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my beloved child as you step out into

the world each day take a moment to

share your thoughts with me pause and

Whisper your very first words revealing

the secrets tucked within your soul your

bed cradles your dreams like a dear

friend and before you embark on any

Venture have a heart-to-heart with me

speak of your loves your hopes your

dreams with words that sparkle like gems

of affection don’t rush into the day

without pausing to thank me for the

blessings you’ve received hidden

challenges May seek to Cloud your memory

of the kindness that surrounds you let’s

set a morning meeting from now on amidst

the bustling hours find a space to

confide in me share your life’s journey

your family your

work all that makes you uniquely you you

are precious to me dear soul and so are

those who dwell within your home let

none replace the special place we hold

if you seek Joy strength and Triumph

don’t brush aside my

words my Whispers In Your Heart carry

guidance a road map through the

challenges hold on to the light of faith

if doubt seeps in if storms Cloud your

skies fear not for I am your

shelter remember it’s not about a

trouble-free life but about facing each

test with unwavering

strength I gift you power wisdom and

blessings that flow like a

stream my light will illuminate your

days and darkness shall be Cast Away you

are never alone when adversity knocks

Let My Words echo in your heart a

revelation shall come unexpectedly

showing your purpose your unique role in

this Grand Design my strength resides

within you empowering you to stand tall

against the

Shadows listen to my voice and Trust for

my words hold promises is veiled but

real there’s more to the world than

meets your eyes my love and care

Encompass all even those who doubt your

time to shine has come believe and have

faith in my words for you possess the

courage to March forward unswayed by

distractions focused on the destiny I

have penned gratefully accept my

blessings for you are worthy approach me

unburden your heart my doors are open

inviting you to share I am here Vigilant

and eager ready to respond with

Revelations you’ve never known your

faith is a flame Let It Burn away doubts

and offenses leaving behind only Purity

let gratitude fill your heart as I

shower you with

love with your own words call upon me

and I’ll answer Venture forth with

confidence for Angels walk beside you

and my love surrounds you have faith for

I’ve bestowed courage and honor upon you

do not bow to defeat do not yield to

darkness no that it is I who speaks to

you now you who have felt lost are not

alone I am here to offer Solace to

infuse hope to guide you your battles

against loneliness and pain shall be won

you’ve persevered and in acknowledging

your need for help you find me today

marks the day you reach realize that

only I can mend your wounds heal your

soul let my love envelop you and

remember you are cherished you are heard

and victory is

yours amen comment amen if you



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