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my beloved child before the world began

I envisioned a path uniquely crafted for

you every step you take is Guided by my

hand leading you towards the Abundant

Blessings I have prepared for you in

this moment I want you to embrace the

truth that nothing can steal these

blessings away from

you they are yours to hold on to

overflowing with abundance and free from

the sorrowful chains of death I long to

see you unb bured liberated from Earthly

constraints and unswayed by the traps

set by your

adversaries trust in me with unwavering

belief for it is through courage and

faith that you will become Unstoppable

unbreakable and

Invincible listen to my voice for I am

the one who bestows Victory upon you I

am the one who shatters your chains and

provides you with purpose as doors swing

open before you recognize that it is I

who saved and rescued you hold firm to

the truth that you belong to me I peer

into the depths of your soul and cherish

your Noble sentiments and your yearning

to obey me even in moments of weakness

your Victory comes through faith not

through sight do not be swayed by

Illusions or deceived by false promises

your path is illuminated by my light and

I will guide you through the water

across the rivers and through the

fires I Am With You Always protecting

and strengthening you know that you’re

cherished it and loved Beyond

mure I desire for you to know me

intimately to grow in strength and

wisdom and to multiply your talents and

abilities your purpose is significant

and I will use you mightily for my

glory trust in my promises for I will

never leave you nor forsake you your

prayers are always heard and I will

answer them according to my will your

faithfulness will be rewarded and your

blessings will overflow so my child rise

up with courage and confidence embrace

the journey ahead with hope and

expectation knowing that I am with you

every step of the way your future is

secure in my hands and my love for you

knows no bounds



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