy’s schemes

will be utterly demolished why because

you are no longer operating in your own

strength but in the authority I have

given you you are no longer begging for

crumbs but commanding the fullness of

your inheritance you are no longer a

victim but a Victor a coair with Christ

destined to reign with me for eternity

my beloved I have not called you to a

life of mediocrity or mundane existence

I have called you to walk in Dominion to

live in the center of my perfect will

and to bring glory to my name through

the greatness of your life so arise now

shake off the grave clothes of passivity

and doubt and step into the fullness of

all I have for you command my blessings

declare my favor decree my promises over

every area of your life for I Am With

You Always and nothing is too different

difficult for me I will honor your faith

and your bold declarations and you will

see my goodness manifest in your life in

ways that will Astound you this is my

message to you my cherished child

receive it believe it and watch in

Wonder as the blessings of Heaven pour

forth I am with you I am for you and

together we will see my kingdom advance

and my name glorified upon the Earth go

now in my peace and may my favor rest

upon you forever more amen don’t forget

that God can make anything possible the

story of Esther in the Old Testament can

help you Esther a Jewish girl Rose to

power and became Queen of Persia she

used her power to protect her people

from being destroyed but the trip wasn’t

easy Esther had to risk her life by

going up to the king without being asked

and she had to deal with the dangerous

politics of the Royal Court she believed

that God was in charge and had put her

where she was for a reason even though

things were hard or think about what the

Apostle Peter did Peter used to be a

fisherman but he followed Jesus and

became the leader of the early Christian

church but he had to deal with many

problems and setbacks including his own

fears and doubts Christ on the other

hand saw something in Peter that Peter

himself didn’t see this gave Peter the

strength and courage to keep going in

Matthew Jesus tells Peter I also

tell you that you are Peter I will build

my Church on this rock and the Gates of

Hell will not be able to stop it don’t

give up on your hopes and dreams friend

believe in God’s plan for your life and

know that he has given you everything

you need to do well Phil says I can

do all things through Christ who

strengthened me remember that God bless

you and show you the way

amen if you really believe in God type

thank you God I want you to know that

God can heal you and that he wants to

make your body Mind and Spirit whole

again may this truth strengthen your

faith and give you hope and comfort as

you learn more about it know that God is

the one who can heal you completely to

begin with God wants you to know that he

is the one who can heal you he is the

great doctor and everything from

sickness to injury is within his power

he has the power to heal you everywhere

and make you whole again throughout his

message God stresses how important it is

to trust him to heal you you he wants

you to have faith in him and believe

that he can heal and restore you he

loves you no matter what and he wants

you to be whole and healthy God wants

you to know that he can heal you no

matter how smart or experienced you are

in medicine doctors and Medical

Treatments are helpful but God’s healing

power is stronger than anything we can

do he has healing powers that are beyond

our understanding he can do Miracles and

restore people in Supernatural ways as

you ask God to heal you

keep in mind that his plans for your

life are always good in some cases

healing can happen right away and seem

miraculous in other cases it may take

time faith and patience believe that God

knows exactly when and how to help you

and that everything is working out for

the best as you work to get better hold

on to God’s promises and surround

yourself with religious people who will

help and pray for you prayer thinking

about his word and the leading of the

Holy Spirit are all good ways to get his

help believe that he is in charge and

that he can heal you according to his

perfect plan last but not least God

wants you to know that his love and

presence will never leave you even if

your physical healing doesn’t happen the

way you hope he is with you through all

of your troubles and gives you comfort

strength and peace that you can’t

explain he will give you the strength to

keep going the courage to face each day

and the hope that keeps you going God’s

healing touch should be felt in every

part of your life may his love wrap

around you and heal your body calm your

mind and make your spirit strong believe

that he will always be there for you and

that he will lead you to healing and

wholeness amen if you really believe in

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