God Says➤ The Devil Will Laugh If You Ignore | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my child know that you are beloved and I

shall not suffer anyone to rent you from

the place where you now reside enveloped

in love and unparalleled affection

though you have endured much Solitude

and a dir of tenderness in your life I

now embrace you comforting you with

strength and divine encouragement for I

love you dearly my child I witnessed

your fear your distress and I heard the

cries of your heart beseeching me

urgently for Aid I fully grasp the

situation you’re in and I recognize its

significance this challenge is too great

for you to handle alone and you might

feel as though you’ve been left to fend

for yourself mistakenly thinking I’m

angry with you or unwilling to help but

hear me clearly you’ll always need my

help no matter how well things seem to

be going or how much you have stay

vigilant because the enemy is waiting to

take advantage of any lapse in attention

aiming to break your spirit disrupt your

plans and hurt you deeply I’m here to

support you with the current challenge

you face it breaks my heart to see you

filled with sadness and distress it’s

not what I want for you I don’t want you

to suffer through this pain instead of

fixating on what troubles you hand them

over to me if you’re haunted by thoughts

of defeat push them aside for nothing is

beyond Reach For Those Who trust in me

if you start to feel hopeless reject

those feelings immediately to avoid

making a serious mistake don’t let

discouragement find a home in you

because you are under the care of a god

whose power Knows No Limits and whose

blessings are

infinite should the desire for Life slip

through your fingers invoke your faith

you believe in an omnipotent and

Sovereign God who shall ignite within

your heart the flame of divine love

instilling within you a wondrous desire

to persevere cling tenaciously to the

promises I offer you disregard the scorn

of your adversaries who daily assail you

with reminders of your supposed

unworthiness of life you should no

longer heed their voices I desire for

you to live and soon very soon you shall

once again taste feel and receive my

blessings your circumstances shall

improve and the concerns that weigh

heavily upon you shall soon be resolved

therefore I beseech you my dear child if

you’ve listened up to this point no it’s

not by mere chance think about this do

you feel you can keep moving forward no

matter what holding on to your love for

me your life is on the cusp of change

your current struggles are about to see

daylight I’m stepping in in ways you

can’t imagine before you know it a

solution will present itself right

before your eyes don’t fall into the

Trap of those who cling to negativity or

the words of those lost in their own

spiritual Darkness if you’re hearing or

reading this message it’s because I’ve

blessed you with the wisdom to

understand you’ve you’ve grown you’re

prepared the door is about to swing open

understand I’m not an imaginary figure

or a figment of wishful thinking you

know me truly know who I am it’s time to

leave behind any skepticism of my

promises whenever you face trials I’ve

been there to pull you through with my

Divine Touch I’ve wrapped you in my love

breathed life into your days and even

when your past was filled with turmoil

once I stepped in your present turned

towards the better allow this fire in

your heart the dream that I have planted

within you to grow it will become a tree

that provides shade abundance and

provision for you and those you cherish

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