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my beloved child as you journey through

life’s trials and

uncertainties I want you to know that I

am here with you holding you in the palm

of my hand do not be troubled by your

financial situation or the challenges

that you face for I have a plan for you

a plan for

victory listen to my voice dear one and

allow me to fill you with the peace and

Assurance of my love do not turn away

from me or ignore my guidance for I have

important truths to share with you your

soul may be weary burdened by struggles

that others may not understand but I see

you my child and I know the depths of

your heart trust in my purpose for your

life for I have chosen you for greatness

and I will guide you through every

trial in the midst of uncertainty

prioritize your relationship with Me

Above All Else seek me in prayer and let

my love surround you like like a warm

embrace I desire to manifest my presence

in every area of your life bringing

blessings and peace beyond

measure do not be swayed by worldly

distractions or

Temptations Stay focused on me and my

word for I am your source of strength


guidance trust in my plan for I will

lead you to places you’ve never imagined

and my blessings will overflow in your

life remember my power is real and it

can work miracles in your life but you

must trust in me and obey my

Commandments let my word be a lamp unto

your feet guiding you through the

darkness and leading you into the

light declare your faith in me my child

and know that I am with you always trust

in my plan and you will overcome every

obstacle with my strength surrender your

worries and fears to me and I will fill

you with my peace that surpasses all

understanding believe in my promises my

child for I am faithful to fulfill them

trust in me and you will walk in Victory

with your hands full of blessings and

your heart overflowing with my

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