God Says➤ I Will Leave You If You Skip Me | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

today I come to remove the inexplicable

anguish from your heart the sadness that

sometimes overwhelms your soul I want to

uproot anything that causes you a sense

of sadness from the root I love you and

in my hands I hold true and divine joy

for you as you listen to me imagine my

hands caressing your head feel the

healing power of my Holy Spirit flowing

over you all diseases all mental

afflictions the hidden torment that

tears at your soul I declare to you now

you are cleansed from head to toe even

in the darkest corners of your thoughts

you no longer have to suffer you have

direct access to my Throne I am your

father and the gift of life I gave you

is meant for you to enjoy with the

people you love listen carefully I am

giving you the energy and courage to

wake up every morning with a new spark

in your eyes step outside let the sun’s

Rays touch your face and raise your arms

without fear or shame shout to the world

that I am your Shepherd your provider

your healer and your strength I assure

you that my word is a lamp to guide your

path and the light that will lead you

safely to a supernatural land where

opportunities to work and prosper await

you before you can arrive there you must

heal your fear must vanish and your

emotions will stabilize you cannot

conquer new blessings when your soul is

filled with anx anxiety you cannot focus

on better things if you keep looking

back at the past I am the only holy and

Supernatural remedy for all your

ailments approach me with confidence

when you feel unwell give yourself a new

chance your sadness your pain your

distress all of it is behind you now you

have received healing give me a minute

to embrace you and speak more beautiful

words that will strengthen you I want

you to wake wake up every day with joy

with unwavering faith in this great love

I have for you if you ask for help

because you know I love you and my

promises are secure I will indeed help

you rest with Tranquility face life with

the firmness peace and joy of knowing

that your heavenly father is always by

your side even in your moments of

weakness when you think you have failed

you know well that even when things go

wrong and mistakes are made my grace is

INF it my Mercy is unconditional I did

not fail you before and I will certainly

not fail you now when you need me most

when your heart aches when your soul

cries open your eyes with hope in the

morning listen to me once more and you

will find the strength to face your day

believe me I do have a future of peace

and joy for you my dear child consider

that there are more significant matters

to attend to there’s no time to be lost

on worries about things that will never

come to pass under my watchful care fear

not for my love and protection mean that

you have everything exercise your faith

and feel at ease come to me whether you

kneel or sit wherever you find yourself

close your eyes with a beautiful posture

of gratitude Express Thanks for your

family your work your health you don’t

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