God Says➤ I Will Protect You If you Watch This | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

there are lots of good things in store

for you my beloved child they were made

to help you and be good for you there

will be hard times you will have to

fight but I will be there for you and

comfort your spirit until the end if you

let me rule your life say my God you are

my king and my Lord be sure when you

come to me to ask for something show me

your faith the best thing you can give

is your thanks the most beautiful thing

that can happen today is that we are

together right now don’t be afraid to

come I won’t turn you down my precious

blood has washed away your sins you have

nothing to be ashamed of when I’m around

I was kind to you even when you went off

and forgot about me in order to free you

from Evil’s grasp and make your way back

to me I sent armies of angels will you

tell me good news tomorrow will you talk

about how things that you hadn’t seen

before started to happen one by one were

you going to talk about the wonderful

changes in your life confirm your

commitment and I will listen with great

pleasure this is why I brought you back

to change your life I don’t want you to

go back to a place where there is hate

ridicule sadness and hopelessness listen

up tell me will you believe me or those

who put up barriers and expect

Perfection while they are full of sin

and bad ideas no one else can say they

are perfect before me don’t let people

who turn you down make you lose hope or

spirit this is where you are truly loved

and there is only one true path One open

door that leads to eternal life

happiness and joy that lasts I will

always love accept and care for you in a

clean holy way feel free to come at any

time of the day or night it doesn’t

matter if you’re sad think you failed or

feel weak in a way that makes you more

likely to sin you are accepted here just

the way you are your wish is to change

your way are always heard and if you

want to start over I can forgive you and

give you another chance give me your

heart there’s no need to explain

anything I already know that you need my

love and I’m giving it to you right now

hi there how are you today tell me

everything this is going to stay between

us talk from the heart talk about what’s

been forgotten let it out now my mending

hand will touch your soul after you hear

my strong word it will soothe your

crying eyes and break every chain that

holds you back that pain in your heart

that feels like steel nails can only be

taken away by my power I want you to

feel at peace again have hope again feel

your wings move and get stronger get in

touch with your old desire to fly and go

after your dreams I want you to be

healthy it is very important that you be

with me every day we will erase the bad

parts of your life and start a new one

together if you could see yourself the

way I do you would know that I love you

and that you have a strong reason to

live every day no matter how old you are

you can be happy and realize that you

are a huge blessing to many people and

can help and encourage them you can

plant a lot of seeds that you carry a

rich field is in front of you get up and

look around you’re needed by your family

people with big and small hearts look up

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