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my beloved child as you go through life

you will have many chances to forgive

you will be able to let go of your pride

let go of the wrongs done to you and

walk in the freedom of forgiveness it

could be something small or something

very serious if you’ve done something

wrong please forgive me to forgive

someone is not a one-time thing but a

process that goes on all the time it’s a

way of life that requires you to be

intentional and keep your mind fresh

instead of holding a grudge or being

angry you have to choose every day to

put on the Garment of forgiveness when

the weight of not forgiving someone is

about to crush you pray to me at the

foot of the cross give up your hurt your

anger and your goal of getting even let

me heal your heart’s wounds and give you

the strength and Grace to forgive others

the way I have forgiven you remember my

child that forgiving someone is not just

an option or a good thought it is what

your lord and savior wants you to do it

is what the gospel is all about and what

My Sacrifice on the cross looks like

because you forgive you are following in

the steps of your savior and showing the

love and mercy that I have freely given

you my dear child go out and forgive

others as the Lord forgives you

forgiveness has the power to change your

life heal your wounds and free you from

the chains of anger and bitterness if

you do that you will know my full peace

and joy and you will be a living example

of how the gospel can change people’s

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too today I want to remind you of how

beautiful it is to give up and how my

grace can change your life it says in

the Book of Proverbs

trust in the Lord with all your heart

and do not rely on your own

understanding submit to him in all your

ways and he will make your paths

straight take off the pressure of trying

to manage every part of your life and

trust me let my loving care take care of

your plans worries and wants giving up

will give you the freedom to experience

my peace that is beyond your

understanding if you’re not sure what to

do or are confused ask me for help in

advice James said in his letter if any

of you lacks wisdom you should ask God

who gives generously to all without

finding fault and it will be given to

you if you come to me with a humble

heart I will give you the clarity and

insight you need except that you will

grow and change along the way in his

letter to the Romans Paul said do not

follow the pattern of this world instead

be changed by the renewing of your mind

let my spirit work in you to renew new

your mind shape your character and lead

you to live a life that shows my love

and truth I have shown you the power of

kindness and forgiveness through the

life of Jesus Christ told the people in

Luke’s gospel love your enemies do good

to those who hate you bless those who

curse you and pray for those who hurt

you I encourage you to love others even

when it’s hard and please show my grace

and mercy to those around you pray and

meditate to get to know me better and

build a close relationship with me but

when you pray go into your room shut the

door and talk to your father who is not

here this is what Jesus said in the

gospel of Matthew our private talks will

help you feel better and being with me

will give you strength and peace

remember that God Made You fearfully and

wonderfully with gifts and skills that

are all your own peter wrote each of you

should use whatever gift you have

received to serve others as faithful

stewards of God’s grace in its various

forms accept who you are as a person and

use your skills to honor my name and

help those around you so my dear child

let me guide you with love ask for my

advice and start the journey that will

change your life do not doubt my plan or

my grace let your life be a unique

example of my love and goodness it can

be easy to feel discouraged or

overwhelmed but the Bible encourages us

to have faith and to trust in God’s

plans for our lives Romans says and

we know that all things work together

for good to them that love God to them

who are the called according to his

purpose take heart from the example of

Joseph in the Old Testament he endured

betrayal false accusations and

imprisonment but he never lost faith in

God’s plan for his life in the end God

used Joseph’s trials to prepare him for

a position of great influence and to

save his family from famine likewise the

Apostle Paul faced numerous trials and

tribulations including beatings

imprisonment and shipwrecks but he never

lost faith in God’s love and grace in

Corinthians he writes and he said

unto me my grace is sufficient for thee

for my strength is made perfect in

weakness most gladly therefore will I

rather glory in my infirmities that the

power of Christ May rest upon me so my

child have faith in God’s love and Trust

in his plans for your life even in the

midst of Trials God is working all

things together for your good remember

the words of Psalm

yay though I walk through the

valley of the shadow of death I will

fear no evil for thou art with me thy

rod and thy staff they comfort me may

God bless and strengthen you on your

journey type thank you God

and like the video if you truly believe

in God today I want to remind you of the

incredible potential that resides within

you you are fearfully and wonderfully

made created in my image and destined

for greatness I have placed unique gifts

talents and dreams within your heart

waiting to be Unleashed do not

underestimate the impact you can have on

the world around you your words actions

and choices matter you have the power to

bring hope healing and transformation to

those you encounter embrace your role as

a lightbearer and let your life shine

brightly when You Face challenges and

obstacles remember that I am with you I

am your strength in times of weakness

and your refuge in times of trouble lean

on me for I will provide you with the

wisdom courage and resilience needed to

overcome any adversity that comes your

way do not be discouraged by the

setbacks or failures you may experience

they are not the end of your story but

opportunities for growth and learning

Embrace a mindset of perseverance and

resilience Rise Up from your failures

with greater determination and Trust in

my ability to turn your trials into

triumphs take time to nourish your soul

through prayer worship and studying my

word in my presence you will find the

guidance comfort and peace that your

heart craves allow my truth to to shape

your thoughts and actions let my love

saturate every aspect of your life and

overflow onto those around you surround

yourself with a community of believers

who will support and encourage you

together you can spur one another on

toward love and Good Deeds lift each

other up share your victories and

struggles and pray for one another in

unity you will find strength and renewed

purpose do not compare yourself to

others or strive to meet Society

standards of success your worth is not

found in accomplishments possessions or


validation your true worth comes from

being my child and walking in the

fullness of your identity in me embrace

your uniqueness and celebrate the

journey I have set before you when doubt

and fear try to hold you back remember

that I have not given you a spirit of

fear but of power love and a sound mind

trust in my promises and step out in

faith the plans I have for you are

greater than you can imagine trust in my

leading for I will never steer you wrong

above all remember that I love you with

an everlasting love my love for you is

not based on your performance or Merit

but on my unchanging nature you are my

precious child and I Delight in you rest

in the Assurance of my love and let it

be the fuel that ignites your passion

purpose and

perseverance today I encourage you to

embrace the calling I have placed upon

your life walk boldly in faith knowing

that I am with you every step of the way

trust in my guidance lean on my strength

and surrender your fears you are capable

you are chosen and you have a unique

contribution to make in this world Amen

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