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oh Divine Almighty please grant me the

grace to undo the Havoc my immaturity

has wrought and restore all that I have

wronged get ready to witness a

remarkable event this week a miracle

tailored specifically for you bringing

about a transformational change like

never before all you need to do is

unlock the doors of your heart and mind

and be prepared to embrace this miracle

with gratitude and Open Arms watch this

video for the next minutes and you

will receive good news next

morning God wants you to say this loudly

I am worthy of financial abundance and

success and I attract wealth into my

life every day I am grateful for the

money I have and I am open to receiving

even more abundance in my life I trust

that the universe will provide me with

all the resources I need to achieve my

financial goals I’m a magnet for

opportunities to make more money and I

seize them them with confidence and

gratitude my financial success is a

reflection of my hard work

determination and positive mindset and I

am proud of my

achievements share this video with five

people now and see a miracle the next

morning the universe is working its

magic putting everything in order and

Paving the way for your grand success a

victory that will leave you

astounded like this video if you love

Jesus as you woke up this morning the

divine power above was already at work

opening doors of opportunity that her

tailor made for

you so brace yourself for an avalanche

of blessings breakthroughs answered

prayers good news and miracles that will

soon manifest in your life get ready to

receive a generous flow of wealth as the

universe is aligning the financial stars

in your favor

blessings are coming your way tomorrow

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reach , Divine subscribers love

should be a gentle and steady Breeze

that soothes your soul relax and trust

that everything is falling into place

perfectly and your heart will be

rewarded with a love that is simple and

pure you deserve a love that is

unwavering stable and constant someone

who is sure of you and you are sure of


be patient and have faith the right

person will come along and stay watch

this video till the end to see a miracle

angels are saying a financial Miracle is

headed your way believe in the power of

positivity keep your faith

strong and be prepared to receive a

solution to all your money worries

tomorrow morning type amen if you

believe in

God God says life is a thrilling

adventure waiting for you to explore it

don’t let fear hold you back from taking

risks and trying new things embrace the

unknown step out of your comfort zone

and make every moment

count dare to chase your aspirations no

matter how audacious or modest they

appear take that bold leap of faith and

have confidence that you’re being guided

towards the right path type amen if you

believe in God read this in silence to

see a miracle soon trust in the Lord

with all your heart

and lean not on your understanding in

all your ways submit to him and he will

make your paths

straight I can do all things through

Christ who strengthens me be still and

know that I am God but those who hope in

the Lord will renew their strength they

will soar on wings like eagles they will

run and not grow weary they will walk

and not be

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today for I know the plans I have for

you declares the Lord plans to prosper

you and not to harm you plans to give

you hope in a future a prayer of

acceptance oh Divine being behold my

predicament if it’s within your grand

design let it manifest if not I

surrender to your superior plan hence

I’ll work on myself to be prepared for

whatever lies ahead says to you brace

yourself for your heart’s desires for

they are on their way I understand your

wants and I’m about to bless you with a

miraculous gift you’ll experience a

shower of good fortune and my blessings

will forever be with

you type amen if you believe in God you

may feel drained and burdened my child

but know that I am aware I’ll never put

you in a situation that you can’t handle

especially when you have me by your side

keep the faith and you’ll find the

strength to

endure brace yourself for the Divine

Breeze of favor about to sweep you off

your feet you’ll be amazed by the

abundance of blessings that I’m about to

shower upon you get ready to experience

my overflowing

Grace sometimes God closes the door not

to shut you out but to nudge you towards

something better that lies ahead trust

in his plan have you ever wondered what

your true calling is don’t rely on

guesswork take it to the source ask God

and pray for Clarity on the mission he

has in store for

you type amen if you believe in God

affirm when you’re unsure of your path

trust in God’s guidance humbly ask for

his correction when you’re wrong his

Direction when you’re lost and his

strength to keep you going when you feel

like giving up the beauty of prayer is

that it knows no boundaries whether

you’re in a church on a Mountaintop or

in the depth of Despair know that God is

always with you and you can pray to him

anywhere affirm this dear God gratitude

and humility go hand in hand even when

you feel like you’ve let God down

remember that he is always there for you

don’t be afraid to turn to him for help

and guidance he’s never tired of hearing

from you oh Tangled thoughts how they do

distort reality but fear not for I know

deep down they are mere

Illusions dear God I thank you for

Lending an ear to my worries and helping

me find Clarity in the midst of chows

Your Love sustains me Tia amen if you

believe in God in times of turbulence

it’s crucial to cling to Hope and muster

all your strength believe in yourself

and Trust in the Divine for there is

nothing more powerful than faith

keep going hold on tight and let God

guide you towards calmer Waters God says

listen closely for the voice of God

Echoes In The Silence even when you feel

unheard know that your prayers are never

ignored sometimes the answers might

arrive in unexpected ways but that

doesn’t mean they’re any less

meaningful open your eyes fix your Gaze

on him and you’ll grasp the mysteries of

the universe

his love is boundless thank you don’t

settle for mediocrity and my dear God

has reserved something truly special for

you something worth the wait have

patience and trust that everything will

fall into place at the right time keep

your heart open and your spirit willing

for The Best Is Yet To

Come type amen if you believe in Lord

Jesus mark your calendar folks Sunday


is a day that will go down in

history as a major turning point in your

life brace yourself for a massive change

that will shake things up like never

before and the best part a once in

a-lifetime opportunity to have your

deepest desires fulfilled is headed your

way trust us you won’t want to miss out

on this epic offer so make sure to save

this post

and keep it close at hand your future

self will thank you for it type amen if

you believe in Lord

Jesus read this in silence and you will

see Miracles soon to not be anxious

about anything but in every situation by

prayer and petition with

Thanksgiving present your requests to

God and my God will meet all your needs

according to the riches of his glory in


Jesus Jesus looked at them and said with

man this is impossible but With God all

things are

possible the Lord is my shepherd I lack

nothing if you have faith in Jesus watch

this video till the end and see a

miracle very soon brace yourself your

prayers are about to come true keep the

faith for everything will fall into

place and prepare to be pleasantly

surprised by God’s blessings

I trade it in my rants for prayers for

sympathy is fleeting but Inner Strength


Everlasting by leaning on God I found

the resilience to weather any

storm to Christianity faith is what air

food and water are to humanity an

essential Lifeline it’s a steadfast

belief in God’s promises and an

unwavering trust that he will fulfill

his word stay away from those who

practice wickedness for they can corrupt

your soul while it’s important to share

the gospel with Sinners don’t let their

ways influence your own God says every

new Sunrise presents a fresh opportunity

to celebrate your victories and triumphs

you’ve conquered another week and you’re

braver than you give yourself credit for

remember that I love

you type amen if you believe in Lord

Jesus let your prayers be a steadfast

reminder of God’s unwavering presence in

your life in moments of Despair and

uncertainty trust in the Divine guidance

that surrounds you and never lose Faith

the Lord will fight for you you need

only to be

still but seek first his kingdom and his

righteousness and all these things will

be given to you as well type amen if you

believe in Lord Jesus dear Almighty you

have performed wondrous Miracles that

have left us in awe I implore you to

cleanse my soul of any doubts and banish

evil from my life show me the path to

righteousness and I will follow it with

all my

heart I love

you the most crucial conversation you’ll

have today isn’t with anyone else but

with the

Divine take a moment to connect with God

and share your heart’s deepest desires

fears and dreams

you’ll be amazed at the comfort and

Clarity it brings type amen if you

believe in God don’t underestimate the

power of prayer it’s the foundation that

keeps you rooted in your faith and

provides a conduit to the divine

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