God Says➤ This is Your Final Test Of Faith | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child I am blessing you with

wisdom increasing your understanding

changing your character and granting you

great patience I am transforming every

aspect of your life my spirit envelops

you from head to toe you will no longer

walk towards error nor will you desire

to sin you will not be vulnerable to The

Temptations that once ens snared you I

am giving you the strength to break free

from the habits that bound your thoughts

from now on you will focus on goodness

Beauty Purity and Justice you will no

longer yield to the temptation of seeing

hearing speaking reading or sharing

slander and lies that pollute your mind

and weaken your heart you will be amazed

at how much you’ve changed and how

blessed you are now people around you

will respect you forget your past

mistakes and forgive you for the wrongs

you’ve committed I am pouring abundant

grace into your soul and from today

onward new doors will open bringing

provision and prosperity to your family

I am Paving A New Path for you free from

the fears and tensions that your past

mistakes caused you will lead a peaceful

life immersed in Tranquility without

fear or nightmares my blood has set you

free no one can harm you with lies

sorcery or the messages of Darkness you

are pure in spirit Soul lips mind and

heart this is the reward I bestow upon

those who do not hesitate to share my

word who repent of their wrongs accept

my forgiveness choose to listen to me

and come to my presence on their knees

each day to receive my

blessing I love you you will live on and

you will continue to fight you and your

family are in my hands and I have the

final say your mission is to carry on

despite everything you’ve been through

hold your head high preserving your

dignity Do Not Bow before those enemies

who seek to humiliate you acknowledge me

as the only Sovereign God your king Lord

and Heavenly Father a sea of challenges

lies before you threatening to engulf

you but you will believe in my power and

walk steadfastly on those unstable waves

of conflict you will not sink or drown

my hand will always be ready to rescue

you even when doubt assails you hold on

to my hand with strength you can count

on me I am here by your side always have

the confidence to approach me knowing

that I will not reject you I will

deliver you from your troubles and help

you advance toward Victory even if you

have to walk against the turbulent winds

I love you and I’m filling you with

courage and

determination you will fear nothing you

have my grace and favor your Triumph is

part of my plans March like a Victorious

Warrior you are not weak you are strong

you are not alone I Am with You raising

you up as an example before your family

and friends so that they may see that it

is possible to overcome problems needs

illnesses and above all to have the

Assurance of defeating cruel

adversaries prepare yourself for a time

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