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my beloved child welcome into my

presence where you can find rest and

hope in abundance here in the shelter of

my love your weary Soul can find Solace

and your Restless Heart can find peace

in a world where many seek peace and

fleeting pleasures and temporary

distractions I offer you something far

greater a profound rest that rejuvenates

your spirit and a steadfast hope that

anchors your soul hope my dear one is a

Lifeline that sustains you through life

storms it is the gentle whisper in the

midst of chaos reminding you that

brighter days are ahead those who cling

to Hope amidst adversity emerge stronger

and more resilient for Hope is the fuel

that propels you forward in the face of

uncertainty but rest too is a gift that

I offer you a sacred pause in the midst

of life’s hustle and bustle

in the Stillness of my presence you can

lay down your burdens and find renewal

for your weary Soul Here In My Embrace

you are safe to let go of the worries

that weigh you down and surrender to the

rest that I provide I know that the

journey can be tiring and the road ahead

may seem daunting at times but trust in

me dear one for I am your strength and

your Refuge lean on me when weariness

threatens to overwhelm you and I will

uphold you with my unfailing love as you

rest in my presence allow yourself to be

filled with hope hope for a better

tomorrow hope for healing and

restoration hope for all that is yet to

come for in me you will find the source

of all hope and in my presence you will

find the strength to face whatever lies

ahead do not be discouraged by the

challenges that you face for I am with


always my love for you is unchanging and

my promise promises are

Everlasting so take heart dear one and

know that you are never

alone as you journey through life

remember to pause and rest in my

presence let go of your worries and

fears and allow my peace to fill your

soul for in me you will find rest for

your weary soul and in my presence you

will find Hope for the

future may you find rest and hope in

abundance as you abide in my presence

today and



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