God Says➤ Ignore If You Are Evil People | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child I will save you from

the enemy deliver your repentant heart

from all harm and Grant the petitions

you bring to me in faith each day each

morning I await you appreciating the

sincerity and confidence in your words

believe that I will answer that I am

attentive and that I will never forsake

you when weariness engulfs you remember

that I am with you you can rest your

head upon my shoulder and you can

confide in me I am your friend your

Confidant and I pass no judgment your

secrets do not provoke my anger keep my

words in your heart let them dwell in

your mind my promises will guide your

thoughts away from the past and anchor

your emotions in the present the future

holds boundless opportunities and only

those who face it with courage and

determination persisting in faith in

adhering to my perfect timing will claim

victory the door of reconciliation is

open for you affirm your path with

forgiveness those who wronged you and

mocked you will return showing respect

they will know that I am with you

steadfast and unwavering you will emerge

as a leader impacting an entire

community and bringing help to many

believe it and prepare for it it shall

come to pass do not fear for you shall

lack nothing abundance will flow to you

manage it with wisdom multiply it with

humility and when you kneel in prayer

offer gratitude for the blessings

awaiting you even though some are yet to

arrive thank me now with joy and Faith

your prayers are potent and resonate

before my heavenly Throne the words that

flow from your lips are like swords

cleaving through discouragement doubt

sadness and despair raise your voice in

Thanksgiving continue to give praise

raise your arms in

adoration in this spiritual battle all

negative emotion will depart from your

home today and will never return a

profound sense of Tranquility will fill

your Abode open your doors and windows

fear nothing for no harm shall enter my

angels encamp around your family ever

Vigilant to defend against spiritual

assaults Embrace this truth you are not

a product of chance I chose you and

scripted the story of your life before

the creation of the Universe I gazed

upon you with boundless love for your

birth and endowed you with an

indomitable Spirit and the resilience of

a Victor you are well aware that your

past tribulations have strengthened you

beyond measure live accordingly as these

words resonate within you let the

conviction grow that there is a profound

purpose in your life and the time has

come for my will to be fulfilled abandon

complaints and confusion to those who

spurned my counsel I approached them

directly and spoke to them

they profess love for me but do not

believe in my words I implore you do not

emulate their conduct and do not seek

their approval lean not on them for

support but rather seek the Father the

Son and the Holy Spirit in my presence

you possess everything needed for

success to witness my promises manifest

in your life and in your families place

your trust in this potent word do not

rely on human beings for motivation and

happiness your help and strength emanate

from the almighty not from those who are

fallible and May Fail you today is a day

like no other a day you will forever

hold close to your heart listen closely

for I am speaking directly to you

seeking to create an intimate connection

that fills your soul with warmth and

understanding as you set forth on this

journey toward your dreams know that you

walk in a realm beyond the

ordinary believe with unwavering faith

for the time has come and this day is

yours to seize disce I want you to grasp

the depth of my love for you I am here

to Shield you from life’s storms to

place Victory firmly within your grasp

be assured that I will lead you to the

way out if your patience has waned and

you are weary of waiting I will grant

you more patience and greater strength I

will bestow my peace upon you do not

surrender now for you stand on on the

brink of achieving your long-held dreams

it is crucial that you believe

wholeheartedly trusting in me for all

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