God Says➤ Don’t Force Me To Ignore You, Child | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child today I have banished

Despair and weariness from your life

right now you feel a supernatural

strength welling up within you do not

yield keep pressing on nothing and no

one can halt your progress I will not

fail you I will make you stronger with

each passing day persevere my love for

my blessings and my love await you the

miracle you await will come to pass the

issue that troubles you will be resolved

your prayers have reached my Celestial

throne and your answer is forthcoming

but tell me what will you do when it

arrives do not be like those who receive

their desires and forget the one who

granted them I ask only for your heart

not your material possessions I do not

desire offerings unless they come from a

sincere and grateful spirit this is how

your blessings will truly multiply if

you receive an answer to your prayer but

forget the God who saved you

if you believe that you have achieved

everything by Your Own Strength then

beware your blessings will slowly wither

like a flower without water water your

prayers with praise bring your

Thanksgiving to my Altar and value and

appreciate everything you receive no

matter how small understand that I

always provide something far better than

what you ask for I am your father your

creator I know what is best for your

future your family your spiritual life

and your heart if you ask for Prosperity

I’ll erase your debts be grateful for

now you live in Freedom your bank

accounts may be empty but no one will

come to collect from your door if you

seek abundance I will provide honorable

employment and a means for your

household do not complain I’m providing

you with the opportunity to earn your

sustenance do not be afraid I will open

doors for you go where I lead for that

is where you will prosper with

dedication and integrity I desire to

shower you with Abundant Blessings for I

want you to learn to manage them wisely

if you combine your grateful heart with

the wisdom you gain you will receive

marvelous things I also desire peace in

your home let the Miracles you witness

nurture your spiritual growth but do not

fixate solely on material

possessions focus on Heavenly matters

but above all maintain an attit ude of

gratitude in your hearts this is the

first step toward a supernatural life

these are the keys that open the door to

a season of divine abundance your

dedication gratitude and commitment to

bless others bring joy to my heart I

want you to hear these words directly

from me you bring me joy I cherish the

way you seek me I Delight in your

prayers and your expressions of

gratitude your courageous Spirit brings

me joy your name resonates Ates in the

Heavenly Realms you are an example of

Faith persistence and loyalty remember

these words etched into your soul when

doubts and discouragement attempt to

assail you I am the one who heals you

prospers you and lifts your life from

the depths I unfold you in love and

mercy and open the door to a world of


supernatural it is my will that your

prayers are answered but it is also my

command that you hold them dear I am

pleased with your prayers your loyalty

your gratitude keep moving forward keep

being who you are and remain steadfast

in the spiritual realm come into my

presence daily listen to the messages

that strengthen you and share them with

your family remember this when you close

your eyes in gratitude and prayer I

place my hand upon your head and pour my

Supernatural blessings into your life so

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