God Says➤ I Will Protect You, If You Listen My Message | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

pay close attention my child take a

moment to listen and answer my call this

message didn’t just happen it’s a Divine

encounter made just for your heart and

soul I reach out my hand to you in this

noisy and crazy world you shouldn’t rush

by because I have a message just for you

come back and really listen because

these words hold the key to unlocking

the mysteries of your journey don’t let

anything else take away from this moment

what I have to offer is a treasure that

can’t be bought you can trust me to lead

you from the darkness of Doubt to the

light of Truth let my presence envelope

you for this is a holy place where

miracles happen and hearts are changed

that being said my beloved please don’t

turn away accept the gift that is

waiting for you and let it light your

way with purpose and Clarity because in

the last few seconds of this meeting I

promise to answer your deepest questions

and comfort your tired Soul But first

you need to come with me on this journey

of Discovery my child are you ready now

is the time to go on a Divine adventure

together dearest child please come sit

with me for a while and let’s enjoy some

peace and quiet take some time today to

be still in your mind and heart and

think about all the things you are

thankful for your life the Beloved Souls

who light your way Your vitality the

very essence of life flowing through you

the food that feeds your body the

shelter that keeps you safe my

unwavering Shield surrounding your home

and the guardian angel watching over

your sleep always ready to protect and


you with all the many good things that

have happened to you there are many

reasons to be happy about the beauty of

life itself take some time every day to

think deeply about these gifts and let

them build a positive Mosaic in your

mind keep your eyes open to see how my

presence is weaving through the fabric

of your life and directing the music of

your fate know this I am in charge of

your tomorrow and have faith that

everything will work out for the best

don’t forget to share this message with

up to three people so that God can help

you just type Amen in the comments I

live inside the heart that beats with

Thanksgiving knowing how much it needs

to connect with me seek me with a spirit

full of Faith and Hope recognizing the

boundless Grace that surrounds you

realizing that you are in a blessed

state is where true happiness lies it’s

only natural for me to see you

struggling with the chaos going on

around you at times please don’t put too

much on yourself I can tell that your

responsibilities are weighing you down

and that you want everything to go

smoothly you want your home to be taken

care of your family to be safe and the

peace and stability you want to be

interrupted by nothing sometimes times

though you can’t feel grateful because

of the dark clouds surrounding you and

the enemy sneaks up on you planting

doubtful seeds and weaving dirty

thoughts into your mind your worries are

turned into fears by these Whispers who

surround you with lies before you know

it your fear turns into a suffocating

feeling of dread distress and

hopelessness as I stand here and watch

your every move I’m waiting for the

moment when you’ll Raise Your Arms high

and speak the words that will scatter

your enemy even though I’ve seen this

scene many times each time has its own

special feel as if time stopped to

recognize how important your thanks are

this is why saying thank you is more

than just a formality it’s a powerful

prayer that rings out through the

universe expressing how grateful you are

for Life your loved ones your health and

all the blessings that come your way you

find safety and strength in the

sanctuary of your sincere faith and

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