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my beloved child I have heard your cries

felt your patience wear thin and sensed

your despair as you sought the door

perhaps you’ve been looking in the wrong

places for the door has always been

before you I am your path your hope your

truth and your future in the midst of

your challenges if you choose to believe

and come to me you will emerge from the

turmoil in my perfect time and in the

manner I see fit be assured that I will

lead you to the way out if your patience

has waned and you are weary of waiting I

will grant you more patience and greater

strength I will bestow my peace upon you

do not surrender now for you stand on

the brink of achieving your long-held

dreams it is crucial that you believe

wholeheartedly trusting in me for all

your support consult me before making

decisions for risking what you have

gained could lead to dire consequences

remember you are not not in competition

and there is no need to prove yourself

to others your faith in me has already


demonstrated now simply walk with

unwavering steps slowly yet wisely you

will reach the place of blessings and

prosperity that you have yearned for as

you step into that Promised Land hold

these words close a season of profound

blessings awaits you and your family

your faith has endured you stand firm

ready for victory

cast aside the self-imposed limitations

embrace the truth that you are my

beloved child the trials you faced in

the past have molded you familiarizing

you with the anguish of living in fear

and battling unfounded worries

throughout the day your soul bore the

weight of baseless fears and your spirit

endured the torment of misguided

thoughts though the journey was painful

it taught you valuable lessons today you

possess the wisdom to make sound choices

and to select true friends you are

walking the right path within my will

poised for success pois to enter a new

era of extraordinary Miracles the

blessings that await you will Infuse

your life with strength and joy accept

them without reservation I will pour

forth blessings upon you to the extent

that tears of joy will flow do not yield

to despair I am listening protecting and

supporting you I am the Healer who

delivers you

The Rescuer who prospers you seek me

with your whole heart do not forget the

Miracles I have ordained for you seek

the moments of attentiveness when my

spirit touches your heart signifying the

time for transformation in your life Bid

Farewell to anger and negative

influences today immerse yourself

completely in the river of my love when

I speak tenderly do not disregard me

when I beckon gently do not turn away

when I correct firmly that is the time

to cling to my enduring love I will save

you from the enemy deliver your

repentant heart from all harm and Grant

the petitions you bring to me in faith

each day each morning I await you

appreciating the sincerity and

confidence in your words believe that I

will answer that I am attentive and that

I will never forsake you today is a day

of special significance A Day of Victory

you will forever cherish these promises

sealed with my very blood you shall know

happiness and I will bestow upon you

eternal life in my presence tears and

pain shall be no more this is your sign

open your eyes the problems that weigh

you down shall fade and the help you

seek is on its way know this my child I

love you deeply today my love is made

manifest tell me you love me tell me you

believe in me I understand your concerns

I know that often it seems as though

things are not going as you hoped and

frustration clouds your path exercise

patience I will guide you in all that

concerns you I will reveal my great

power in your life transforming Discord

into purposeful and meaningful outcomes

you are of immense importance and value

to me I will never allow you to be ens

snared by circumstances that threaten

your life pay heed to the signs I send

you and do not tread upon paths I have

not directed you to take I perceive much

that is hidden dangers you cannot fathom

intentions concealed within the hearts

of others not all who claim friendship

do so genuinely do not be disheartened

by false companions who are quick to

anger over trivial matters and then

vanish from your life doubt not that

your prayers are heard the circumstances

that appear to stall or misalign in your

life are answers to your prayers for

protection to be shielded from harm from

adversity and from deceptive Souls know

that I am listening and rescuing you

from these situations take a deep breath

for I am ushering peace and Solace into

your heart I will make things clear to

you have faith that I am aiding and

preparing you for marvelous things

understand that all things take time

often I must change the landscape remove

obstacles and dismantle snares from your

path when the moment arrives for you to

step forward it will be without Peril do

you comprehend I have never let go of

your hand I have never distanced myself

from you I have kept my promise now you

must do your part trust in me have faith

be courageous and raise your head high

leave behind the burdens of Sorrow I’m

here to help to console and to heal your

wounds recognize that even in your most

arduous trials you are never alone

dismiss the thought that my love is

withheld from you that is never the case

your struggles may be significant but my

love for you endures and I will always

hold your hand know that my love is

eternal and unshakable I want to guide

you to watch over you but I ask for one

thing in return your unwavering belief

in me I am your life your future your

strength and your Shield walk in faith

my dear and believe that you will

receive the Miracles that are yet unseen

your faith may feel small but it is all

I require and it is all you need to

continue receiving the beautiful

blessings I have in store for you you

have swn seeds of faith in your heart

for a long time through the most

challenging trials and difficult moments

you never wavered in your belief in my

power your steadfast faith has brought

you through triumphantly today I want to

tell you that your seeds of Faith have

not gone unnoticed I have witnessed your

struggles your unwavering trust in me

and your resilience in the face of

adversity I am pouring out my grace and

mercy upon you and with my mighty hand I

will make those seeds of Faith flourish

abundantly in your life and in the lives

of those around you the time to reap the

rewards of your faith and endurance is

Drawing Near I know the depth of your

heart and your true intentions you are

not seeking fame fortune or worldly

recognition your heart’s desire is

simple to provide for your family to

break bre free from the bonds of debt

and to extend your love and support to

those you hold dear I want to bless you

and it is my will to do so amen tell me

once more my beloved that you love me

with all your soul tell me that you

believe in me and today you will witness

how I touch your life and the lives of

your family with my love and power I

love you my child and I long to enter

your home and work a mighty miracle I

stand at the door of your heart gently

knocking will you open it and allow me

to do something new wonderful and

Powerful in your life I have seen your

circumstances and I will never allow

scarcity to reach your home or harm your

family I will shower your home with an

abundance of blessings for years to come

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