God Says➤ You Will Cry Later If You Ignore This | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child you are not a slave to

discouragement because I have given you

a spirit of love and power those

unstable emotions that rise and fall

will submit to my authority instead of

anxiety and fear my strength will fill

your chest it is done today you receive

freedom and you realize who you truly

are do not fear do not despair your help

and relief come from Heaven at the time

you need them in my perfect timing you

will see that trusting in me will bring

you many blessings and marvelous fruits

you are entering a time of joy and

Delight hello I’m here today to let you

know that I am with you taking care of

you and your loved ones I’ve given the

command to ensure nothing disrupts your

journey I understand your concerns and I

know you are right you are human and

your enemies are formidable but even

more powerful is this loving and

faithful God who dwells in your heart

bring BR me those burdens to my feet now

and I will transform your worries into

great blessings with my promises and my

power as I’ve said before do not forget

it I was I am and I will be with you

through the ages I will never forsake

you you must be strong remember that you

are very brave make the most of all the

gifts and weapons I have given you to

conquer the land around you you will

overcome the challenges you face destroy

the obstacles that arise and drive away

any threat from your home through your

obedience to my promises I see your

heart your struggles and your desire to

cleanse your home and soul of sin and

darkness hear my words for I Am With You

Always guiding and loving you rise up my

dear one and speak my word with faith

break the chains that bind those you

hold dear your faith empowers you to

face the Unseen spiritual forces that

linger in the shadows know this my child

when you stand strong in my presence

these malevolent forces tremble and flee

from you but beware for if fear and

doubt take hold if you complain and

harbor resentment when life tests you

these forces May seize the chance to

trouble you yet do not despair guard

your heart fill your mind with my holy

word and hold on to your faith no matter

what comes your way continue to believe

never let doubt or complaints Escape

your lips for my Divine love surrounds

and cherish es you even in moments of

weakness and failure stand firm in your

faith for my forgiveness is always

available to you no enemy can conquer

you when you dwell beneath the shelter

of my protection listen understand and

learn for I am your God your savior the

forgiver of your

transgressions I am the one who rescues

you from the depths and places words of

Praise on your lips I am real and when

you kneel and speak to me miracles

happen happen I will uphold you in the

midst of Life storms even when the world

seems to turn against you you will find

solace in my love shielded from harm do

not let despair grip you if you are in

distress if you see no reason to

continue hold on to me tightly Focus not

on the attacks of others but cling to me

for no one in this universe loves you as

deeply as I do when false friends and

family members betray you remember this

I will Elevate you within your family

and the day will come when they repent

for their wrongs be forgiving as I am

and offer them love while protecting

your heart from further pain so entrust

your heart to me and I will keep it safe

harm shall not befall you for this is

your day to rise look ahead with faith

for blessings await you and your family

but I ask for your commitment seek me

obey me and let me work through you

allow me to use your lips to share my

word and your hands to heal and bring

freedom to the oppressed your faith is

the vessel for Supernatural miracles in

your life and I trust in you approach my

presence with confidence any good pure

and uplifting request you make I shall

Grant today we renew our covenant and

you choose to serve and believe in me I

love you and I will work wonders through

you signed with my sacrifice and

Resurrection now affirm it your yourself

with dedication and love with your

humble spirit and unwavering Faith you

shall overcome adversity you are my

warrior wholeheartedly devoted to me and

I will not fail you your past does not

define your future even as the world

around you seems to crumble you have

believed in me and sought refuge in my

arms in my presence you will always find

safety believe in the power of my blood

to Cle and forgive you Embrace this

truth wholeheartedly open your eyes wide

for I will soon perform a powerful and a

inspiring miracle in your life know that

I have forgiven you do not blame

yourself for past sins my blood has

cleansed your heart and made it new fill

yourself with my holy word and let your

words be filled with life and

encouragement each day think upon my

promises and my Commandments do not

return to the shadows of death for your

future is not left to chance you are in

my hands under the protective cover of

my wings even when you face challenges I

will shield you your mind is strong and

will grow stronger as you absorb these

words stay away from those who wound you

with words and actions that dampen your

spirit do not return to places and

friendships that lead you astray I do

not want your spirit to grow cold I have

a future of Life peace and blessings for

you free from sorrow and and depression

if you prioritize me above all else if

you make me the king of your heart I

will cherish and care for you with love

I will show you affection every day

regardless of what others say today your

tribulations end and your storm reaches

its conclusion for me nothing is

impossible and my love knows no bounds A

New Day Has dawned and from now on you

will receive only blessings and


open doors beautiful friendships and

divine Prosperity await you you will be

free from Financial burdens I will

abundantly bless your prayers your work

your efforts and all you possess my word

holds value when I make a promise I

guarantee that it will be fulfilled I am

with you and I always will be no matter

how challenging the situation may seem I

am the one who protects and comforts you

when you need it the most I will guide

you and lead you on the path of justice

and nothing will confuse your mind

anymore I will always be in the midst of

your thoughts filling you with beautiful

and eternal Serenity your heart will

overflow with joy and you will be able

to experience the beauty of life I will

give you reasons to laugh and those

pains that made you cry will come to an

end I will never cease to bless you my

love for you is unconditional here I am

ask me for the good and holy things you

desire bring me your needs and I will

answer your prayers with Applause I will

bless you with Peace and Freedom and I

will bring abundance into your life I

will make all your paths prosper and

nothing will confuse you or take away

your sleep because I will always be in

the midst of your thoughts reminding you

of my promises and my Commandments

nothing and no one in this world can

give you such beautiful peace as I can

provide I’ve listened attentively to

your requests and Praises I’ve also

heard your complaints and apologies in

your prayers but let me tell you you

move me when you thank me in the midst

of your problems you’ve been through a

lot and you asked to fight against that

process that caused you so much pain and

kept you from sleeping you’ve put in the

effort to strengthen your faith and I’m

pleased when you lift your hands in the

midst of your battles to tell me father

I love you thank you for everything you

know what you’re doing even if I don’t

understand I know that all things work

together for good and I trust in you I’m

deeply moved as tears flow down your

face because I know you’re speaking the

truth you trust with all your heart that

I will provide for your needs I can feel

your gratitude and sincerity don’t give

up your success is just around the

corner you will see dry valleys in your

life flourish and resources you thought

were depleted will be reactivated and

turned to you more abundant than ever

you know how the enemy works so don’t

let his lies deceive you no matter how

you feel I will continue to bless you if

conflicts come your way don’t despair

call out to me and I will answer you

don’t worry anymore I have sent my

angels to protect you so you can live

confidently and securely I know you

understand this you’ve seen it before so

don’t forget these words and you will

have the strength to overcome your

enemies you will see them flee in fear

when they witness that I am working

through you you are in the right flock

Don’t Stray or jump confusedly from

place to place stay within this

indestructible protection I offer do not

reject my correction listen to my

messages and give me your full attention

don’t let Pride fill your heart I want

you to be humble and simple just like me

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