God Says➤ This Is My Final Appeal, Don’t Ignore Me | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

you are my beloved child and I have

bestowed upon you the power to conquer

any foe that arises these enemies will

scatter in the presence of the light I

have placed within you a light that

dispels darkness and guides you toward

great victories and blessings an army of

angels watches over your every step

ensuring you do not stumble even amidst

storms and darkness rise now and claim

the anointing upon your shoulders

nothing and no one can stand against you

for I am your mighty God your protector

your source of strength Always by your

side supporting you in Victory know this

my dear one as you make your dreams come

true you are fulfilling my Divine will I

have magnificent and wondrous plans for

you life has tested you with its trials

and the enemy has tried to break you in

every way possible they sent people to

discourage you people who ridiculed you

laughed at your faith and questioned

your resolve but do not fear here no

person or situation holds power over you

for I am your Shield your healer your

strength I will lay my mighty hand upon

your life mending every wound and

soothing every sad memory in your heart

you remained steadfast through every

trial the enemy attempted to seow

Discord in your family your work your

home but you held on Resolute in your

determination not to give up I

understand that these trials are are

complex and challenging often leaving

wounds within you affecting your

emotions weakening your thoughts and

draining your resolve to move

forward that is why I am here today to

mend all that has been broken in your

life you must continue to walk to stand

tall and to hold your head high the

enemy tried time and time again to halt

your progress but if you are still

standing today it is because my grace

strengthens you my dear child You are

not alone I am here to restore what was

lost to rebuild what was shattered and

to renew what was taken from you have

faith stay strong and walk boldly in the

knowledge that I am your God The Winds

of the world may try to erase the

moments when I came to your aid but I

command those winds and storms to be

still I love you deeply I have never

failed you and I will never delay I am

here ready to extend my hand and rescue

you in the depths of your journey

through every trial and tribulation I

want you to know that this is not the

end for you you won’t lose this battle I

promise even when it feels like the

whole world has turned its back on you

remember I’m here with my mighty hand

and a legion of Angels by my side and I

say unto you rise I’ve heard your

prayers every single one of them your

life is about to change in ways you

can’t even imagine I know it can be

tough and I see that many doubt me

despite witnessing Miracles every day

some still question my existence my love

and my power but you my dear you are not

one of them my word alone has the power

to heal you the supernatural power that

flows from my lips can breathe life into

you and lift you up you might think

you’re Unworthy of my presence in your

home but right now I want to enter not

just your dwelling but your heart as

well there I will inscribe the word that

bring healing there I will break the

chains that bind you with a Simple Touch

of my hand I will take away your pain

your fears your anxieties and your

afflictions will flee even the heavens

themselves obey the sound of my voice

I’m speaking to you in simple words

because I want to see you happy at peace

and secure in the knowledge that a

bright future awaits you when you spend

time with me you give me the chance to

hold you close close to make you feel my

tangible presence and to reassure you

that I am here loving you deeply

protecting you from all harm pay heed to

the signs I send you and do not tread

upon paths I have not directed you to

take I perceive much that is hidden

dangers you cannot fathom intentions

concealed within the hearts of others

not all who claim friendship do so

genuinely do not be disheartened by

false companions who are quick to anger

over trivial matters and then vanish

from your life doubt not that your

prayers are heard the circumstances that

appear to stall or misalign in your life

are answers to your prayers for

protection to be shielded from harm from

adversity and from deceptive Souls know

that I am listening and rescuing you

from these situations take a deep breath

for I am ushering peace and Solace into

your heart I will make things clear to

you have faith that I am aiding and

preparing you for marvelous things

understand that all things take time

often I must change the landscape remove

obstacles and dismantle snares from your

path when the moment arrives for you to

step forward it will be without Peril do

you comprehend I have never let go of

your hand I have never distanced myself

from you I have kept my promise now you

must do your part trust in me have faith

be courageous and raise your head high

leave behind the burdens of Sorrow I’m

here to help to console and to heal your

wounds recognize that even in your most

arduous trials you are never alone

dismiss the thought that my love is

withheld from you that is never the case

your struggles may be significant but my

love for you endures and I will always

hold your hand know that my love is

eternal and unshakable I want to guide

you to watch over you but I ask for one

thing in return your unwavering belief

in me I am your life your future your

strength and your Shield walk in faith

my dear and believe that you will

receive the Miracles that are yet unseen

your faith may feel small but it is all

I require and it is all you need to

continue receiving the beautiful

blessings I have in store for you you

have swn seeds of faith in your heart

for a long time through the most

challenging trials and difficult moments

you never wavered in your belief in my

power your steadfast faith has brought

you through

triumphantly today I want to tell you

that your seeds of Faith have not gone

unnoticed I have witnessed your

struggles your unwavering trust in me

and your resilience in the face of

adversity I am pouring out my grace and

mercy upon you and with my mighty hand I

will make those seeds of Faith flourish

abundantly in your life and in the lives

of those around you the time to reap the

rewards of your faith and endurance is

Drawing Near I know the depth of your

heart and your true intentions you are

not seeking fame fortune or worldly

recognition your heart’s desire is

simple to provide for your family to

break free from the bonds of debt and to

extend your love and support to those

you hold dear I want to bless you and it

is my will to do so amen tell me once

more my my beloved that you love me with

all your soul tell me that you believe

in me and today you will witness how I

touch your life and the lives of your

family with my love and power I love you

my child and I long to enter your home

and work a mighty miracle I stand at the

door of your heart gently knocking will

you open it and allow me to do something

new wonderful and Powerful in your life

I have seen your circumstances and I

will never allow scarcity to reach your

home or harm your family I will shower

your home with an abundance of blessings

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