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my beloved Child come close to me and

Let My Words wrap around you like a

gentle breeze on a warm summer’s day I

am your father your creator the Alpha

and Omega speaking directly into the

depths of your soul as you walk with me

feel the touch of my light a beacon that

guides your steps and illuminates the

path ahead my light does more than

merely show the way it infuses you with

a warmth that can melt away the chill of

your transg agressions and

fears understand this my child while

your journey is adorned with the beauty

of my creation it is also scattered with

pitfalls and traps you will encounter

moments of weakness and Shadow when you

do remember that my blood has the power

to cleanse to renew and to make whole

again each time you recognize your self

sin confess it to me open your heart and

let the honesty of your words be the key

that unlocks my forgiveness and Grace

but know this not a single moment do you

walk in condemnation for your place by

my side was secured the moment you

believed in me your standing with me my

dear one is not a precarious ledge upon

which you Teeter depending on your speed

or skill in confession no it is a wide

open space a place of Freedom grounded

upon the rock of my righteousness given

to you as an eternal gift this

righteousness is not earned ear by the

multitude of your confessions nor by the

eloquence of your prayers but is given

freely birthed from the unyielding Grace

of my love as you are mine dressed in

the Splendor of a robe woven from my

righteousness step boldly into the light

of my presence when you do you’ll find

that the good in your life shines with a

Brilliance that can only come from me

and the burdens you carry become lighter

easier to bear because you are not

should shouldering them alone in this

Divine Fellowship every Joy is

Multiplied and every sorrow is divided

for you share them all with me in the

glow of my love light let your heart

learn to love others more deeply when

you look at your fellow Believers

through my eyes you see not just their

faces but their hearts their hopes and

their struggles you can embrace them

with a love that mirrors the love I have

for you a love that is patient

kind and seeks no wrong as you dwell in

my presence you’ll find that your steps

become Sher for sin cannot hide where my

light shines brightest each misstep is

made clear not to shame you but to

gently guide you back to the path I have

set for you rejoice in my name my

precious child from the breaking of the

dawn to the setting of The Sun Relish in

the constant companionship of my spirit

and exalt in the Assurance of my right

righteousness that cloaks you there is

no need to fear the darkness or the

Silence of the night for you are never

alone my love is the eternal flame that

burns away the night and my song Over

You is the lullabi that soothes your

fears do not be burdened by the thought

that you must maintain a perfect record

of your wrongs confessing each one with

the urgency of a dead or settling

accounts rather live in the freedom of

my grace knowing that each confess sin

is cast as far as the East is from the

West remembered no more against you this

is the heart of my message the gospel of

peace you are saved by grace through

faith and this is not from yourselves it

is my gift to you not a result of works

so that no one can boast your life

joined with me my dear one is a tapestry

of Grace every thread colored with the

Hue of my love as you step out into the

world know that your life is a light to

others a reflection of my glory and

goodness when others see you let them

not just see the Deeds you do but the

love with which you do them the love

that flows from my heart to yours walk

in peace Walk In Joy walk in love and

above all walk in the light for in my

light you see light and in my presence

you find the fullness of joy so come

into the bright warmth of my love today

and let us walk together my beloved

child for in every step there is Grace

in every breath there is life and in

every moment spent with me there is an

eternal Embrace that Whispers you are

mine and I am yours forever come closer

and hear my voice as soft as The Whisper

Of The Wind yet as steadfast as the

ground Beneath Your Feet let me wrap you

in words of Eternal Assurance for I have

much to share with with you understand

this that your life is not a series of

chance happenings but a tapestry woven

with Divine Purpose every thread

represents a moment a decision a

heartbeat of your existence I know each

one for I am the Weaver your Joys your

Sorrows your triumphs and your trials

are known to me Rejoice not just because

your name is etched in the celestial

book of life but also because because I

have sculpted your days with loving

intention you see in My Kingdom time

booze to Eternity and so your life a

fleeting wisp of vapor here is securely

anchored in the forever that I hold you

are Justified yes through faith in me as

your Risen Savior but you are also

glorified the glory is not just a future

promise it is a present reality subtly

infusing your being with a Radiance that

the shadows of this World cannot

diminish Joy oh sweet joy it is the

melody that plays in the background of

your soul a constant tune that can swell

to a symphony even amid life’s fiercest

storms This Joy is not of your own

making it is my gift to you a token of

my unending love it is the peace that

passes all understanding the

unquenchable light in the darkness do

you feel it it’s there within you

because you are mine come then at the

dawn of each new day stand before me

with hands unfurled and heart unguarded

whisper to me Jesus I am here for your

joy and I will pour into you just that

joy unspeakable from the inexhaustible

Wellsprings of my grace let my presence

infold you let it seep into your very

bones fortifying you against the

onslaught of daily toils and worries

remember as you step out into the world

that I am never a distant deity I am as

close as your next breath as intimate as

your most private thoughts you need not

shout to gain my attention a murmur even

a sigh draws my gaze and my response

come back to me as often as you need for

a touch a word a smile there is no

rationing in my economy of abundance my

stores of Joy are boundless ever for

your need never forget the profound

mystery that you are seated with me in

the Heavenly Realms though you walk the

earth your spirit touches the outskirts

of Heaven you are a citizen of an

eternal Kingdom a realm where love

Reigns Supreme where Justice flows like

a mighty River and where the currency is

Grace what does it mean to be seated

with me it is a position of Honor a

testament to your identity as my beloved

it is a promise that your life is more

than what you see more than the

struggles you endure it is a foretaste

of the glory that is to come where every

tear will be wiped away every Brokenness

mended and every sorrow turned to


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