God Says➤ Can You Give Me Your 3 Minutes Today? | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child I do not promise an

easy life but I assure you that faith

and strength will never elude you fill

yourself with courage knowing that your

Victory is assured receive my holy

promises that bring healing to your body

Health to your mind and strength to your

heart I want to break those chains of

discouragement and depression any

despondency weighing heavily on your

back and causing you to doubt my words

that deceitful friendship pulling you

towards failure will vanish today a

powerful Miracle will occur if you

commit to obeying me and cling to my

love but do not be like others who

prefer to wallow in the filth and accept

the lies of their Destroyer they chase

after false promises seek material

wealth corrupt positions manipulative

control and fleeting Fame thinking that

my presence and power are with those who

flaunt publicly everything they do how

they accumulate debt what they wear and

what they eat what a harmful falsehood

what a harsh trickery some turn away

from my teachings dismiss who I am and

want nothing from the one who came to

serve and sacrificed his life on the

cross yet you’ve welcomed me into your

heart and I aim to work wonders within

you wrap your spirit in modesty shun The

Temptations of the deceiver I’m here to

help you I’ll Grant you greater peace

and insight so you won’t Tire of waiting

ensuring that grumbling and doubt don’t

spoil your speech eroding your your

faith and joy now from the depths of

your heart declare my God I believe in

you I trust you and I wait patiently for

my blessing I assure you your request

will be fulfilled your faith in me has

been steadfast be confident that all

your prayers in jesus’ name will be met

I’m here to tell you of new seasons of

plentiful Showers of open Skies and of

blessings so abundant they’ll saturate

every aspect of your life and home

you and your loved ones will overflow

with peace and happiness this is all

within reach for those who believe in me

who hold my teachings close to their

heart and anticipate Their Blessings

without growing weary or backing down I

urge you to stay alert you need to

remain unwavering and patient just as it

takes months for life to emerge a seed

must land on fertile soil break open and

change before it can Sprout and flourish

your blood blessings are likewise

precious and potent it demands time and

patience for everything to come together

for your benefit I know you understand

me and will not be discouraged keep your

Gaze on the horizon as you walk step by

step you will leave behind the place

where you are now do not fear change it

is all for your good I want you

surrounded by people and resources that

help you grow if you walk with me no one

can overcome you accuse you or judge you

because I will defend you imagine if you

could see with your spiritual eyes the

Heavenly forces surrounding you if you

could truly see my Divine light shining

on your path and watch as your

challenges crumble before you if you

could understand everything happening

around you how the universe itself is

aligning to support you soon I will

reveal to you through dreams such

splendors giving you a glimpse of heaven

right here on Earth

I command the entire Cosmos to bless you

especially when I see a faith as pure

and complete as yours your love for me

with all your heart and soul moves me

deeply that’s why I reach out to you

every day with a fresh message even

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