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my beloved child this message is specially crafted by me just for you don’t overlook it for

you might miss out on something important right now I am ready to tackle all your issues I will share with you

all the wisdom you seek your prayers and tears do not go unnoticed by me my

cherished one I comprehend the burden Weighing on your heart and I’m here to

offer Solace I’ll remain by your side accompanying you through every single

step in the midst of your struggles I empathize deeply with the pain you

endure shedding tears alongside you yet I also recognize your resilience you

possess a strength that will carry you through you are dear to me my cherished

child and my love for you remains steadfast unconditionally I designed you with

purpose and I hold a divine plan for your journey despite your anxieties and

uncertain certainties understand that I am everpresent constantly Vigilant and

empowering you with inner fortitude I listen attentively to your

prayers responding in the manner I deem fit while my answers may not always align with your expectations rest

assured they are tailored for your ultimate well-being trust in me wholeheartedly remember to pass along

this message to up to three individuals so that I may extend my guidance simply

type Amen in the comments understand that I am orchestrating every detail for your

benefit and it saddens me to witness your tears your tears born out of compassion resonate deeply with me but I

yearn for your happiness and Tranquility both I your creator and Jesus Christ

your savior hold you dear and cherish you unconditionally do not succumb to fear

or despair our love for you surpasses compreh attention I am constantly by

your side attuned to your prayers and attuned to your

tears my beloved ones I’m speaking to your hearts today

asking you to think deeply about what I’m saying know that tough times won’t last

forever brighter days are on the way even when things seem hard remember that

I’m here with you like a loving father by your side life can be tough sometimes but you can

trust that I’ll always be here to support you no matter what challenges come your

way in this world there are many challenges but trust me for I have conquered suffering I hold the keys to a

fulfilling life and I want you to embrace it with joy your successes one after another are

what I desire for you may your future be abundant with blessings and victories

and may you never feel defeated don’t be afraid of hard times

because I’ll be right there with you leading you encouraging you to conquer challenges safeguarding your hopes and

supporting you as you chase your dreams I want your faith to Glow brightly with passion and kindness

always remember that your inner strength drive and love for life come from my endless love for

you let’s go back to believing in Hope feeding your spirit with the promises and truths I’ve given you even when life

gets tough I also desire your loyalty it’s easy to seek and love me when things are

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