God Message Today

my dear child I am here with you always

watching over you and guiding you

through your journey on Earth I see your

Joys and your Sorrows your triumphs and

your struggles my love for you is

endless and unconditional I created this

beautiful world for you to live in

filled with wonders and Mysteries to

explore the sun rises each morning to

warm your faces and the stars shine at

night to remind you of the beauty and

vastness of the Universe I gave you the

gift of Life the ability to think to

feel and to love cherish each moment and

treat each other with kindness and

compassion for you are all my children

and you are all connected to each other

I know that life can be difficult at

times there will be challenges and

obstacles along the way way but remember

that I am always here for you turn to me

in times of need and I will give you

strength and courage to face whatever

lies ahead do not lose hope for I have a

plan for each and every one of you trust

in me and have faith that everything

will work out according to my will your

prayers do not go unheard and I am

always listening thanks for watching

don’t forget to


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