God Says➤ This Is Your Last Warning If You Skip | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

beloved child I come to you with a heart

overflowing with love ready to bless you

more than you can imagine I possess the

power to perform magnificent miracles to

erase your past mistakes and to make

your future truly wonderful I want to

reveal to your heart the significance of

My Sacrifice I gave my life on a cross

and bore all your punishments in my body

I suffered for you and in faith I have

come to take away your guilt so that you

no longer feel defeated you have an

inheritance awaiting you in this life

blessings and peace in abundance I have

planted you in a place of boundless love

where you can feel loved and protected

day and night in times of warmth and

cold I am uprooting the loneliness that

has taken root in your heart that Hollow

feeling in your stomach that ominous

sense that something bad will happen if

you were bet betrayed left weeping with

a torn soul my glory surrounds you it

has come to speak words of love and

sweetness to your heart to heal your

wounds to brush you off to extend a hand

and to raise you toward a powerful

future do not weep for those who do not

appreciate you do not reserve a special

place in your soul for those who have

caused you pain if they choose to leave

let them go if they wish to return

contemplate it carefully and exercise

caution do not trust just anyone who

opens their arms to you I am not asking

you to live in isolation I also care

about your heart and your romantic life

let me orchestrate things in my way do

not rush my decisions do not demand

immediate answers from me do not weep

for those who have betrayed you learn to

Value yourself recognize who you are you

carry my Holy Spirit within you like a

gentle Dove that Soares with tenderness

and rests on your shoulder it will be

there to guide your heart do not grieve

it do not drive it away just as the dove

cares for its young and shields them

from rain and cold your soul will be

safeguarded and your spirit will be

comforted in this emotional message hear

the assurance that you are deeply loved

valued and protected by a higher power

understand that you are not alone and

that even in challenging times there is

a source of strength and love that will

never waver embrace your faith for it is

a powerful force that can guide you

through life’s journey and bring

blessings beyond your

imagination stand strong trust in the

path set before you and continue to

believe in the promises of a brighter

future when you finally come home to me

in the heavens you will begin to

understand the journey you’ve traveled

but for now my desire is for you to

experience a taste of heaven right here

on Earth I want you to know that my love

for you is boundless brighter than a

thousand suns surrounding you in a

radiant white light I long to bless you

love you and protect you trust in me and

let me take care of you your life rests

securely in my hands allow me to arrange

the pieces of your life to bring people

into your path it was never my intention

for you to walk alone burdened by needs

overwhelmed by fear I want you to know

that your past does not define your

future it might feel like your world is

crumbling but you’ve put your trust in

me and I am here for you you’ve sought

refuge in my loving Embrace and in my

presence You’ll Always Find security

fill your heart with peace and joy for

you dwell beneath the shelter of your

almighty God believe in the power of my

blood to cleanse and forgive you hold on

to this truth with all your heart open

your eyes wide for I am a about to

perform a mighty and inspiring miracle

in your life you profess your love for

me and believe in my power now believe

that I have truly forgiven you don’t

blame yourself or continue punishing

yourself for your past sins I’ve cast

them into the abyss never to return I

hate seeing you torment yourself over

things that belong to the past my blood

has purified you your heart is renewed

and your mind is refreshed now fill

yourself with my holy word word and let

your words be filled with life and

encouragement meditate on my promises

and Commandments daily and don’t wander

back into the shadows of Despair you’re

not lost anymore your fate is not left

to chance you are in my hands under the

shelter of my wings even when the world

attacks you I will protect you from its

assaults your mind is strong and it will

grow even stronger as you fill it with

the words I’m speaking to you yourself

from those who wound you with hurtful

words and attitudes making your heart

heavy I don’t want you to return to

friendships and places that lead you

astray I don’t want your spirit to grow

cold I have a future of Life peace and

blessings for you free from sorrow and

depression if you make me the king of

your heart place me first in your life

and remain steadfast in the word I give

you you will experience Freedom

prosperity and blessings listen closely

to my wishes for you keep these words in

your heart I wrap my arms around you and

watch over you always I am by your side

when the burden becomes too much to bear

remember these words well when sadness

comes think of me and don’t dwell on

loneliness I am with you that is the

truth speak my name embrace me in your

heart and don’t weep anymore don’t

waiter the memories of sorrow with your

tears don’t let the dark moments take

root of in your soul don’t entertain

thoughts or lies that seek to steal your

peace and Destroy You Remember My

Sacrifice on the painful cross I paid

for your sins with my powerful blood

recall my glorious Resurrection for I

have come to resurrect your dreams

transform your life Grant you eternal

life and strengthen your heart you’ve

endured many hardships but you haven’t

given up and here you stand Rising once

more you are my child you carry my power

within you today you shall continue on

the path to your blessing and nothing

and no one shall hinder you as you

progress I will pour wisdom into you

open paths and remove obstacles many

good things you thought were lost will

return to you the key to Freedom

Prosperity peace and the blessings you

seek is to truly believe in what I’m

telling you don’t be discouraged Ed or

fear problems or enemies trying to

defeat you now you know my thoughts

you’ve heard my desire to bless and help

you now it’s up to you to obey me to do

as I say trust me seek me rise up and

walk for your Victory is certain you are

my child I will bless you and I can and

will fulfill my promises trust me and

take my hand during this time of

tribulation let threats and problems not

steal your peace and confidence I have

always been with you I have never

abandoned you and I will not abandon You

In This Storm my plans are better than

yours my thoughts are Eternal and will

lead you to a destination of peace and

prosperity even when things seem

difficult if you look at them with Faith

and Hope you will see that they are not

insurmountable seek me in the morning

throughout the day and before you sleep

at night bow your knees before me for I

Delight in hearing your prayers though

you may not see it now the heavens

tremble when your lips open in Praise

when you act with faith and ask me to

watch over your family protect them from

diseases and pandemics and shield them

from harm listen to my response

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