God Says➤ You Will Regret After Skipping Me Today | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my dear child I am Jesus the son of God

and I bring you a message of Love Grace

and eternal hope in a world that often

feels uncertain and tumultuous I offer

you a firm foundation and a steadfast

presence know that you are deeply

cherished and valued by our heavenly

father you were created with intention

and purpose and your life has meaning

embrace your unique identity and gifts

for they are precious and meant to be

shared with the world on your journey

remember the importance of Faith have

faith in me and in the promises of our

heavenly father trust that I am with you

always guiding and sustaining you

through every circumstance even in times

of Doubt or difficulty hold on to your

faith for it is the anchor of your soul

Choose Love in every situation love your

neighbors as yourself and even love your

enemies show compassion kindness and

forgiveness to all for in love you

reflect the very nature of God love has

the power to heal reconcile and bring

transformation Embrace humility and

servanthood follow my example as I came

not to be served but to serve serve

others with a selfless Heart Meeting

their needs and uplifting them remember

true greatness is found in serving

others and making a positive difference

in their lives let go of worry and

anxiety trust in the provision of our

heavenly father who clothes the flowers

of the field and cares for the birds of

the air seek first his kingdom and his

righteousness and he will take care of

your needs live in the present moment

knowing that our father has a plan for

your life do not judge others for

judgment belongs to God Alone instead

extend Grace and forgiveness remember

that you too have fallen short and have

been the recipient of God’s abundant

grace let your words and actions be

filled with love encouragement and

understanding stay connected to me

through prayer and through the study of

scripture seek guidance wisdom and

strength from our heavenly father his

word is a lamp to your feet and a light

to your path draw near to him in prayer

pouring out your heart and listening for

his still Small Voice when You Face

trials and tribulations find solace in

my presence I am the one who calms the

storm and brings peace to your soul take

refuge in me for I am your rock and

Fortress in me you will find strength


comfort remember that you are not alone

in this journey surround yourself with a

community of believers who can support

encourage and uplift you together you

can grow in faith serve others and be a

Shining Light in the world my dear child

I love you

unconditionally I am here to walk with

you to guide you and to offer you et

Eternal hope trust in me for I am the

way the truth and the life abide in my

love and let it overflow to those around

you for the will of the father is not a

burden to be born but a treasure to be

discovered it is not a restriction that

limits your freedom but the very Pathway

to the Abundant Life I have promised

when you choose to align your heart with

mine to trust in my perfect plan for

your life you unlock the full measure of

my love my grace

and my power working mightily within you

the enemy would love nothing more than

to keep you trapped in a cycle of fear

doubt and

self-reliance he will do everything in

his power to lure you away from the

Safety and Security of my will tempting

you with the empty allures of the world

wealth power status and the fleeting

pleasures of the flesh but I say to you

do not listen to his lies do not fall

prey to his schemes instead fix your

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