God messages , I am with you, I will make you super rich and successful after praying this prayer

engagement With the blessings of the

Lord leads to Prosperity without

sorrow when we entrust our plans to God

he ensures their success without

fail by aligning ourselves with his will

we invite his favor and provision into

our lives the Bible teaches us to

approach god with confidence knowing

that he hears and responds to our

prayers according to his divine plan

therefore we should pray with faith

believing that God will answer and

provide for our needs let us pray

together dear heavenly father I come

before you as my Lord and Savior

acknowledging my sins and shortcomings

please forgive me and cleanse me from

all unrighteousness grant me the

financial means to spread your love and

fulfill my

purpose restore my financial prosperity

O Lord and send forth your angels to

bring breakthroughs into my life

may your favor be upon me attracting

blessings and opportunities for

Success With Your Grace I declare that I

am rich and prosperous in all aspects of

my life let your abundance flow into my

life and may I never lack any good thing

I trust in your goodness and mercy to

sustain me every day in jesus’ name I

decree and declare these blessings upon

my life amen amen if you agree with this

prayer please comment Amen to affirm it

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