God Says➤ Choose Carefully My Child, It’s Serious | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

God is saying to you today my dear child

whatever you are going through remember

that God is always with you and will

never leave you nor forsake you he is a

faithful God who loves you

unconditionally and wants the best for

you in times of trouble it can be easy

to feel discouraged or overwhelmed but

the Bible encourages us to have faith

and to trust in God’s plans for our

lives Romans says and we know that

all things work together for good to

them that love God to them who are the

called according to his purpose take

heart from the example of Joseph in the

Old Testament he endured betrayal false

accusations and imprisonment but he

never lost faith in God’s plan for his

life in the end God used Joseph’s trials

to prepare him for a position of great

influence and to save his family from

famine likewise the Apostle Paul faced

numerous trials and tribulations in

including beatings imprisonment and

shipwrecks but he never lost faith in

God’s love and grace in Corinthians

he writes and he said unto me my

grace is sufficient for thee for my

strength is made perfect in weakness

most gladly therefore will I rather

glory in my infirmities that the power

of Christ May rest upon me so my child

have faith in God’s love and Trust in

his plans for your life even in the

midst of Trials God is working all

things together for your good remember

the words of Psalm

yay though I walk through the

valley of the shadow of death I will

fear no evil for thou art with me thy

rod and thy staff they comfort me may

God bless and strengthen you on your

journey type thank you God and like the

video if you truly believe in God today

I want to remind you of the incredible

potential that resides with within you

you are fearfully and wonderfully made

created in my image and destined for

greatness I have placed unique gifts

talents and dreams within your heart

waiting to be Unleashed do not

underestimate the impact you can have on

the world around you your words actions

and choices matter you have the power to

bring hope healing and transformation to

those you encounter embrace your role as

a lightbearer and let your life shine


when You Face challenges and obstacles

remember that I am with you I am your

strength in times of weakness and your

refuge in times of trouble lean on me

for I will provide you with the wisdom

courage and resilience needed to

overcome any adversity that comes your

way do not be discouraged by the

setbacks or failures you may experience

they are not the end of your story but

opportunities for growth and learning

embrace Embrace a mindset of

perseverance and resilience Rise Up from

your failures with greater determination

and Trust in my ability to turn your

trials into triumphs take time to

nourish your soul through prayer worship

and studying my word in my presence you

will find the guidance comfort and peace

that your heart craves allow my truth to

shape your thoughts and actions let my

love saturate every aspect of your life

and overflow onto those around you

surround yourself with a community of

believers who will support and encourage

you together you can spur one another on

toward love and Good Deeds lift each

other up share your victories and

struggles and pray for one another in

unity you will find strength and renewed

purpose do not compare yourself to

others or strive to meet society’s

standards of success your worth is not

found in accomplishments possessions or

external validation

your true worth comes from being my

child and walking in the fullness of

your identity in me embrace your

uniqueness and celebrate the journey I

have set before you when doubt and fear

try to hold you back remember that I

have not given you a spirit of fear but

of power love and a sound mind trust in

my promises and step out in faith the

plans I have for you are greater than

you can imagine trust in my leading for

I will never steer you wrong above of

all remember that I love you with an

everlasting love my love for you is not

based on your performance or Merit but

on my unchanging nature you are my

precious child and I Delight in you rest

in the Assurance of my love and let it

be the fuel that ignites your passion

purpose and perseverance today I

encourage you to embrace the calling I

have placed upon your life walk boldly

in faith knowing that I am with you

every step of the way trust in my

guidance lean on my strength and

surrender your fears you are capable you

are chosen and you have a unique

contribution to make in this world don’t

forget that God can make anything

possible the story of Esther in the Old

Testament can help you Esther a Jewish

girl Rose to power and became queen of

Persia she used her power to protect her

people from being destroyed but the trip

wasn’t easy Esther had to risk her life

by going up to the king without being

asked and she had to deal with the

dangerous politics of the Royal Court

she believed that God was in charge and

had put her where she was for a reason

even though things were hard or think

about what the Apostle Peter did Peter

used to be a fisherman but he followed

Jesus and became the leader of the early

Christian church but he had to deal with

many problems and setbacks including his

own fears and doubts Christ on the other

hand saw something in Peter that Peter

himself didn’t see this gave Peter the

strength and courage to keep going in

Matthew Jesus tells Peter I also

tell you that you are Peter I will build

my church on this rock and the Gates of

Hell will not be able to stop it don’t

give up on your hopes and dreams friend

believe in God’s plan for your life and

know that he has given you everything

you need to do well Phil says I can

do all things through Christ who

strengthened me remember that God bless

you and show you the way

amen if you really believe in God type

thank you God I want you to know that

God can heal you and that he wants to

make your body Mind and Spirit whole

again may this truth strengthen your

faith and give you hope and comfort as

you learn more about it know that God is

the one who can heal you completely to

begin with God wants you to know that he

is the one who can heal you he is the

great doctor and everything from

sickness to injury is is within his

power he has the power to heal you

everywhere and make you whole again

throughout his message God stresses how

important it is to trust him to heal you

he wants you to have faith in him and

believe that he can heal and restore you

he loves you no matter what and he wants

you to be whole and healthy God wants

you to know that he can heal you no

matter how smart or experienced you are

in medicine doctors and Medical

Treatments are helpful but God’s healing

power is stronger than anything we can


he has healing powers that are beyond

our understanding he can do Miracles and

restore people in Supernatural ways as

you ask God to heal you keep in mind

that his plans for your life are always

good in some cases healing can happen

right away and seem miraculous in other

cases it may take time faith and

patience believe that God knows exactly

when and how to help you and that

everything is working out for the best

as you work to get better hold on to

God’s promises and surround yourself

with religious people who will help and

pray for you prayer thinking about his

word and the leading of the Holy Spirit

are all good ways to get his help

believe that he is in charge and that he

can heal you according to his perfect

plan last but not least God wants you to

know that his love and presence will

never leave you even if your physical

healing doesn’t happen the way you hope

he is with you through all of your

troubles and gives you comfort strength

and peace that you can’t explain he will

give you the strength to keep going the

courage to face each day and the hope

that keeps you going God’s healing touch

should be felt in every part of your

life may his love wrap around you and

heal your body calm your mind and make

your spirit strong believe that he will

always be there for you and that he will

lead you to healing and

wholeness amen if you really believe in

God please like this video

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