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my dear child hear my voice gentle and steady amidst the noise of the world as

the Lord your Shepherd I walk beside you through Green Pastures guiding you towards Still Waters fear holds no sway

over you for I am your steadfast protector in every step and breath remember you are never alone let me

restore your soul guiding you along paths of righteousness this journey

isn’t merely about reaching your destination it’s about walking in faith hand in hand with me trust in my love

that envelops you even in the Valley of the shadow of death you need not fear

for my rod and staff they comfort you in your moments of Doubt seek me in your

hours of fear call upon me I am always near ready to offer peace that

transcends understanding surround yourself with those who uplift and reflect my light and turn away from the

Whispers of negativity Victory is not just a possibility it is a promise for those

who live by faith and turn from Evil My Desire is to fill your life with

healing forgiveness and boundless blessings share these truths let them be

a beacon to your family guiding them as stars guide the night every morning I am

with you feel my presence in the quiet Dawn my words a whisper in your soul bringing

peace and the promise of a New Day prayer is your connection to me a spiritual exercise that strengthens your

spirit and anchors you in my grace look forward to the blessings I have in store for you unfolding like the Petals of a

blooming flower forgive yourself as I have forgiven you and let go of past

mistakes they do not define you my love does embrace self-love follow my

teachings and you shall bring joy not only to yourself but to others around you miracles await you my child the

manifestation of my grace mercy and love is at hand know that I the king of glory

hold your family and your life within my hands trust in me and I will direct your

paths illuminating your journey with the light of my presence in the midst of

your challenges know that my love is a shield around you you may encounter

storms but together we will renew your strength stand firm in your faith and

believe in my eternal love a fortress against adversity life’s changes and

pains are inevitable but they are not insurmountable you are equipped with the

power to overcome through faith and belief in my Everlasting support lean on

me and I will give you the courage to face each day with hope and determination do not despair during

these trials for they are but Shadows passing in the night remember you are more than your

struggles you are a child of the almighty destined for greatness rise

each morning with this truth and walk boldly into the light of my love never

doubt the blessings I have prepared for you they are like seeds planted in Fertile ground soon to sprout and grow

under my careful tending do not feel desolate or forsaken I came to give you a life filled with purpose and

Supernatural strength Le not on your own understanding or the opinions of others

my love for you is unwavering and I am always by your side in the darkest

moments when isolation or misunderstanding Shadows your heart remember my

promise I will never abandon you trust in my guidance through every storm I am

not only your savior but your greatest advocate and friend together we will find joy and

happiness turning every request into a Divine reality through the ministry of angels I have appointed for

you my child as you face each day remember you walk under my watchful eye

you are my beloved called and equipped to conquer fear and

adversity despite the enemy’s schemes know that you are enveloped in my

protection my power within you is greater than any for force that rises against you every challenge every

obstacle you face is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your faith and my

might stand confident in my love which Shields you from harm and heals your

deepest wounds jealousy and spite from others cannot touch your spirit for you are

clothed in my strength and peace Advance boldly against the barriers the enemy

erects be they walls of iron or curtains of fear your faith acts as your shield and

my authority as your sword together we will dismantle these false boundaries

proving that with me all things are possible my love is unchanging Eternal

and perfect it remains steadfast through every trial remember this especially

when you face disappointments my plan for you includes bless blings beyond your current understanding joy and

success are written into your destiny as you continue on this path

immerse yourself in my presence seek me in The Quiet Moments and the chaotic ones alike in your weakness my strength

is made perfect embrace the fullness of my grace which is sufficient for every

need I know the hardships you face the pain that seems unbearable at times yet

I am here your everpresent help believe in my promises for they are

your armor and shield Let My Words uplift you and inspire you to press forward with

courage and hope I am the king of glory your Shepherd and guide trust in my

ability to transform your life to heal every wound and to bless every

Endeavor my Miracles are not just stories of the past they are realities that you will experience as you walk in

faith my child your future shines bright under my watch you are destined for

greatness not just in the world to come but here and now every step you take is Guided by my

hand fear not the unknown for I am with you laying out a PA that leads to

prosperity and peace you are valuable to me more than you can never comprehend

your worth extends Beyond Earthly measures defined by the Divine love I pour out on you daily live not in the

shadows of Doubt but in the light of this truth continue to spread love and

kindness as you walk in my ways each Act of goodness you perform is

a testament to the transformative power of my spirit within you these are not just Deeds but Declarations of Faith

each one echoing through eternity know that I am always beside you in the

Solitude of your darkest nights or the bustle of of your busiest days I am there you are never alone for

my presence envelops you like a cloak of protection and comfort your journey is not without purpose each challenge you

face is meticulously designed to strengthen your character and deepen your faith Embrace these trials for

through them you gain resilience and wisdom that shine as a beacon to others

let the Assurance of my unfailing love carry you through each day even when the road seems uncertain and the end distant

hold fast to the knowledge that I am guiding you with me you will overcome any obstacle and reach every promised

Victory stand firm in the assurance that I am your Shepherd leading you to Green

Pastures and Still Waters your life is a testimony to my grace and mercy trust

that I will guide you even through the darkest valleys to Heights of blessing and renewal as you face the complete

plexities of Life remember that my wisdom surpasses all understanding lean

on me and I will provide Clarity and Direction my plans for you are good

filled with hope and a future of abundant Joy feel the depth of my love today as

it wraps around you dispelling every fear and soothing every worry your faith

in me is the key that unlocks The Treasure of my presence walk in this truth and you will experience the

fullness of life I have promised my dear child let the past no

longer Define you my love is a force that transforms and renews continue to

walk in this renewal knowing that the chains that once held you are now broken

you are free to move forward blessed and prospered by my hand doubts and fears

that once held your heart captive are fading the bonds that restricted your growth are shattered

stand firm in the freedom I provide your life is now a canvas of

possibilities painted with the colors of Hope and Grace my promises to you are

like the stars in the night sky numerous and bright each one is a commitment of

my faithfulness a testament to my desire to bless you abundantly Embrace these

promises as you would Embrace a cherished friend step forward each day with

confidence knowing that I am with you your journey is under my guidance and

your steps are ordered by my wisdom the path before you is clear and your

direction sure because I am the light that guides your way the obstacles you face are

opportunities for my strength to be displayed in your life with every challenge you grow stronger and more

resilient equipped to handle whatever comes your way believe in my power to sustain and

uplift you through all things Miracles are not just past events

they are present realities waiting to unfold in your life as you live in faith

watch as my hand moves creating Pathways where there were none and opening doors

that seemed forever closed your future is secure in my hands trust in my

perfect timing and divine arrangement I know the plans I have for you plans to

prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future let this

assurance settle in your heart every prayer you whisper every hope you hold

every dream you cherish I am intimately aware of them all I am working behind the scenes

orchestrating events in your favor aligning opportunities for your success

remain steadfast in your faith and committed to your path as you entrust your life to me you will discover the

depth of my love and commitment to you my blessings are not just spiritual

but tangible touching every aspect of your life Embrace this truth and let it

motivate you to pursue excellence and integrity in all you do as you wake each morning feel my presence renewing your

strength for the day ahead your life is filled with my peace and joy a direct

reflection of your faith and trust in me move forward with the assurance that I am always by your side guiding and

protecting you your work your relationships your dreams I am involved

in every detail as you align your desires with my will you will see the fruit of your labor

multiply I am not just a distant Observer I am an active participant in your life eager to see you flourish in

moments of Doubt remember that you are not striving alone my spirit is your constant companion offering wisdom

guidance and comfort lean into this Divine support and let it Propel you

towards your Divine Destiny today as you continue on your

journey know that you are equipped for every Challenge and prepared for every

opportunity my blessings are pouring over you abundant and unceasing embrace them with open arms

and a grateful heart let the knowledge of my love fill you with confidence

you are not just surviving you are thriving under my care every step you

take is a step towards the Fulfillment of my promises a journey towards a life

marked by my goodness and Grace remember my child you are cherished loved and

supported in every way your life is a beautiful reflection of my love for you

a love that is deep Eternal and unchanging walk in this love and let it

be the the source of your strength and joy every day my precious child as the dawn breaks and a new day begins

remember that I am orchestrating your every moment your challenges are not unnoticed

and your victories are celebrated with Heavenly Applause every detail of your life is

woven into a Divine tapestry crafted with the utmost care and love you are

not wandering aimlessly each of your steps is directed by me even even when

the path seems clouded by uncertainty trust that I am leading you to places of growth and renewal your journey is a

testament to the power of Faith a Beacon of Hope for others to follow in The

Quiet Moments when you feel alone remember that my presence surrounds you the warmth you feel the peace that

settles over you these are my assurances that you are never truly alone you are

enveloped in my love safe guarded by my might let the light of my love dispel

all Darkness from your path as you walk through this day carry

the knowledge of my unending support with you each challenge you face each

decision you make is an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of your faith my promises to you are as enduring

as the Stars they are lights in the night sky guiding you through the darkness cling to these Pro promises

when the way forward seems unclear they are your assurance that I

am always with you guiding and supporting you Embrace each new day with

enthusiasm and confidence knowing that my blessings are new every morning your

past struggles are Stepping Stones to Future triumphs with each step forward you are

moving closer to the realization of your dreams under my watchful eye your life is a reflection of my love and faithful

each moment of Joy each season of success is a testament to my involvement

in your life continue to live with a heart full of gratitude recognizing the many ways I

am working in your favor as you face the trials of Life do so with courage and

conviction know that I am with you strengthening you and preparing you for what lies

ahead the challenges you face today are preparing you for greater blessings tomorrow stand firm in your faith

steadfast in your belief in my power Let My Words Be the foundation upon which you build your life they are words of

life and Truth meant to guide you protect you and lead you into Everlasting

Prosperity as you absorb and apply these truths your path will be made clear your

steps sure I am your refuge and strength an everpresent help in times of trouble do

not not fear when the Earth gives way or when the mountains fall into the sea my love for you is unshakable a fortress

against adversity and a shelter in times of storm hold fast to your faith the

anchor for your soul it is strong and secure a sure defense against the

tempests of life as you trust in me you will find that no obstacle is too great

no enemy too strong with me by your side Victory is assured word remember you are more than

a conqueror through me who loves you you have been endowed with power from on high equipped to face whatever comes

your way rejoice in this truth and let it fill you with hope and courage as you

continue your journey Let My Words resonate in your heart you’re not just passing through this world you’re here

for a purpose designed with intention and precision by me your

creator Embrace this Purp and live it out with passion my child as

you step into the rest of your day carry with you the certainty of my love and

the Assurance of my presence you are precious in my sight treasured more than

you can imagine walk in this truth and let it guide every decision you make

today is a gift another opportunity to demonstrate the depth of your faith and

the strength of your commitment to me make the most of it and know that I am with you every step

of the way cheering you on supporting you and loving you

unconditionally as the light of this day continues to unfold know that my

watchful eye never wavers each moment you experience each

Breath You Take is infused with my presence embrace the peace that comes from knowing you are under my constant

care and protection you are equipped for every task prepared for every challenge

my spirit within you is a source of unending strength and wisdom draw on this Resource as you face the

complexities of your day let it guide your actions and steady your heart

remember my child your life is a journey of Faith each step you take is a step

towards fulfilling the divine plan I have laid out for you trust in this plan

and move forward with confidence knowing that my blessings are Paving the way ahead

in moments of uncertainty when the path before you seems clouded lean on my understanding not your

own my perspective is eternal encompassing all of time and

space let this assurance calm your anxieties and fortify your resolve your

faithfulness is seen and cherished every act of kindness every gesture of love

every word of encouragement you offer these do not go unnoticed they are

reflections of my love in the world and contribute to the unfolding of my will

let the Assurance of my love for you be your strength you are valued beyond measure a precious gem in the Kingdom of

Heaven your worth is not determined by worldly standards but by the eternal

love I have for you as you continue to navigate the challenges and

opportunities of Life do so with the knowledge that you are not alone

my presence is a shield around you my love a banner over your life walk in

this truth and you will find courage to face whatever comes your way Embrace

each day as a fresh opportunity to live out your faith your journey is unique

marked by my fingerprints in every detail rejoice in this personal Journey

knowing that I am intimately involved in each aspect of your life reflect on the

blessings I have poured into your life moments of grace and mercy times of recovery and

renewal these are but four tastes of the greater glory that awaits you as you walk in obedience and Faith your prayers

are powerful and effective they rise as incense before my throne and I am moved

by the earnestness of your heart continue to reach out to me in prayer confident that I am listening and

eager to respond hold tight to the promises I have spoken they are

life-giving words meant to sustain and nurture your soul let them resonate

within you shaping your thoughts and actions I am your sure Foundation The

Rock on which you can build your life amidst the shifting Sands of this world

my word remains steadfast and true build your life upon it and you will stand

firm through every storm as you step into the future do so with anticipation

of the good things I have in store for you my plans are to prosper you not to

harm you my intentions are filled with hope and a future filled with joy and

peace let your heart be light for my yoke is easy and my burden light I Am

with You lightening your load guiding your steps and infusing your days with

meaning and purpose go forth in peace and confidence knowing that I am with

you every step of the way my love surrounds you my power up holds you and my wisdom guides you you

are blessed my child today and always remember that my love for you

spans the depths of time and space you are never beyond my reach

never out of my sight I am always attentive to your needs always ready to

guide and comfort you reflect on the days lessons and carry them into tomorrow with a heart full of hope my

promises are your armor and protection wear them proudly knowing that they

Shield you from the adversities of life and illuminate your path in times of Darkness you are destined for greatness

crafted in my image and infused with my spirit Embrace this identity with

confidence let it be the Cornerstone of your existence the foundation upon which

you build your dreams and aspirations in moments of solitude when

the world seems distant and your burdens heavy know that I am closest to you I am

a whisper away ready to listen eager to soothe your fears and wipe away your

tears reach out to me and you will find me waiting with open arms your journey

is not solitary you are part of a grand divine plan interconnected with the

lives of others each interaction each relationship is an opportunity to

display my love and Gra R live intentionally loving others as I have

loved you and watch as my kingdom is reflected on Earth as the sun sets and another day

comes to a close take a moment to be still and know that I am God let the

Peace of my presence envelop you bringing calm to your spirit and rest to your

soul tomorrow brings new challenges but also new opportunities to witness my

faithfulness sleep tonight night in the Assurance of my unfailing love dream of

the possibilities that lie ahead and awake refreshed ready to walk in the

paths I have laid out for you you are my beloved my delight your name is engraved on the

palms of my hands a constant reminder of my commitment to you rest in this truth

and let it fortify you against the uncertainties of tomorrow remember that my words are not just bleeding sounds

they are the essence of life meditate on them cherish them and let them guide

your every decision they are the map to your future a future filled with promise

and hope thank you for spending this time with me for opening your heart to receive my words it is my deepest joy to

share this time with you to impart my wisdom and love go forth from here strengthened and

renewed a Beacon of Hope and light and a world world that desperately needs it continue to seek me in all things for I

am the source of all wisdom and understanding my words are the lamp to

your feet and the light to your path they will guide you through life’s complexities and lead you to Eternal

peace and joy may the blessings of this day carry you forward into all your

tomorrows may my peace which surpasses all understanding guard your heart and

mind and may my love boundless and enduring be your comfort and your reward

remember I am with you always even to the end of the age you are never alone

for I am just a prayer away call on me and I will answer seek

me and you will find me when you search for me with all your heart let the words I’ve shared today resonate within you

shaping your thoughts your actions and your very being you are my beloved and

my my desire is for your utmost good walk in the Assurance of my love and let it overflow to those around you God

bless you my child my love for you is Everlasting let this truth fill you with

strength and joy as you continue on your journey until we meet again keep your

eyes fixed on me your heart open to my voice and your spirit receptive to my

guiding hand remember the profound depths of my wisdom that guide you each

step you take is not just a move towards your goals but a step deeper into my Divine wisdom cherish it for it is a

treasure more precious than silver or gold in each challenge you encounter see

an opportunity to deepen your trust in me these are not obstacles but Stepping

Stones crafted to elevate you to higher Realms of faith and understanding as you

overcome each one you gain a clearer vision of the path I have designed designed uniquely for you know that my

words are both a shield and a sanctuar in times of strife they protect

in moments of solitude they provide peace let them dwell richly within you

coloring your thoughts guiding your decisions and shaping your interactions with the world around

you as you absorb and apply my teachings you will find your life alining more

closely with my purposes each decision Guided by my wisdom brings you closer to

the Fulfillment of your Divine Destiny enriching your life with peace and

joy I am ever presentes in The Quiet Moments of reflection as well as in the bustling chaos of daily life there is no

sphere of existence where my love cannot reach you whether you climb the highest

mountain or walk through the darkest Valley my love remains constant and

unwavering Embrace each day with the knowledge that you are living within the compass of my love it is vast and

all-encompassing covering every aspect of your life it is my love that defines you that

sets you apart as a Beacon of Hope and a vessel of my Divine Light as night falls and you prepare for

rest Let the Peace of my presence envelop you cast aside the cares of this world and rest in the Assurance of my

protection and provision as you sleep let my peace fill your dreams preparing

you for another day of Victory and blessing remember my child that my love

for you is eternal it does not fade with the setting sun or diminish with the

changing tides it is as constant as the stars in the heavens as enduring as the ground Beneath Your Feet arise each

morning with a heart eager to meet the new challenges and opportunities that await with each Sunrise remember that my

mercies are new every morning great is my faithfulness to you in all things at

all times carry this assurance into each day that you are loved Beyond

meure Guided by my hand and destined for a life of significance and fulfillment

let this truth Empower you giving you the strength to face whatever lies ahead

with courage and Grace as you walk through this world let your light shine

brightly you are a reflection of my love and grace an ambassador of my kingdom

live in such a way that those who know you but don’t know me will come to know me because they know

you in every interaction let kindness be your guide in every decision let wisdom

Prevail in every challenge let patience endure these are the marks of my

presence in your life the evidence of my spirit working through you remember that

you are not journeying alone you are part of a greater Community of Faith bound together by my love support one

another encourage one another and build one another up as you all walk this path of Faith

together take these words to Heart they are not just for today but for all your

tomorrows My Love Is Your constant companion my word your unfailing guide

walk in this truth and you will find the way that leads to life

Everlasting as you step forward into the unknown take comfort in knowing that my presence goes before you I am already in

your tomorrow smoothing the paths aligning the opportunities and preparing

the encounters that will lead to your growth and blessing trust in my timing

for it is impeccable not a moment too soon or too late everything that happens

is orchestrated with Precision for your ultimate good as you walk through each day hold

this truth close I Am with You guiding every step with loving intention do not

let your heart be troubled by the worries of this world instead cast all your anxieties on me for I care deeply

about you every concern you have is of importance to me and I am committed to

providing not just answers but also comfort and peace let your faith be

bigger than your fears you serve a mighty God who is not overwhelmed by any ch challenge you

face Embrace this power that resides within you through my spirit and let it Propel you to action and

steadfastness remember you are not defined by the challenges you face but

by how you overcome them each trial is an opportunity to demonstrate the

strength of your faith and the depth of your Reliance on me rise to these occasions with confidence knowing that

you are never alone my love for you is a fortress it protects and provides a safe

haven in times of trouble within the boundaries of my care you find strength

and security let this assurance fill you with boldness as you face each day’s

tasks and trials in the Stillness of the night when the world quiets listen for

my voice it is then that I speak most clearly to your heart Whispering words

of wisdom and encouragement let these nightly conversations refresh your

spirit and renew your resolve as you lay your head down to sleep reflect on the blessings of the

day each one is a gift a reminder of my ongoing involvement in your life

gratitude turns what we have into enough and more it opens the doors to even

greater blessings wake each morning with a song of Praise on your lips celebrate the new

day as an opportunity to live out your faith visibly and vividly let your life

be a living Hymn of trust and thankfulness an Anthem of Hope and

resilience Carry This Joy into the world spreading light and love wherever you go

be an agent of Peace in a troubled World a source of consolation in sorrow and a

Beacon of Faith in doubt your life is a testament to my goodness and Grace live

it fully and freely when you look ahead remember that your story is far from

over with with each new day you are writing a narrative of Faith lived out loud of Hope shared unabashedly and of

Love given unconditionally may my peace which surpasses all understanding guard your

heart and your mind as you continue on this journey stand firm in the faith be

courageous and strong let everything you do be done in love take with you the

certainty of my unending presence my boundless love and my inexhaustible peace

know that I am God your faithful leader and loving father Forever by your side

God bless you my child as you continue to walk in the light of my love you are cherished celebrated and

called for a purpose go forth with this knowledge and let it guide your steps

each and every day remember that my love surrounds you like a cloak it Shields

you from harm and bathes you in light making you a visible ible sign of divine

grace to all you encounter walk confidently in this assurance letting your actions reflect the depth of your

faith your journey is not a solitary one along the way you will meet others who

are drawn to the light you carry Embrace these Divine appointments as opportunities to share the love and

wisdom I have bestowed upon you each interaction is a chance to seow seeds of

faith hope and love in moments of Solitude

cherish the quiet as a Sacred Space for reflection and connection with me here away from the noise and haste you can

hear my voice more clearly guiding and encouraging you let these peaceful moments replenish

your spirit and align your heart with my purposes as you meditate on my words let

them sink deep into your soul transforming your thoughts and actions my words are not just

instructions they are the very Breath of Life animating your being and empowering you to live out your Divine calling

remember the challenges you face are not roadblocks but checkpoints moments to

assess your faith and deepen your dependence on me with each trial you gain strength and wisdom equipping you

for greater tasks ahead face these challenges with courage knowing that I

Am with You fortifying your spirit as you lay down to rest each night give

thanks for the Day’s Journey even the smallest victories are cause for celebration each a testament to my

active presence in your life gratitude opens your heart to receive more of my blessings multiplying

your joy arise each morning with renewed Vigor and clear purpose as the dawn breaks so does the

promise of new opportunities for growth and service let your first thoughts be

of gratitude and your first words be of Praise this daily ritual sets the tone

for a life lived in worship and faithful service carry this mindset throughout

your day letting it Infuse every task with meaning and every interaction with

Grace you are not just passing time you are making a difference crafting a

legacy of faith that will endure reflect on the path you’ve traveled and the path

that lies ahead each step is part of a grander plan meticulously crafted by me

for your good and for the good of those you touch hold fast to the promises I’ve

given you for they are your anchor and your compass they will guide you through

storms and lead you to Peaceful Shores my promises are not just words they are

commitments sealed by my love and faithfulness as you go forth carry with you the certainty that I am always near

always ready to listen and always eager to guide my love for you is constant and

unwavering it is the rock upon which you can build your life may you walk in the

fullness of my blessing radiating my love and light wherever you go you are a

Beacon of Hope in a troubled World a testament to the transformative power of

faith God bless you richly my beloved child go in Peace strengthened by my

spirit and confident in the knowledge that wherever you go I am with you

my child let the depth of our conversation settle in your heart reflect on the words spoken the promises

given and the love shared these are not fleeting moments but pillars upon which

you can build a life of faith and purpose remember you are not merely a

participant in this world you are a carrier of Divine Light each day offers

new opportunities to shine brightly Illuminating the paths of those around you Embrace this role Within enthusiasm

and commitment knowing that your light makes a difference carry forward the

Assurance of my unconditional love and unwavering support no matter what

challenges you face know that you are never alone I am always beside you

guiding your steps comforting your heart and empowering your journey let this assurance fill you with

peace and joy as you go about your days whether in times of Triumph or in

moments moment of trial my presence is a constant source of strength and comfort rejoice in the knowledge that my

love for you is eternal and unchanging as we part ways do not view

it as a farewell but as a momentary pause in our ongoing conversation I am

as close as your next breath as immediate as your next thought continue

to seek me in prayer in scripture and in The Quiet Moments of your day go forth

with confidence my beloved child you are equipped with everything you need to fulfill the Divine Destiny laid out for

you your journey is blessed your path is secure and your heart is

cherished walk boldly in the faith that has brought you this far and Trust in the love that will carry you forward and

now may my peace which surpasses all understanding guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus may my joy be your

strength and my faithfulness your Shield go into the world and live fully

love deeply and serve joyfully all the days of your life receive this blessing not as an end

but as a beginning a new chapter filled with promises to be discovered challenges to be overcome and a life to

be lived in the fullness of my presence I Am With You Always to the very end of

the age God bless you my child you are deeply loved forever held and eternally

guided walk in this truth and find your peace in it until we speak again keep

your eyes fixed on me your heart open to my love and your hands ready to do my work amen if this video resonated with

you if it helped you feel a little closer to my love then please consider giving it a thumbs up let your like be a

beacon a way to show others that they are not alone finally share this video with

anyone who might need a reminder of my love and the incredible potential within them sharing is a way of saying you

matter you are loved there is hope together let’s spread this message

of love and light one share at a time amen


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