God Says➤ I Am In Your Room, Will You Ignore Me? | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child I want you to know that

your past does not define your future it

might feel like your world is crumbling

but you’ve put your trust in me and I am

here for you you’ve sought refuge in my

loving Embrace and in my presence You’ll

Always Find security fill your heart

with peace and joy for you dwell beneath

the shelter of your almighty God believe

in the power of my blood to cleanse and

forgive you hold on to this truth with

all your heart open your eyes wide for I

am about to perform a mighty and

inspiring miracle in your life you

profess your love for me and believe in

my power now believe that I have truly

forgiven you don’t blame yourself or

continue punishing yourself for your

past sins I’ve cast them into the abyss

never to return I hate seeing you

torment yourself over things that belong

to the past my blood has purified you

your heart is renewed and your mind is

refreshed now fill yourself with my holy

word and let your words be filled with

life and encouragement meditate on my

promises and Commandments daily and

don’t wander back into the shadows of

Despair you’re not lost anymore your

fate is not left a chance you are in my

hands under the shelter of my wings even

when the world attacks you I will

protect you from its assaults your mind

is strong and it will grow even stronger

as you fill it with the words I’m

speaking to you distance yourself from

those who wound you with hurtful words

and attitudes making your heart heavy I

don’t want you to return to friendships

in places that lead you astray I don’t

want your spirit to grow cold I have a

future of Life peace and blessings for

you free from sorrow and depression if

you make me the king of your heart place

me first in your life and remain

steadfast in the word I give you you

will experience Freedom prosperity and

and blessings listen closely to my

wishes for you keep these words in your

heart I wrap my arms around you and

watch over you always I am by your side

when the burden becomes too much to bear

remember these words well when sadness

comes think of me and don’t dwell on

loneliness I am with you that is the

truth speak my name embrace me in your

heart and don’t weep anymore don’t

waiter the memories of sorrow with your

tears don’t let the dark moments take

root in your soul don’t entertain

thoughts or lies that seek to steal your

peace and Destroy You Remember My

Sacrifice on the painful cross I paid

for your sins with my powerful blood

recall my glorious Resurrection for I

have come to resurrect your dreams

transform your life Grant you eternal

life and strengthen your heart you’ve

endured many hardships but you haven’t

given up and here you stand Rising once

more you are my child you carry my power

within you today you shall continue on

the path to your blessing and nothing

and no one shall hinder you as you

progress I will pour wisdom into you

open paths and remove obstacles many

good things you thought were lost will

return to you the key to Freedom

Prosperity peace and the blessings you

seek is to truly believe in what I’m

telling you don’t be discouraged or fear

problems or enemies trying to defeat you

now you know my thoughts you’ve heard my

desire to bless and help you now it’s up

to you to obey me to do as I say trust

me seek me rise up and walk for your

Victory is certain you are my child I

will bless you and I can and will

fulfill my promises trust me and take my

hand during this time of tribulation let

threats and problems not steal your

peace and confidence

I have always been with you I have never

abandoned you and I will not abandon You

In This Storm my plans are better than

yours my thoughts are Eternal and will

lead you to a destination of peace and

prosperity even when things seem

difficult if you look at them with Faith

and Hope you will see that they are not

insurmountable seek me in the morning

throughout the day and before you sleep

at night bow your knees before me for I

Delight in hearing your prayer PR s

though you may not see it now the

heavens tremble when your lips open in

Praise when you act with faith and ask

me to watch over your family protect

them from diseases and pandemics and

shield them from harm listen to my

response I am transforming your life

entirely and my spirit covers you from

head to toe no longer will you walk the

path of sin you will no longer be weak

to The Temptations that once ens snared

you in darkness you shall be amazed by

the depth of your transformation and now

you are truly blessed those around you

shall respect you forgiving your past

mistakes and the offenses you have

caused I have poured an abundance of

Grace into your soul and from this day

forth new doors shall open and new

blessings shall flow job opportunities

will come providing for your family and

bringing provision and prosperity I am

leading you on A New Path free from the

fears and tensions of your past mistakes

you will live a life in peace immersed

in Tranquility without fear or

nightmares my power has set you free and

no one can harm you with lies sorcery or

the Agents of Darkness you are cleansed

in spirit Soul lips mind and heart this

is the reward I give to those who are

not ashamed to share my word who repent

of evil receive my forgiveness and come

into my presence on their knees each day

to receive my blessing blessing you are

my beloved child and I love you deeply

trust in me walk with me and watch as I

unfold the beauty of your life before

your very eyes you are cherished and my

love for you knows no bounds I want you

to know that I love you deeply more than

words can express I hold you close to my

heart and in this time of Affliction I

ask you to trust in me reach out your

hand for I Am With You and I will not

let threats and troubles steal your

peace and confidence it touches my soul

to see the sincerity in your heart I

have said it before and I will say it

again I am here to bestow my blessings

upon you because I desire to do so now I

ask you will you accept my blessings and

cherish them with great love remember in

your moments of Sorrow I cradle you in

the palm of my hand covering you with my

holy mantle you are my precious child

and I love you with all my heart I will

bless you because I want to and I have

the power to do so what I promise I will

always fulfill I’ve been with you all

along I have never abandoned you even in

this time of termoil I will not forsake

you my plans are greater than yours and

my thoughts are Eternal they will lead

you to a place of secure peace and

prosperity challenges may arise but if

you face them with faith than hope your

life will change seek me in the morning

throughout the day and as night falls

before you sleep bow your knees before

me for your words bring me joy know that

even if you cannot see it now the

heavens rejoice when you lift your voice

in praise your prayers filled with faith

and confidence move my heart I want to

reassure you that even if the whole

world abandons you I never will when

those who claim to love you fail you

remember that my love for you is greater

than anything they could ever offer I do

not lie and I will never let you down

your family your future and your health

are in my hands tricure these blessings

do not underestimate their value if you

remain faithful in small things and care

for what I provide in times of need my

promise is that your blessings will

multiply I will bestow upon you even

greater Eternal blessings it might seem

like life is flipping through your

fingers and you haven’t yet found the

peace and happiness you’ve been

searching for your loved ones may seem

to be growing distant with each passing

day but hear me now I am here standing

beside a Well Spring from which flows

the Waters of blessing that will quench

your thirst remove your burdens and

cleanse your soul drink from this water

anoint your head and wash away those

thoughts of sadness you will never

thirst again I promise you you your

faith has borne fruit today and I have

healed you you opened the door and I

entered your home I will stay here

watching over and blessing your family I

will bless you beyond your wildest

imagination and perform the Miracles you

thought were impossible your happiness

will return and I will continue to

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