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my beloved child as you step forward in this journey of faith and life hear my

voice echoing through the vastness of your spirit I’m constantly listening to your

prayers feeling the tremble of every hope and Whisper of your heart your faith has not gone unnoticed

it is a beacon in the darkness a signal fire that guides me to you you have been steadfast my child and for that I am

preparing a tapestry of blessings that will soon unfold fold before your eyes each thread represents a promise each

color a testament to the challenges you’ve overcome your dedication and sincerity in seeking my presence do not

merely touch me they move mountains in the spiritual realm as you stand firm in

your beliefs know that I am actively removing obstacles from your path

clearing the way for peace and healing to enter your life and the lives of those you hold dear as your Divine

Guardian I recognize the courage it takes to trust wholly in my will especially when the currents of Life

push against you but remember my child with every challenge comes great

responsibility the Inner Strength you are gaining is not just for your benefit it is a beacon for your loved ones a

guide to show them the power of unwavering faith move into the heart of this Divine

discourse where the essence of my message becomes clear stand up with confidence my child for I am with you

even in your most trying hours your prayers are not just heard they are answered with the force of my omnipotent

love I am rejuvenating your spirit infusing you with courage patience

insight and the profound peace that comes from Clear thinking you are a warrior of light not a victim of

circumstances I am raising a shield around you preparing you to face any

battle with the Assurance of Victory this moment this very day is

significant it is filled with blessings and surprises meticulously arranged by

my hand do not see yourself through the lens of past failures or current fears

you are deeply loved incredibly Brave and crafted with purpose every step you

take is Guided by my hand each decision you make when aligned with my will leads

to growth and an abundance of wisdom your journey is not just about reaching a destination but about the

transformation that occurs along the way the days of worry are over my child I am

delivering you from your troubles surrounding you with my protective Grace and leading you into a future ripe with

opportunity and joy remember that your faith is the key that unlocks the door to Miracles it is your shield in battle

your comfort in solitude and your strength in weakness believe in the promises I have

made for they are as steadfast as the Rising Sun with every Dawn my love

renews ready to guide you through another day filled with potential and

purpose Embrace this new chapter with open arms my beloved child the past no

longer defens you you are being reshaped molded by Divine hands prepared

to face the world with a heart full of faith and a spirit resilient Against All

Odds the obstacles you once feared are crumbling for my presence in your life is a fortress impregnable and

secure as you step forward do so with the certainty that I am always beside you Whispering courage into your heart

and infusing your steps with the power to conquer let this conversation between us be a reminder of the infinite love I

have for you a love that transcends time and Circumstance you are never alone for I am the

constant guardian of your soul listening intently to every prayer and responding with a love that is as boundless as the

heavens walk boldly my child into the future I have crafted for

you your prayers have been heard and the answers are unfolding even now trust in

me and together we will witness the incredible things I will do in your life

your faith has made you strong and your love for me has made you invincible hold fast to this truth as we

journey onward hand in hand heart to heart my dear child feel the warmth of

my presence enveloping you like the gentlest Embrace today marks a significant turn in your life’s journey

a moment where the burdens of yesterday begin to lighten and the promise of

Tomorrow shines brighter as you have laid your fears and doubts at my feet I

have transformed them into stepping stones that lead to Higher

Ground your prayers spoken in the quiet Solitude of your heart have not echoed

into emptiness but have reached the heavens stirring the Angels into action your commitment to walking in faith has

set forth a Cascade of blessings that are now aligning to manifest in your

life you are on the verge of witnessing the fruits of your resilience Miracles that not only touch

your life but extend their Grace to your family and everyone connected to you I have seen your struggles and your

steadfastness in the face of adversity your journey has not been easy my child

but it has been meaningful with each step taken in faith you have swn seeds of hope and love which are now ready to

bloom into a garden of Abundant Blessings the obstacles that once seemed insurmountable are being removed and in

their place Pathways to new opportuni ities and deeper understanding are being revealed stand now with renewed Vigor

and confidence you are not merely surviving you are thriving transformed

by the challenges you have faced your spirit once weary is now imbued with

Divine strength fortified by the very trials that were meant to weaken you as

you have trusted in me so now I entrust you with a mission to be a beacon of light and hope to others look around you

my beloved and see the Dawn breaking on the horizon the darkness that lingered is

giving way to the light of my presence in your life this is a time of renewal

of Fresh Starts and New Beginnings it is a time to embrace the promises I have made to you to step into

the fullness of the destiny I have crafted for you in this next phase of your journey

let your heart be steadfast and your faith unwavering continue to pray not out of

desperation but with the assurance that I am always listening always acting in your best

interest the challenges you face will not vanish overnight but you are equipped to meet them headon armed with

faith and shielded by my love you my child are destined for

greatness not as the world defines it but as I have ordained it your greatness

lies in your ability to love unconditionally to give generously and to remain connected to the Divine

source of all strength me as you walk this path remember that you do not walk

alone I Am with You guiding your steps comforting your heart and empowering

your soul let your life be a testament to the power of Faith Let each day be

lived with purpose and each action be motivated by love the world around you is hungry for

the hope that you carry be generous with your light for it is in in exhaustible as long as it draws from my infinite

Reservoir and so my beloved child take each step with courage and

conviction know that my blessings are not just on their way they are already here surrounding you filling your life

with goodness and your heart with joy the victories you will claim the peace you will experience and the love you

will share are all part of the divine plan I have for you rejoice in this day

for it is a gift for from me to you a canvas on which to paint your faith a stage on which to perform your trust in

me Embrace Your Divine Destiny with open arms and a joyful heart for Great Are

the blessings that await those who love and Trust in their Heavenly Father

continue to walk in faith and watch as the wonders of my love unfold in your

life my child feel the reassurance of my Everlasting presence The Horizon of your

life is brightening revealing the expanse of my promises fulfilled every

step you take is Sanctified by your faith turning ordinary moments into Divine

encounters the power of your prayers reaches beyond the skies touching the very heart of Eternity every word

whispered in faith reverberates through the heavens bringing forth the downpour of blessings I have reserved for you you

are entering a season of abundance where the seeds of your your steadfastness Bloom into flowers of Grace coloring

your world with joy and peace in your spiritual journey understand that your

connection to me is the lifeline that sustains you it is the Wellspring of wisdom and

strength that you draw from daily as you have leaned on me in times of uncertainty now you shall stand tall

bolstered by the certainty of my love and the Assurance of my guidance I call upon you now now to

embrace your role as a bearer of light in a world where Shadows Loom your light

is a beacon that can guide the lost and comfort the weary your experiences

marked by both trials and triumphs are not merely your own but are lessons and

Legacies to share with those who follow in your footsteps this is a time of empowerment as you have trusted me

through the storms now trust me in the sunshine let the warmth of my love love

thaw any lingering doubts let the brightness of my promises illuminate your path forward you are equipped my

child not just to face the challenges that come but to rise above them transforming obstacles into

opportunities for growth and Grace the victories you will celebrate

are not merely for your joy but for the edification of your community you are

called to be a pillar of Faith a testament to the resilience embedded in a life

lived with Divine Purpose as you walk in this truth know that I am everpresent a constant

companion in every Endeavor let your heart be light for the burdens you once

carried have been lifted by my hand the anxieties that clouded your days are

scattered by The Winds of my spirit in their place peace settles deep within

your soul a peace that transcends understanding and guards your heart and mind through Christ Jesus

as you venture into this new era of your life do so with boldness and Beauty

every morning you rise see it as a renewal a fresh opportunity to

demonstrate the depth of your faith your life is a canvas on which my grace is painted in vibrant colors a

spectacle of my love for all to see remember my child your influence

stretches far beyond what your eyes can see as you live out your faith

others watch and learn your words actions and attitudes shape not just

your destiny but also influence those around you you are building a legacy of

Faith with every act of kindness every moment of trust and every day lived in

obedience to my will in The Quiet Moments When you seek my face know that

I am closer than a whisper more attentive than a mother to her cherished child I Delight in your devotion

and my heart swells with pride at your love for me continue to seek me with all

your heart for those who do will find not just answers but also the Abundant

Life I promised as you step forward take with you the certainty that I am with

you always to the very end of the age no challenge is too great no night

too dark and no enemy too strong when you are under my protection you are

shielded by my power and Guided by my light go forth my beloved child with the

assurance that The Best Is Yet To Come the struggles of the past are Stepping

Stones to the triumphs of the future Embrace each day with faith each

challenge with courage and each blessing with gratitude walk boldly and with faith for

I Am by your side every step of the way and my love will forever be your guide and your greatest strength

my child remember that each new day is a Divine gift intricately woven with

opportunities to manifest the grace you carry within your journey is not just a series

of steps but a dance of faith and Grace choreographed by the Divine hand that

holds you securely as the down breaks and paints the sky with who of Hope and

promise let it remind you of the renewing nature of my love

each Sunrise is a symbol of my faithfulness a canvas where I display my

affection for you your life adorned with my blessings is a testament to the

enduring promise that I am always near always listening and always acting in

your favor step into each day with the assurance that you are not just

surviving but thriving under my watchful gaze the challenges that come are not to

deter you but to develop you to deepen your Reliance on the unshakable

foundation of my word each difficulty you face is matched by my might each

question met with my wisdom each sorrow countered with my comfort rise with the

confidence of one who knows their God is active and attentive your faith has not

been in vain the prayers whispered in the Stillness of the night have ascended

as incense before my my throne and the answers are cascading down upon your

life like a gentle yet persistent rain nourishing every area of your

existence you my child are called to be more than just a bystander in your own story you are a co-author with me

crafting a narrative Rich With Victory and underscored by Grace your actions inspired by our

intimate conversations and rooted in your faith create ripples that extend far beyond your immediate

reach each act of kindness each word of encouragement each gesture of

Love plant seeds of change that grow into oases of Hope and Barren

Landscapes as you walk this path know that your influence is profound the example you set by living a

life of faith and integrity speaks louder than words ever could it is a beacon for those lost in

the shadows a guidepost pointing towards refuge and strength in me embrace the

responsibilities that come with your calling with joy and humility you are equipped not just with my spirit but

also with a community of believers who walk alongside you together your combined lights shine brighter

dispelling the darkness and bringing warmth to the cold places of the world I

urge you my beloved to persist in your pursuit of righteousness the the world

offers many distractions and easy paths that lead away from my presence but you

are made for more than what the world offers you are crafted for greatness in the Kingdom that cannot be

shaken stand firm in your convictions steadfast in your faith and unwavering

in your commitment to follow me let your heart remain open and receptive to the

lessons I teach and the blessings I bestow the miracle you’ve longed for are

unfolding the answers you’ve sought are being revealed and the peace you’ve desired is being granted your trust in

me transforms every obstacle into an opportunity to demonstrate the supernatural strength that I provide

look forward with hope my child the best chapters of your life story are yet to

be written and they will be filled with the evidence of my love and

power you will look back on this time and Marvel at how far you’ve come not

because you were strong enough on your own but because you leaned on me your Everlasting

support walk boldly and with faith knowing that my love is your shield and

my word is your guide rejoice in the journey for it is sacred and each step

is ordained you are never alone for I Am With You Always guiding supporting and

loving you with an everlasting love go forth in peace peace and power for your path is blessed and your future is

bright with my promises fulfilled let the knowledge of my constant watchful presence comfort you

and ignite within your heart a flame of enduring hope the journey you walk is

not merely a sequence of steps but a profound pilgrimage marked by Divine encounters and spiritual Awakenings in

every challenge see the hidden blessings in every setback recognize the

opportunity for profound personal growth and increased Reliance on my unending

faithfulness the trials you face are not markers of my absence but testimonials

of my involvement in the intricacies of your life refining you like gold Through

Fire Rejoice my child for the struggles of today are the seeds of tomorrow’s

victories each moment of hardship is carefully designed not to break you but

to build you to mold your character into a testament of divine resilience and holy Grace your pain is never wasted it

is purposefully used to draw you closer to me to deepen your understanding of my nature and to enhance your compassion

for others know that you are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses Souls who have

navigated their own trials with faith and endurance draw strength from their Journeys knowing that you are part of a

grand Eternal narrative each story interweaves with yours each life’s lessons enrich your

own and together they form a beautiful Mosaic of Grace and Redemption step into

each new day with a spirit of expectation be eager to witness how I

will move in your life how I will turn mourning into dancing and sorrow into

Joy the prayers you lift up in the quiet corners of your days are powerful they

rise up to heaven and set into motion the workings of my spirit your faith my

child is a powerful conduit of my power as you believe so shall it be done unto you the

Miracles you’ve read about the Wonders you’ve heard from Generations past they are not mere Tales but

invitations they beckon you to believe in the impossible to trust in my boundless capability to act on your

behalf let your life be an offering of Praise let every act of kindness every

word of Truth every decision made in Integrity be a reflection of my love you

are my Ambassador in this world a bearer of light in places of Darkness a source

of comfort in Realms of Despair do not underestimate the impact of your

faithfulness the steadfast love you display the unwavering trust you exhibit

the unrelenting goodness you practice these are the marks of True Discipleship

they influence not just your life but also those around you drawing others to me through the authenticity of your walk

my child your journey is uniquely yours yet it is intricately connected to the

fabric of the community you belong to as you grow in faith and understanding

share the insights you gain impart the peace you find in me to

those who are troubled offer the hope that sustains you to those who are despairing and extend the love you

receive from me to those who feel UNL loved in doing so you become a conduit

of my grace a vessel through which my spirit flows freely your life becomes

not just your own but a living testimony of my eternal love and transformative

power so walk boldly my child knowing that each step is divinely

guided Embrace each challenge with courage for I am with you welcome each

blessing with gratitude for they are gifts from above and share each lesson

with generosity for in doing so you fulfill your calling move forth in the

assurance that you are deeply loved profoundly cherished and eternally supported my love for you is Everlasting

my plans for you are perfect and my presence with you is constant walk in

this truth and let it fill you with peace and purpose every day of your life my child as you continue to

navigate the complexities of life know that every moment is infused with potential for profound spiritual growth

and deeper connection with me your journey is not just about reaching destinations but about the

transformation that occurs as you walk in faith and obedience with each Sunrise

let your heart be renewed with hope and your spirit be rejuvenated with my

Everlasting peace as you face each day remember that you are not alone my presence encircles

you a constant reminder of my unfailing love and commitment to your well-being

Embrace each challenge as an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of your faith and the depth of your trust in

me the trials you encounter are not signs of my absence but affirmations of my presence guiding and refining you to

embody the virtues of patience resilience and Grace in your interactions be a mirror

of my love show kindness where there is harshness offer forgiveness where there is injury

and extend compassion where there is indifference your actions are powerful

expressions of your faith impacting lives in ways you may never fully realize hold fast to the truth that I am

with you in every moment your prayers those silent petitions of your heart are

heard before they are spoken they ascend to me as a sweet fragrance and I am moved by your

earnestness and sincerity believe in the miraculous my child for your faith unlocks the doors

to divine possibilities expect wonders and signs for your life is a canvas on

which I paint with broad Strokes of grace and mercy the blessings I have in store for

you are tailored to your needs and designed to propel you into greater Realms of spiritual maturity and

Effectiveness do not be dismayed by the world chaos you’re called to be a beacon

of stability and a harbinger of Hope stand firm in your convictions and

steadfast in your commitment to live out my teachings your example will inspire

others to seek the peace and joy that only I can provide look to the future

with anticipation and excitement for I have plans for you that are filled with promise and purpose your path will not

always be easy but it will be enriched Ing and through it you will discover the

depth of my love and the reach of my sovereignty continue to cultivate a

heart of gratitude my beloved each blessing no matter how small is a

testament to my goodness and care for you share these blessings with others

spreading the joy and love you receive from me this generosity of spirit will

create ripples of kindness and change that extend far beyond your immed imediate Circle rest in the assurance

that I’m always watching over you my love is a shield that protects you my

wisdom a guide that leads you and my strength a support that sustains you you are never walking alone for I am right

beside you every step of the way walk with courage knowing that your journey

is Sanctified by my presence and your life is enriched by my grace the road

ahead is open and it is filled with opportunities for you to shine my light into the

darkness Embrace this calling with confidence and let your life be a Living

testament to the transformative power of faith and love my child let the certainty of my

presence provide comfort and strength you are embarking upon each new day not

just as a routine but as a Divine exploration where every moment is ripe

with opportunities for growth and manifestation of my will as you step out into the world carry with you the Armor

of Faith The Shield of my word and the sword of the spirit These Are Not Mere

metaphors but vital tools that will protect you guide you and Empower you to

overcome any challenge that may arise your life is a battlefield of light versus darkness and with these Divine

armaments you are more than equipped to claim victory each interaction each decision

and each each challenge you face is an opportunity to demonstrate the power of your faith show the world what it means to

walk in unwavering trust and hope when doubts arise and fears beckon remember

the countless times I have carried you through storms recall the moments of Deliverance and the times of sudden

blessings these were not coincidences but my hand moving in your life continue

to cultivate a relationship with me through prayer and meditation on my word word these practices are not just

spiritual disciplines but are the very lifelines that connect you directly to my heart through prayer you speak to me

and through my word I speak directly back to you offering guidance

encouragement and wisdom for the journey ahead in The Quiet Moments of reflection

listen for my voice it may come as a whisper or a gentle stirring in your

soul but however it arrives know that I am always speaking my words are there to uplift

correct guide and most importantly to reassure you of my unending love for you

be a Beacon of Hope and a source of light in a world that often Walks In

Shadows your life lived in faith and guided by my principles can illuminate

the darkest of places each act of kindness each word of Truth each gesture

of compassion makes a difference you may not always see the impact but trust that the ripples extend

far beyond your immediate view look forward with eager anticipation to the future I have

planned for you it is filled with promise and potential do not fear the

unknown for I am already there each step you take is Guided by my hand and each

day unfolds under my watchful eyes the plans I have for you are to Prosper you

not to harm you to give you a future filled with hope Embrace each new challenge as a

gift an opportunity to strengthen your faith and deepen your Reliance on me the

challenges of today are the testimonies of tomorrow they are your stories of

faith that will encourage others and prove the steadfastness of my love

remember that you do not walk alone I Am With You Always even to the end of the age my love surrounds you my spirit

fills you and my strength empowers you step boldly into each new day armed with

the knowledge that you are loved you are called and you are eternally

mine walk with the joy and confidence that come from knowing you are part of a greater plan a Divine narrative that is

unfolding with each breath you take your journey is not just your own but a vital

part of the tapestry I am weaving through history each thread each color each pattern is

significant and so are you my child continue to walk in the

light of my love ever confident in the assurance that you are under my eternal watch each day you rise to face the

world know that you are not stepping out alone my presence envelops you guiding

your steps and illuminating your path embrace the challenges and

opportunities that each New Day brings with a Heart full of faith and eyes

fixed on the Eternal while the world may offer temporary solutions and fleeting

happiness the joy and peace I provide are Everlasting and

unshakable in the midst of chaos let your heart remain anchored in the Tranquility of my spirit use the wisdom

I have imparted to you through my word and The Whispers of my spirit in your

daily reflections let these Divine insights mold your character and guide your

decisions each Act of obedience each moment you choose righteousness over

convenience you are forging a legacy of faith that will inspire

Generations your life is a testament to the power of divine grace as you have

received freely from me so I call you to give freely to others share the love

mercy and compassion you have experienced with those you encounter each smile each act of kindness each

word of encouragement carries the potential to heal wounds and restore hope remember my child that your faith

is not just for personal edification but also a beacon for others who are searching in a world filled with

uncertainty your certainty in me is a powerful testimony stand firm in your convictions

and let your life be a mirror reflecting my goodness to those in darkness

in times of doubt and trial recall the victories of the past the moments when I

intervened miraculously in your life these memories are not merely to comfort

you but to remind you of my unchanging nature and my power to do the same

again my faithfulness is as constant as the Sunrise and my love for you is as

deep as the ocean let your heart be filled with joy as you consider the breadth of my plans for you these plans

are designed not only to prosper you but also to equip you as a vessel of my

Divine will as you walk in alignment with my purposes you will experience the

Fulfillment that comes from living a life of divine significance continue to cultivate a spirit of

gratitude for gratitude aligns your heart with the abundance of my kingdom

each day is a gift and each breath is a reminder of my sustaining power live

each moment with a thankful heart and you will see the ordinary become

extraordinary under the touch of my grace look to the future with hope my child for The Best Is Yet To Come the

path I have set before you is Laden with opportunities for growth blessings and the chance to demonstrate the depth of

your faith walk this path with courage and anticipation ready to embrace the

adventures that await finally remember that I am with you always in every Challenge and every

celebration my love for you is unwavering my commitment to your growth is unending and my presence in your life

is a constant guarantee go forth in peace knowing that you are cherished protected and infinitely loved by your

heavenly father continue to walk in the Assurance of my love for it is your strength and

your Shield your journey is profound and your destiny

is glorious with each step forward remember that you are part of a Divine narrative

beautifully woven by the Master’s Hand my shered chill immerse yourself in the

awareness that each step you take is divinely orchestrated the path you walk

is not random it is carefully curated by me Taylor red to refine and uplift your

spirit enhancing Your Capacity to love and

serve as you encounter each day view it as a precious opportunity to deepen your

connection with me and to manifest the essence of my love to the world the complexities and challenges you face are

not barriers but Bridges Avenues to demonstrate Faith

perseverance and Reliance on my unfailing strength you have been called

not only to believe but also to Bear witness to the power of my grace in your life

your testimony is a powerful tool a Beacon of Hope for those who are lost

and a source of encouragement for those who are weary speak of my Deeds recount

the times of my faithful intervention and share the profound peace you found in my presence this sharing of your

journey is not merely recounting events but an invitation for others to experience my transformative

love in your moments of Doubt or when the shadows of uncertainty Loom large

remember the victories of the past let them be the light that dispels Darkness affirming that my goodness is not just a

chapter from yesterday but a continuous thread woven throughout your life’s

tapestry engage with the world with a heart full of compassion and kindness in

a society often marked by division and strife let your words bring unity and

healing be quick to listen slow to speak and slow to anger your actions and

responses should reflect the Serenity and wisdom of my spirit offering a different narrative to the noise and

haste that often dominate human interactions cultivate a spirit of humility and service the greatness in my

kingdom is measured not by Dominion or power but by service and

sacrifice look to the needs of others serving them with the same love and grace you have received from

me the service is not a burden but a joyous expression of gratitude for the

countless gifts you have received as you grow in faith and understanding nurture

also your sense of joy and wonder the world around you despite its Brokenness

is filled with beauty a reflection of my creativity and love take time to appreciate these gifts

allowing them to stir within you a deeper reverence for life and a more profound desire to protect and cherish

it my child your life is a journey of continual growth and boundless potential

Embrace each lesson and every trial as part of the extraordinary process of becoming who you were created to be your

potential is not defined by your past but by Your Capacity to trust in me and to follow where I

lead in all things hold fast to the assurance that I am with you whether you

stand on mountain peaks or walk through valleys my love is constant and my

guidance is sure fear not the future for I have already seen it and I am there your

responsibility is to walk in faith keeping your eyes fixed on me your compass and guide go forth in the

confidence that your path is secure your support is divine and your destination

is glorious live each day fully love deeply

and serve joyfully knowing that each moment is a step toward an eternal Dawn

hold tight to the truths that anchor you remember you are not merely passing through this world you are here to make

a difference to leave a mark of kindness faith and love that will endure beyond

your years every challenge you face every Joy you experience every lesson

you learn is part of the beautiful Mosaic of your life carefully crafted by

my hands these experiences are not random they are integral to shaping you into the

person you are meant to be rich in faith and abundant in love as you go forward do so with a

heart filled with gratitude and a Spirit boyed by my promises Let the Peace that comes from

knowing you are deeply loved and divinely cared for fill every corner of your life let this peace guide your

decisions shape your relationships and influence your actions

walk with boldness my child empowered by the knowledge that I am always with you

let your light shine brightly a Beacon of Hope and a testament to the transformative power of Faith as you

touch the lives around you do so with the gentle hands of compassion and the steadfast Spirit of one who knows the

power of my love end each day with a prayer of thanks for the blessings you

have received and for the strength I provide look to the Stars each a reminder of the

vastness of my creation and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead sleep

peacefully knowing that you rest under my watchful eye and awaken with joy

ready to face the new day with courage and enthusiasm the journey is long and

sometimes difficult but it is also filled with moments of unspeakable Beauty and profound happiness embrace it

all with an open heart and a steadfast Spirit know that in every moment my love

surrounds you my grace covers you and my wisdom guides you go now my precious child into the

world and live the life I have called you to live be brave be kind be faithful

remember always that you are never alone for I Am With You Always to the very end of the age amen if this video resonated

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up let your like be a beacon a way to show others that they are not

alone finally share this video with anyone who might need a reminder of my love and the incredible potential within

them sharing is a way of saying you matter you are loved there is

hope together let’s spread this message of love and light one share at a time

amen [Music]

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