God Says➤ Those Who Skip Will Be Punished | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child in my presence you will

always find safety believe in the power

of my blood to cleanse and forgive you

Embrace this truth wholeheartedly open

your eyes wide for I will soon perform a

powerful and awe inspiring miracle in

your life know that I have forgiven you

do not blame yourself for past sins my

blood has cleansed your heart and made

it new fill yourself with my holy word

and let your words be filled with life

and encouragement each day think upon my

promises and my Commandments do not

return to the shadows of death for your

future is not left to chance you are in

my hands under the protective cover of

my wings even when you face challenges I

will shield you your mind is strong and

will grow stronger as you absorb these

words stay away from those who wound you

with words and actions that dampen your

spirit do not return to places and

friendships that lead you astray I do

not want your spirit to grow cold I have

a future of Life peace and blessings for

you free from sorrow and depression if

you prioritize me above all else if you

make me the king of your heart I will

cherish and care for you with love I

will show you affection every day

regardless of what others say today your

tribulations end and your storm reaches

its conclusion for me nothing is

impossible and my love knows no no

bounds A New Day Has dawned and from now

on you will receive only blessings and

opportunities open doors beautiful

friendships and divine Prosperity await

you you will be free from Financial

burdens I will abundantly bless your

prayers your work your efforts and all

you possess my word holds value when I

make a promise I guarantee that it will

be fulfilled I am with you and I always

will be

no matter how challenging the situation

may seem I am the one who protects and

comforts you when you need it the most I

will guide you and lead you on the path

of justice and nothing will confuse your

mind anymore I will always be in the

midst of your thoughts filling you with

beautiful and eternal Serenity your

heart will overflow with joy and you

will be able to experience the beauty of

life I will give you reasons to laugh

and those pains that made you cry will

come to an end I will never cease to

bless you my love for you is

unconditional here I am ask me for the

good and holy things you desire bring me

your needs and I will answer your

prayers with Applause I will bless you

with Peace and Freedom and I will bring

abundance into your life I will make all

your paths prosper and nothing will

confuse you or take away your sleep

because I will always be in the midst of

your thoughts reminding you of my

promises and my Commandments nothing in

and no one in this world can give you

such beautiful peace as I can provide

I’ve listened attentively to your

requests and Praises I’ve also heard

your complaints and apologies in your

prayers but let me tell you you move me

when you thank me in the midst of your

problems you’ve been through a lot and

you asked to fight against that process

that caused you so much pain and kept

you from sleeping you’ve put in the

effort to strengthen your faith and I’m

pleased when you lift your hands in the

midst of your battles to tell me father

I love you thank you for everything you

know what you’re doing even if I don’t

understand I know that all things work

together for good and I trust in you I’m

deeply moved as tears flow down your

face because I know you’re speaking the

truth you trust with all your heart that

I will provide for your needs I can feel

your gratitude and sincerity don’t give

up your success is just around the

corner you will see dry valleys in your

life flourish and resources you thought

were depleted will be reactivated and

returned to you more abundant than ever

you know how the enemy works so don’t

let his lies deceive you no matter how

you feel I will continue to bless you if

conflicts come your way don’t despair

call out to me and I will answer you

don’t worry anymore I have sent my

angels to protect you so you can live

confidently and securely I know you

understand this you’ve seen it before so

don’t forget these words and you will

have the strength to overcome your

enemies you will see them flee in fear

when they witness that I am working

through you you are in the right flock

Don’t Stray or jump confusedly from

place to place stay within this

indestructible protection I offer do not

reject my correction listen to my

messages and give me your full attention

don’t let Pride fill your heart I want

you to be humble and simple

just like me you have my support and I

will help you heal those wounds that

still bleed I will make them heal soon

and they will disappear forever erased

from your skin and your mind no offense

from the past will return to cause you

pain allow my Holy Spirit to flood your

heart every day calming your emotions

when those memories resurface let it

seal your lips when you want to vent

your pain so that your tongue does not

become tainted with vengeance immerse

yourself In this River of Living Waters

take time to enjoy your new life accept

it believe it and receive it with joy

always remember that day and night I

keep you and your family with love there

is no need to fear crisis have no power

the threats of this world deceive you

and show you a way without an exit but I

have come to Breathe Into You My Breath

of Life to strengthen your faith to open

your spiritual eyes wide and to show you

that the value I give you and the love I

have for you will not vanish due to your

mistakes or the multitude of your

problems I will lift you out of the pit

you have fallen into I am extending my

hand and I will raise you to a new land

of spiritual strength you are so

valuable to me I must tell you this

every morning when the Sun rises you

will remember me when my ray of light

Peaks through your window you will know

that my Mercy is new and my spirit calls

you to spend time in prayer you tell me

how you feel talk to me about your plans

confide your fears and I will reaffirm

my word and respond to your requests

most importantly with a minute of

sincere Faith you give me you can feel

in your heart how I embrace you with so

much love and provide you with the

security you need to face your days I

have burned the leaves on which your

tears were recorded in red letters I

have forgotten your sins erased for

forever from your heart all the causes

of your pain and with my own hands I

have plucked out the roots that persist

in reminding you of your despair you are

free yes you are tell me that you

believe it write these words on a piece

of paper I am free forever because of

this love you haven’t paid me for your

freedom nor have you achieved it through

your Perfection I know very well that

you cannot save yourself from Eternal

punishment your freedom and your debts

are paid your Victory is assured my

promises are secure because they have

been signed with immense great and

beautiful love I don’t want you to

understand don’t ask me to explain it

live it feel it dream it embrace it this

wonderful love flooding your heart the

love you didn’t want to believe in

because people had disappointed you and

look I the creator of the universe have

come to seek you to tell you how much I

love you I send you these words through

the most unexpected means you don’t have

to go to a distant place or climb a

mountain to hear my voice I want to

touch your heart here and now in this

minute you are already feeling that

there is immense love for you even if

you didn’t want to receive it I love you

so much that I will not allow you to

ever be far from me so accept this new

life without loneliness without fear

embraced by my affection sailing in the

ocean of Happiness while my love guides

your sails to the harbor where you will

receive the crown of Victory there you

will be blessed with eternal joy

prosperity and holy riches that no Thief

can steal if you want your life to

change you will have to set aside all

doubt the enemy attacks your mind with

doubts because he does not want you to

know me more to see for yourself how all

my promises come true I desire your

simple Faith humility in your heart not

trusting in your own Prudence bring me

your plans at the beginning of the day

and allow me to be your Shepherd guiding

you to the Green Pastures you long for

where your soul can finally see the

blessings I have spoken of so much in

this place my presence Reigns not your

emotions here anxiety has no place your

heart lives in peace and neither

difficult days nor bad news can disturb

you long for that that day when you get

to know me more when you receive my

forgiving and accepting love just as you

are I love you

unconditionally this sweet love will

transform you your character will be

different and you will no longer wake up

with fear of what might happen you are

not weak you are strong you are not a

coward you are brave

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