God Says➤ It’s An Emergency Time For You | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child you have to believe me

when I say I have everything under

control things will go well as long as

I’m with you nothing or no one can hurt

you even many of the things that are

bothering you now will be fixed faster

than you think what you need will show

up at the right time I’m opening the

door that you have prayed for so long

I’m making your faith stronger I’m here

to help you get to a new place in your

life where everything will be different

do not care what other people think of

you keep your head up and live your life

with honor and Faith it shouldn’t matter

what other people think of you only what

I think of you should matter I Think

You’re great and I know you have a good

heart hold on to what I say and when

people hurt you run to my love

everything you’ve been through I’ve been

through with you I know about all of

your Falls losses wins and problems now

though it’s time to win and take your

life to a whole new level put the old

fights behind you and welcome a new era

of success and growth right now is the

time to change your life and begin a new

story let me show you a new way that

will bring you happiness and knowledge

my love and peace are with you so that

your mind and soul are at ease are you

okay with it I will let the heavens open

up and bless your hands my word will be

written in your heart so that you stay

on track and never stray from this love

that loves you and forgives your

mistakes you are human so you might me

mess up but I am a merciful god I accept

that you have changed your mind and I

will save you even if you are in the

depths my blessings are worth much more

than any money I could get everything

this world has to offer is less valuable

than what I have for you and when I say

I will open the heavens for you you

should believe me and say I believe you

do not joke around with this take my

word for it it’s not a secret that I

love you my feelings for you are clear

feel the air you breathe and the sun’s

warmth on your skin look up at the sky

these gifts are my way of letting you

know I love you and am here for you be

careful I have saved you from Pain and

even death many times before this year

you were full of Hope and darkness now

you’re full of light and hope for many

good things as you go through hard times

and problems don’t stop here do not give

up I believe that your dreams will come

true because I care about them I have

given you a task to complete through you

I want to make my love and power real I

give you my Holy Spirit every day and

you are becoming more spiritually aware

soon you’ll be able to see past what’s

on the surface know what people are

really trying to say and gain a lot of

wisdom you’ll learn even more and you’ll

be able to help many people without even

trying talk about my word through what

you do many people will see the results

of your faith and the amazing things

that someone who knows me and believes

in my power can do if you open your

hands you will receive great blessings

do your best and have faith in them the

sky is opening up for you right now but

I beg you never leave me and never give

up your faith I want to talk to your

heart in a very close and personal way

please know that you are loved very much

and that my love for you has no limits I

want your love and faith you see please

tell me that you love me very much say

those words not because you have to but

because you love them with all your

heart there is no way I will ever leave

your side trust me with all your heart I

am your constant friend and the light

that guides you through the darkest

nights I’m always with you so you’ll

never be alone give your fears and

worries over to me when they take over

your heart put your worries Down On My

Feet and I’ll carry them for you let go

of the things that are weighing you down

I am here to help you stand up and wrap

my love around you your future is in my

hands alone I am your all powerful and

independent God I love you with all my

heart patience and love I will make sure

that my plans for your life come true

what will you believe and will you stop

being sad when you hear rumors and

chatter those words will fall away with

the wind and by Mourning you won’t

remember how sad they made you feel you

will no longer feel hopeless because you

will feel my love allow me to enter your

heart and close your ears to what those

who want to control your fate have to

say there are many ways I can tell you I

love you being brave and safe will keep

your emotions from being affected by

what other people think don’t believe

those poisonous tongues until you

remember that I know who you are there

is good in you which I know to love

forgive and help you is what I’m here to

do for you show people my love through

what you do touch many people’s lives

big and small I now boost your faith to

a level you’ve never felt before if I

have to come back every day to tell you

to look at me then so be it there will

be many ways for you to know my will and

my word don’t be afraid because I’m here

to help you don’t give up because I love

you trust me keep going because I’m with

you trust me I am your safe place and my

love gives you strength and hope don’t

give up stay strong right now I give you

the knowledge and strength to get

through this tough time I will hide you

under my wings so that the enemy can’t

get to you when you’re tired I will lift

you up and comfort you with my love I’m

giving you energy and hope which will

make you want to fly and reach your

goals again I want you to to be healthy

it is very important that you come to

see me every day we will erase the bad

parts of your life and write a new one

together I really want you to see

yourself as you really are someone I

love a triumphant Soul who wakes up

every day with a strong purpose please

remember that I chose you even though

you make mistakes and forget that I am

always with you I am here to help you I

chose you to be successful respected and

blessed both for yourself and for other


grow your faith stand tall and smile at

me again think back to times when you

thought you wouldn’t be able to make it

through now look at you wiser stronger

and more knowledgeable you are the one I

chose and I love you very much I am

still here for you even if you fail your

life your blessing and the answer to

your heart’s desire are all in me tell

me you believe in me say it think about

it and write it with all your heart

trust that I can handle today and have

faith the doors will open the storms

will pass and victory and good things

will come don’t doubt me now instead

resist I give you the strength and

wisdom you need to get through this hard

time they won’t be able to hurt you

because I’ll hide you under my wings

when you’re tired I will lift you up and

comfort you with my love I’m giving you

energy and hope which will make you want

to fly and reach for your goals again I

want you to to be truly happy and

healthy you need to be in my presence

every day more than anything else we

will erase the bad parts of your life

and write a new Happy story

together my deepest wish is for you to

see yourself as you really are loved by

me a triumphant soul with a strong

purpose every morning do not let your

age stop you from being happy know that

you are a huge blessing to many people

and that you have the power to help

others in big ways you have a lot of

seeds in your hands that you can plant

in the field in front of you get up and

pay attention your family needs you a

lot of Hearts big and small admire you

even though the enemy has been after you

since the beginning trying to cut off

your wings and keep you trapped in the

jungle of anger it almost made you

believe that you were not worth anything

by inflicting small wounds that drained

your heart one drop at a time you heard

what I said said admitted you were wrong

and asked for forgiveness for your sins

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