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my beloved child let your heart find

solace in this I am the Alpha and Omega

the beginning and the end and the keeper

of time itself the hours days and years

are but threads in the grand tapestry

that I weave and each thread has its

place by my design the clock ticks the

seasons change and you my precious

creation grow and learn within the

bounds I have lovingly set but remember

though you are bound by time I am not I

dwell in the Eternal where time holds no

sway over my actions or my love for you

understand then that your moments are

cradled in the hollow of My Hands Held

with a care that knows no falter when

your heart aches with the pain of

waiting when the hours seem to stretch

on like endless miles before you I am

there in the silence in the longing in

the quiet pulse of time you are not

alone for in my Divine patience I am

waiting with you turning every second

into a step toward the Fulfillment of my

plan for you my child you see The Tick

Tock of the clock and feel the weight of

time as it slips through your fingers

like grains of sand too fine to hold I

see it too but where you see uncertainty

I see opportunity for growth where you

see delay I see the perfect moment just

on the horizon poised to Break Forth

forth in a dawn of my making so trust in

me and let the worries of when and what

Fall Away place them at my feet and I

shall pick them up and mold them into a

future you can scarcely imagine consider

the farmer who plants his seed with care

he tends the young Sprouts watering and

watching yet he cannot Rush the crop to

harvest it must unfold in its own time

Under the Sun and rain that I provide

the farmer trusts in the seasons I have

ordained and in due time his barns

overflow so it is with the seeds of your

life planted and nurtured by my hand

they will bear fruit in the season I

have chosen ripe and ready for the

Harvest of your soul and you my love

when the Shadows grow long and you yearn

for the light of resolution know that

the Twilight is not a sign of my absence

but the herald of a

transformation just as the DUS gives way

to Dawn so too will your times of w

yield to moments of Revelation and joy

it is in the waiting that your faith is

stretched and grown that your spirit is

refined like silver and your heart

becomes a mirror of my own the bride

awaiting her wedding day the patient

awaiting relief the student awaiting

graduation each in their turn they wait

but not in vain for I am weaving the

tapestry of their lives with threads of

gold and silver crafting a story that

will tell of my goodness and their

growth wait with a heart of expectancy

knowing that in the fullness of time all

will be revealed and all will be made

whole pour out your heart to me for I am

your refuge and strength and ever

present help in times of need bring me

your anticipation your dreams your fears

there is nothing too small or too grand

for my care and in the waiting find your

peace in me do not be troubled by the

ticking clock for In My Kingdom a day is

like a thousand years and a thousand

years are like a day my perspective is

vast and in it I hold the perfect timing

for every aspect of your life remember

my child the words I spoke through my


Jeremiah I have loved you with an

everlasting love therefore I have

continued my faithfulness to you my love

is not bound by the constraints of time

it is Eternal unwavering and unending

Rest In My Watch care as a child rests

in the arms of a loving parent I have

carved you in the palms of my hands your

walls are ever before me the whats and

The Whens are known to me and they are

safe in my keeping walk with me through

the unfolding of time step by step

Heartbeat by heartbeat knowing that each

moment brings you closer to the heart of

my will the depth of my love and the joy

of my presence

for you are mine and your times are in

my hands now and forever more

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