God Message Today: When Your Heart Feels Heavy | God Says | God Message For You | God Message For Me

my beloved

child when your heart feels heavy with

pain come to me speak your trust in me

and allow your heart to open to the

boundless love that surrounds you

breathe in the Peace of my presence a

peace that surpasses all understanding

take your time my precious child and

spend it with me to fully experience the

joy of my presence seek a quiet place

where you can focus solely on our

connection let go of the the worries and

distractions that clutter your mind and

allow yourself to be fully present with

me embrace me with a resounding yes yes

to my joy yes to my peace yes to my

unwavering love dwelling in close

communion with me is about transcending

the challenges of this world though

difficulties may arise remember that I

am always by your side guiding you

through every storm lift your eyes to me

and declare your unwavering trust saying

I trust you Jesus you are my

hope these simple words spoken from the

depths of your heart hold immense power

they serve as a reminder of my constant

presence and unwavering love for you

repeat them often allowing them to fill

your heart with peace and

Assurance my cherished one do not dwell

on the mistakes and regrets of the past

learn from them

but do not let them Define your future

instead place your trust in me and let

me lead you forward I am your Sanctuary

your safe haven in times of

trouble strengthen your faith in me by

turning to me in prayer and

meditation pour out your heart to me

sharing your Joys fears and hopes trust

in my wisdom and guidance knowing that I

am always listening and ready to comfort

you behold I am leading you You On A New

Path one filled with hope blessings and

opportunities keep your eyes open to the

Miracles I am working in your life both

big and small trust in my plan for you

knowing that I am always working for


good do not be discouraged by the

challenges you face for I Am with You

guiding you every step of the way seek

solace in my presence when you are weary

and find strength in my love know that I

am always here for you ready to listen

and provide comfort you are cherished

beyond measure my dear child and I hold

you in the palm of my hand trust in me

and let the beauty of our relationship

fill your soul with peace and joy



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